Ariel Foxman is a man of many talents. One of the leading personalities in the publishing industry, Foxman’s input in fashion and lifestyle content has made an indomitable mark. While his name has been associated with multiple successes, there’s a lot many don’t know about him. In this article, we are about to unveil 10 things you didn’t know about Ariel Foxman.

1. Ariel Foxman Started His Career as a Fact-checker

Before he entered the limelight of the glossies, Ariel Foxman cut his teeth on a position many overlook – fact-checking. Foxman started his career at the esteemed ‘The New Yorker’ as a fact-checker. This platform, however simple it might seem, served as a great launchpad for his career, enabling him to grasp journalism intricacies.

His early stages as a fact-checker had a profound impact on his editorial approach. It nurtured an exceptional attention to detail, a trait that became almost synonymous with his career. These minute details are at the core of his editorial prowess.

2. He Was The Youngest Editor of a Time Inc Magazine

At just 29 years old, Ariel Foxman made history by becoming the youngest person ever to take the helm of a Time Inc Magazine. He was appointed the editor of ‘In Style’ in 2008, making an impact that still resonates in the industry. This achievement marks Foxman’s career, demonstrating not only his talents, but the trust and confidence placed on him in spearheading such a flagship.

In his role at ‘In Style’, Foxman brought a fresh and unique perspective that resonated with readers. His innovative approaches contributed to growing the magazine’s reach, popularity and digital platform, firmly establishing his abilities as a leader and his reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional publishing.

3. Ariel Foxman Is Openly Gay

Ariel Foxman is not just a champion in editorial and fashion spaces, but he’s also a beacon of representation. Foxman is openly gay and has used his platform to encourage acceptance and fight discrimination. His passion for equality and social justice has grown, using his influence to normalize and elevate conversations about LGBTQ+ issues.

He has established himself as a dedicated advocate, a fact which has resonated with his readers and, in turn, added depth and authenticity to his work. His dedication towards equity lead to his receiving the HRC’s Visibility Award in recognition for using his platform to bring change.

4. A Parent and a Parenting Columnist

In addition to his editorials on fashion, Ariel Foxman also delved into chronicling personal experiences. In 2018, he began writing about his journey into parenthood for ‘The Cut’, offering readers insights into his experiences of raising a child. These editorials provided a raw, authentic and personal touch, something readers greatly appreciated.

His parenting columns were filled with honest accounts of fatherhood, personal anecdotes, and his insights. His ability to weave these experiences into compelling narratives once again showcases his versatility as a writer and editor. His fatherhood narratives are not just compelling reads, but they also serve as a source of support and insight for many parents.

5. He’s a Mentor

Ariel Foxman has demonstrated his ability to inspire and lead through his personal mentorship. As part of Rent the Runway’s Project Entrepreneur, a program that aims to provide women entrepreneurs the resources and advice they need to grow, Foxman functioned as a mentor, coaching the next generation of leaders.

This role extends beyond the professional realm to mentoring kids at the Bronx Academy of Letters, a New York City public school focused on writing and communications skills. The dedication towards grooming future leaders is indicative of Foxman’s belief in sharing knowledge and fostering growth.

6. Committed to Change

Foxman is dedicated to promoting change in the industry. He has advocated for diversity in cover models and content, and called for accountability in advertising. This dedication to showcasing a wide range of experiences and individuals is a testament to his belief in the power of storytelling to bring about change.

His activism goes beyond just words. He is part of the CFDA’s Health Initiative, promoting well-being in the fashion business and education about eating disorders. This commitment to use his influence to effect change is a significant aspect of his career.

7. Instagram Star

Beyond the field of publishing, Foxman has established a notable presence on social media too. His Instagram account offers a mix of personal photos, fashion insights, behind-the-scenes shots, and parenting anecdotes. Followers appreciate this candid perspective on his life and work.

This social media presence is not only engaging but also adds an extra dimension to his professional persona. It’s a testament to Foxman’s ability to connect with his audience on different platforms, embracing digital mediums to expand the scope of his work and influence.

8. Engaged in Philanthropy

Ariel Foxman’s contributions are not just confined to the media world. He is also involved in various philanthropic activities. His contributions and dedication to various charitable causes speak volumes about his commitment to making a positive difference in society.

Foxman is a member of the board of trustees for the The Bronx Academy of Letters, actively dedicating his time and resources to enhance the quality of education. His involvement in these activities highlights his deep-rooted conviction in giving back to society.

9. Launched a Creative Consultancy

With his extensive experience and knowledge, Foxman founded a creative consultancy, Significant Other. The venture offers strategic brand advice, content development and branding, thus capitalising on Foxman’s vast expertise in the arena.

This consultancy showcases the depth of his experience, creative vision, and strategic planning. By using his expertise to guide other organisations, it exhibits his ability to stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry and pave the path for the future of content creation.

10. He’s a Fashion Frontrunner

Perhaps what most people know Foxman for is that he is a leading figure in the fashion industry. Nearing two decades in the business, his cutting-edge fashion criticism and keen eye for trends have made him an essential voice in the world of style.

His approach to fashion journalism, with a combination of excellent marketing, digital platform management, and an understanding of the modern consumer, has positioned him as a pioneer in this industry. No wonder he is much sought-after voice in the business of clothes and style.

With these nuggets of lesser-known facts about Ariel Foxman, we understand the wide range of influences and expertise of this dynamic personality. For more details about Ariel Foxman, refer the links below:

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