10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ayman Hariri

Amid the glitz and glamor of the tech industry, Ayman’s story is one worth discovering. With a combination of remarkable lineage and entrepreneurial spirit, this tech magnate has carved out a niche for himself in the world of innovation. In this article, we will delve into 10 things you probably didn’t know about Ayman Hariri, the multifaceted entrepreneur.

1. He hails from a prominent Lebanese family

Born in 1978, Ayman Hariri is the third son of the late Rafic Hariri, a Lebanese business tycoon, and former Prime Minister tragically assassinated in 2005. Bearing the legacy of his father’s immense success and vision, Ayman embodies his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and ardor for making a difference in the world. Despite his inheritance, Ayman is not resting on the laurels of his father’s achievements.

Rising from the shadow of his father, Ayman carved his path, slowly ascending to notable heights in the tech industry. He adopted his father’s dedication to hard work, sharp business acumen, and unwavering leadership skills.

2. He is a co-founder of Vero

Not one to shy away from innovation, Ayman co-founded Vero, the subscription-based social networking platform. Launched in 2015, it differentiates itself by its model “Vero is a subscription-based social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.”

Since its launch, Vero has witnessed significant growth. What makes Vero unique is its commitment to being an ad-free platform, focusing on providing users with a genuine, unfiltered social media experience. It’s Ayman’s contribution to the backlash against the data-driven business models of some social media giants.

3. Hariri’s net worth is around $1.3 billion

Ayman Hariri’s impressive net worth is testament to his successful ventures. Despite the economic turbulence and the ever-changing dynamics of businesses, Ayman’s net worth remains sturdy, reflecting his innate ability to weather the storms. Apart from the tech industry, his extensive wealth also includes inheritances and investments in the real estate and construction sectors.

However, he isn’t one for ostentation. His focus has always been on using his wealth to make meaningful contributions to society and to shape the world of technology for the better.

4. He’s an avid comic book fan

One of the lesser-known facts about Ayman Hariri is his love for comic books. His passion for these graphic narratives runs deep, revealing another facet of this entrepreneur’s personality. His love for comics has moved beyond mere collecting; he co-founded an annual event, Comic Con Arabia, held in Riyadh. This event is a paradise for comic book lovers, offering a platform for enthusiasts to revel in their shared passion.

Ayman’s love for comics is mirrored in Vero’s interface, where the sharing and recommending of books is an integral feature of the platform. This speaks volumes about the personal passion he infuses into his business ventures.

5. Ayman holds both Lebanese and Saudi citizenship

Adding another dimension to his rich family history and identity, Ayman holds citizenship in both Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. His Saudi citizenship comes as part of his paternal heritage, while his Lebanese citizenship has its roots in his birthplace and upbringing.

This dual citizenship offers Ayman a unique global perspective and understanding, adding layers to his personality and influencing his approach to his work and life.

6. Ayman holds a computer science degree

Having graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in computer science, it is evident where his passion for technology was nurtured. However, he hasn’t let his tech expertise limit his pursuits. His understanding and love for the intricacies of the digital world, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, have driven him to explore the limitless potential of technological innovations.

His grasp of computer science has indeed played a pivotal role in the development and growth of Vero, ensuring a more tactile control over the platform’s technology.

7. Ayman was once part of a major Saudi construction company

Prior to his foray into the tech industry, Ayman was a deputy CEO and deputy chairman of Saudi Oger, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest construction companies. During his time in Saudi Oger, Ayman supervised large-scale construction projects, showcasing his abilities as a leader.

However, parting ways with Saudi Oger marked the beginning of a new journey for Ayman, as he shrouded himself in the evolving world of tech entrepreneurship, and the rest, as they say, is history.

8. Ayman is committed to ad-free social media

His distinct and bold stance towards ad-free social media speaks volumes about his vision. Discontent with the data-driven business models of most social media platforms, Ayman took a stand, positioning Vero as an ad-free platform, committed to providing users with an authentic social media experience.

Championing the cause of user privacy and control, he made Vero subscription-based, ensuring a step away from reliance on advertisers and third-party data users. A firm believer of ‘less is more’, Hariri, through Vero, wanted to make social media feel more like socializing.

9. Ayman’s outlook on social media is about authentic connections

Ayman conceived Vero with the belief that the current state of social media needed a revolution. He champions the philosophy that social connections online should mirror the multifaceted human connections offline, something many social media platforms lead us away from.

His commitment to authenticity in online social connections has shaped the experience users have on Vero. Committing to authenticity and control for the user sets the platform, and Ayman, apart from other social media entrepreneurs.

10. Ayman Hariri prioritizes user experience in tech development

Ayman is a firm believer that technology should aim to enhance, not dictate, human life. Accordingly, he has always prioritized user experience while developing tech platforms. For Ayman, the goal is to ensure that technology solutions are centered around the fundamental human experiences that they are meant to augment or facilitate.

This focus on user experience is evident in Vero, a platform constructed around the central tenets of providing users with unique and unfiltered experiences devoid of any unwanted influences.

Find out more by visiting Vero’s official website.