10 Things You Didn’t Know About Arizona Muse

Arizona Muse is a popular American model known for her delicate yet fierce persona. Although she has been a prominent figure in the fashion world for over a decade, there is still so much to know about her. Here are ten captivating things, which you probably didn’t know about Arizona Muse.

1. Arizona’s Enchanting Entry Into The Fashion World

Arizona made her fashion debut, quite young at the age of 19, but the way she stepped into the industry was completely unexpected and intriguing. It was during the 2010 New York Fashion Week when she was first introduced to the world. Her magical appearance and her chic walk among professional models left everyone stunned.

Her ability to blend with professionals like she belongs created an aura that earned her a spot with Prada and Louis Vuitton. This act served as a concrete foundation for her solid start in the fashion world. She started her modeling career with the same intensity and success that seasoned models would usually reach after years of hard work.

2. Arizona and Her Fascination for Sustainability

Arizona Muse is more than just a model. She is quite a humanitarian when it comes to sustainability. Arizona has a profound interest in the environment and has always been vocal about her views on sustainability in the fashion industry. Infact she considers it as her second career.

She has done numerous projects and campaigns that push for sustainability in the industry. The fashion industry is known for its harmful impacts on the environment, but Arizona continues to work tirelessly, hoping for a positive change for a better future.

3. The Meaning Behind Her Unique Name

Arizona Muse has an exotic name that fits her extraordinary personality. However, the meaning behind her name is quite common and simple. Her mother named her Arizona because she thought it sounded lovely.

As for her surname, it resonates with her profession. Unaware of her future, her mother gave her the second name ‘Muse’ that fittingly refers to someone who is a source of inspiration. What a prescient naming indeed!

4. Motherhood as a Life-Changing Experience

Arizona Muse is not just a model or a sustainability advocate, she is also a doting mother. At the tender age of 20 she gave birth to her son Nikko. According to her, motherhood was one of the most exhilarating and life-altering experiences she has ever had.

Becoming a mother at such an early age, not only matured her but also changed her perspective on life. She learned how to balance her career and family duties, which shaped her personal growth in many ways.

5. Arizona’s Favorite Things in Life

Apart from her modeling profession and advocacy for sustainability, Arizona has many other interests and hobbies. One look into her daily life and you would see that she adores nature, gardening, reading, and spending time with her family. She is quite down to earth with a zest for simplicity.

Amidst her hectic schedule, she mentioned in an interview that she ensures she takes out some time for relaxing and rejuvenating. Her favorite pastimes encompass dinners with family, long walks, and reading books, especially those that revolve around sustainability.

6. ‘Vogue’ Cover Star

The Vogue magazine cover is one of the most coveted platforms for any model. A spot on its cover can foster a model’s recognition worldwide, and Arizona Muse has managed to bag this spot not once, but numerous times, for different editions of Vogue.

Her debut came in the form of the cover for the American Vogue, which graced newsstands in 2011. This was a significant milestone for Muse. She not only starred in the American edition but also became a popular face for Italian, Korean, Australian, Greek, Mexican, and French versions of Vogue.

7. A Strong Advocate for Mental Health

Arizona is also a powerful voice when it comes to addressing mental health in the modeling industry. She has openly discussed her experiences with anxiety and depression and continuously advocates for mental health awareness.

She firmly believes that the industry needs to incorporate better preventive measures and treatments for mental health issues. Her candid discussion about her own struggles has certainly helped shine a spotlight on the mental health issues faced by many in the industry.

8. Collaborations with Renowned Brands

Arizona Muse has worked collaboratively with various distinguished modeling agencies and high-end brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. The list of her designers and photographers reads like a who’s who in high fashion.

Working with these prestigious companies gave Arizona more visibility and appreciation. It testifies to her versatility and adaptability in the fashion world, and she continues to build on her portfolio by collaborating with more designers and photographers.

9. Family Background

Arizona was born to parents who understood and appreciated art. Her father is a fine art dealer and her mother a therapist. The rich influence of culture and the appreciation for the art world helped shape Arizona’s interests and career path.

Arizona also has a brother with whom she shares a close bond. Despite her demanding career, maintaining close relations with her family has always remained her top priority.

10. Career as an Independent Model

Although she had been associated with Next Model Management for most of her career, as of September 2018, Arizona decided to steer her career as an independent model. Now she manages her own commitments and contractual associations with numerous fashion entities.

Transitioning to an independent model gave Arizona more control of her career path. The risks it inherently brought, brought with it the freedom to pick and choose her projects and dictate her own terms, thus shaping her journey in her own terms and pace.

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