A Deep Dive Into Art Levinson: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

An iconic name in the world of science and business, Arthur D. Levinson, better known as Art Levinson, has left a significant mark with his numerous contributions and leadership roles in various successful companies. Let’s journey into 10 intriguing facts about this silent influencer that you probably didn’t know before!

1. Art Levinson is a pioneer in the biotech industry

One of the most crucial things you should know about Art Levinson is his significant role in the biotechnology industry. With a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, he joined Genentech in 1980, a time when the biotech industry was still in its nascent stages. He played an instrumental role in transforming the company into a leading biotech firm globally.

During his time at Genentech, Levinson led many ground-breaking research projects, leading to the formulation of various successful drugs. His innovative visions and leadership capabilities made him CEO of the company in 1995, earning him a renowned spot in the biotech industry.

2. He is currently the Chairman of Apple Inc.

Art Levinson has held the position of Chairman at Apple Inc., a role he took over in 2011 after the passing of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs. Prior to this role, he served as a member of the Board of Directors since 2000. At Apple, he has been influential in shifting the focus towards better consumer-oriented technologies and innovating the company’s product line.

His tenure at Apple has witnessed the release of various game-changing products, including different iterations of the iPhone and the iPad. His perspective, stemming from his science background, has been instrumental in steering Apple to new technological heights.

3. Art Levinson found Calico

In 2013, Art Levinson started his journey with Calico, a Google-funded biotech company centered on health, wellbeing, and longevity. As CEO and Founding Investor, Levinson has helped the company drive various health and wellness innovative ideas using advanced technology.

Under his leadership, the company focuses on understanding the biology that controls lifespan to devise interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives. His commitment to using cutting-edge technology for healthcare echoes in Calico’s mission statement.

4. His contributions earned him in the Biotech Hall of Fame

Art Levinson’s invaluable contributions to biotechnology did not go unnoticed. In 2003, he was inducted into the Biotech Hall of Fame by the Biotech Industry Organization (BIO). His relentless work in the field and his successful lead in Genentech’s revolution in healthcare certainly merited his position in the Hall of Fame.

This achievement further solidified his reputation as a pioneer in biotechnology. The award was a recognition of his consistent and game-changing effort to advance the biotech industry throughout his career.

5. He holds a spot on the Board of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc

Levinson’s impressive leadership acumen made him an invaluable addition to the board of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., where he has served since 2004. His input in this role allows the company to weigh scientific understanding with their business decisions.

His background in science and biotech provides Alphabet with a unique viewpoint crucial in their decision-making process. His role and the decision making at Alphabet help shape new frontiers in tech and science.

6. He holds several patents

Not only a superb leader, but Art Levinson is also a brilliant scientist. Throughout his career, he has been an inventor on 11 scientific patents. These patents showcase Levinson’s commitment to the intersection of science and practical advancements which can drastically improve human life.

His patents provide a fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of the leading figures in the tech industry, offering insight into his inventive capacity and his dedication towards making meaningful scientific contributions in healthcare.

7. He is an advocate for cancer research

Art Levinson is noted for his staunch advocacy for cancer research. His role at Genentech helped direct greater focus to cancer research, ultimately leading to the development of numerous innovative treatments.

His tireless dedication to discovering new treatments has considerably advanced the fight against cancer. His passion for creating transformative healthcare solutions underlines his profound commitment to cancer research.

8. He’s a major influencer in the boardroom

Levinson’s vast experience and astute leadership abilities have made him an influential figure in the boardroom. From Apple to Alphabet, his perspectives and insights have shaped the decisions, strategies, and overall direction of these tech giants.

His authoritative role in the boardroom goes beyond just making decisions; he also presents a model for other leaders to emulate. Levinson’s influence is evident in these companies’ growth, direction, and advancement.

9. He is known for his simplicity and intelligence

Despite being surrounded by fame and fortune, Art Levinson is esteemed for his simplicity and intelligence. His colleagues and friends often describe him as modest, reserved, and incredibly intelligent. His personal qualities have enabled him to maintain a low-profile while being intricate to the tech giant’s evolution.

His ability to blend simplicity with intelligence has played a pivotal role in his successful career. It is what separates him from the crowd and makes him a respected figure in and out of the boardroom.

10. His passion for sailing

Apart from his storied career in biotech and tech, Levinson is also known for his love of sailing. It reportedly provides him a getaway from his busy schedule. Taking his sailboat out into the sea serves as a quick escape and helps to refresh his mind.

Levinson’s love for sailing gives an interesting peek into his personal life. It highlights a sense of adventure and tranquility residing in this proficient business leader.

In closing, Art Levinson is undoubtedly a renowned figure in the biotech and tech industry, a multifaceted individual with an inspiring journey. His relentless passion, insightful leadership, and innovative mentality have truly made an observable impact.

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