10 Things You Didn’t Know About Asya Mkhytaryan & Dmitriy Ievenko

Asya Mkhytaryan and Dmitriy Ievenko are two extraordinarily talented individuals who have taken the world of ballroom dance by storm. With their stunning performances and impeccable technique, they have captivated audiences around the globe. Although they may seem like familiar faces, there are still many things that the world doesn’t know about these remarkable dancers. Let’s dive into the lives of Asya Mkhytaryan and Dmitriy Ievenko and discover some intriguing facts about them.

A Lifelong Passion for Dance

Both Asya Mkhytaryan and Dmitriy Ievenko developed an undeniable passion for dance from a young age. Asya began her journey in dance at the age of six, learning various styles such as ballet and ballroom. Dmitriy also started at a young age, training in ballet for nine years before transitioning to ballroom dance. Their early exposure to different dance forms significantly influenced their unique style and grace on the dance floor.

When Asya and Dmitriy first met, they quickly realized their mutual love for dance. As they joined forces, their chemistry and synchronization became evident, leading to tremendous success in national and international competitions. Their passion for dance continues to drive them to push boundaries and constantly evolve their artistry.

A Dynamic Duo on the Dance Floor

Asya Mkhytaryan and Dmitriy Ievenko are known for their extraordinary partnership and seamless dance routines. The way they effortlessly command the dance floor is a result of years of hard work and dedication. Their partnership extends beyond just dance, as they have an undeniable connection and deep understanding of each other’s movements.

Together, Asya and Dmitriy have achieved numerous accolades and awards. Their impressive list of accomplishments includes being four-time National Champions in Ukraine and finalists in esteemed international competitions. Their captivating performances have earned them recognition and respect from their peers and the dance community at large.

10 Things You Didn’t Know

  1. Asya Mkhytaryan has a background in music as a classically trained pianist.
  2. Dmitriy Ievenko is a skilled guitar player and often serenades Asya with his music.
  3. Asya and Dmitriy have performed on renowned stages such as the Kremlin Palace and the Royal Albert Hall.
  4. They both have a fascination with foreign cultures and enjoy incorporating diverse elements into their choreography.
  5. Asya and Dmitriy are not only dance partners but also life partners. They got married in 2017.
  6. They are advocates for mental health awareness and actively promote mental well-being through their social media platforms.
  7. Asya Mkhytaryan has a degree in Psychology, which she finds helpful in understanding the emotional aspects of dance.
  8. Dmitriy Ievenko is a polyglot and can speak five languages fluently.
  9. Asya and Dmitriy possess exceptional teaching skills, often conducting dance workshops and masterclasses worldwide.
  10. They believe in giving back to the community and actively participate in charity events to support important causes.

Asya Mkhytaryan and Dmitriy Ievenko are not only immensely talented dancers but also remarkable individuals who bring passion, artistry, and a sense of purpose to everything they do. Their devotion to their craft, combined with their shared love for one another, continues to push the boundaries of ballroom dance. As they captivate audiences with their breathtaking performances, one thing is certain – their journey has only just begun.

Learn more about Asya Mkhytaryan and Dmitriy Ievenko on their official website: asyamkhytaryan-dmitriyevenko.com.