10 Things You Didn’t Know About Aslaug Magnusdottir

Aslaug Magnusdottir is a dynamic woman of diverse talents and qualities, effortlessly blending the world of fashion and entrepreneurialism. This article takes a close look at the life and achievements of Aslaug, spotlighting interesting facts you may not know about her. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of this Icelandic powerhouse.

1. Aslaug is an Authenticated Icelandic

Although Aslaug Magnusdottir has impacted the business world internationally, her roots trace back to Iceland, where she was born and raised. Her formative years in the small, beautiful Nordic Island nation deeply influenced her value for simplicity, honesty, and entrepreneurship. You can clearly see these values manifest in her approach to her fashion businesses.

It’s worth noting that Aslaug’s Icelandic heritage also offers her a unique vantage point in the fashion industry. The distinct cultural values and aesthetics of Iceland have invariably colored her own sense of fashion, making her stand out amongst her global peers.

2. She Co-founded Moda Operandi

In 2010, Aslaug Magnusdottir co-founded Moda Operandi, an online fashion retailer that provides customers access to full collections from the world’s top designers, which are offered for sale right after their runway shows. The innovative concept strategically positions Moda Operandi as a trailblazer in the fashion industry, creating a platform that caters to the customer’s desires and not just trends.

This idea changed the fashion industry by tackling the delay between runway shows and when the clothing becomes available in stores. Not only did her venture provide her clientele with immediate access to the latest fashion, but it also granted designers valuable data on what styles and pieces were most desirable to their customers.

3. Education and Professional Journey

Aslaug Magnusdottir holds a law degree from the University of Iceland, an MBA from Duke University, and a Master of Law degree from Duke Law School. She has also served as CEO for several other prominent international companies before leaping into the fashion industry. Her expansive education and diverse experience are the foundation of her success in blending fashion and business.

Before Moda Operandi, Aslaug was the Vice President at Gilt Groupe, another top-name in the online luxury shopping world. Her experience there gave her invaluable insights into the scope and operation of e-commerce high fashion—knowledge she would later apply when launching Moda Operandi.

4. Vogue Named Her A Top Innovator

In 2011, Aslaug gained recognition from Vogue as one of the “10 Most Innovative” people in fashion. The media powerhouse applauded her refreshing take on fashion e-commerce, appreciating how Moda Operandi transcended above the typical store-inventory model, providing consumers a direct door to the runway designs.

She continues to be celebrated as a business leader, innovator, and influencer in the luxury fashion and retail industry. Her innovative approach to Moda Operandi has landed her various acknowledgments and accolades in the fashion world.

5. She Launched TSM Capital

Blending her business acumen with her love for fashion, Aslaug established TSM Capital in 2007. The investment firm notably focused on luxury fashion brands, using strategic investment to grow promising independent brands into global enterprises. The modus operandi of TSM Capital is indeed reflective of Aslaug’s vision, emphasizing on brands that cherish heritage and craftsmanship.

TSM Capital’s success also underscores Aslaug’s keen eye for finding potential in under-recognized brands. With her help and strategic investments, many burgeoning labels have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the fiercely competitive global fashion market.

6. Aslaug is a Diver

When she isn’t carving out a name for herself in the fashion world, Aslaug indulges in her penchant for scuba diving. She’s an avid diver and has a love for exploring the ocean’s wonders. This hobby of hers offers a refreshing insight into the dynamic personality of Aslaug—being not only into the glitz and glamour of fashion but also enjoying the mysteries of the natural world.

Her love for the ocean is one little-known facet of Aslaug’s persona, showing her thrill for adventure and exploration. The same sense of exploration is also visibly reflected in her innovative way of shaping fashion businesses.

7. She Launched Katla in 2019

After the successful stints with Moda Operandi and TSM Capital, Aslaug didn’t hang up her entrepreneurial boots. Instead, she started Katla—an online luxury clothing brand with a sustainable and ethical approach. This venture reiterates Aslaug’s commitment to influence the fashion industry positively, this time promoting environmental consciousness within the space.

Katla aims to be more than a fashion brand—it’s an environmental statement. Aslaug’s vision for Katla is to reshape the narrative of sustainability in the fashion world. It’s a place where buyers can acquire luxury clothes which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also created with an ethical mindset.

8. Compassion for Animals

Aslaug’s compassion extends beyond her professional life, shown vividly in her love for animals. She shares a special bond with her four-legged friends and is often seen spending her leisure time with them. This love for animals is clearly evident in her work as well; her brand, Katla, promotes a cruelty-free approach in its production.

This commitment to creating a brand that doesn’t harm animals further informs Katla’s ethical stance, painting a broader picture of Aslaug’s compassionate character. To Aslaug, fashion doesn’t need to be exploitative to be revolutionary or high quality.

9. Aslaug Founded The Black Fish

Going beyond fashion, Aslaug co-founded a nonprofit organization named The Black Fish. The organization focuses on ocean conservation, specifically working to combat illegal overfishing. This initiative further underscores Aslaug’s commitment to sustainability and her sincere concern for our planet.

The Black Fish takes a hands-on approach to marine conservation, aiming to bring about substantial change. With this endeavor, Aslaug exemplifies the power individuals can have when they use their influence for greater causes.

10. She’s a Mentor

Using the platforms she’s created in fashion, Aslaug serves as a mentor to budding entrepreneurs and women in business. She is committed to using her career triumphs and challenges to guide those who wish to make their own mark, particularly in the fashion industry.

Aslaug’s tireless dedication to fostering the growth of young entrepreneurs comes from a belief ingrained in her Icelandic roots: the belief that everyone can contribute positively to society. By guiding the next generation of business leaders, she continues to embody this principle.

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