10 Things You Didn’t Know About Barbara Franchin

World-renowned entrepreneurs, especially those hailing from the fashion industry, often live a life that is shrouded in glamour, glitz, and intrigue. One such fascinating member of this luxury-filled world is none other than the queen of the fashion competition circuit, Barbara Franchin. While most people in the world of fashion have heard of her, there are many little-known facts about this extraordinary woman. Here, we delve into 10 things you probably didn’t know about Barbara Franchin, founder of the International Talent Support (ITS) competition.

1. Her Humble Beginnings

Born and raised in Italy, Barbara Franchin’s journey started in the local fashion scenes of her hometown. Unlike many globally recognized fashion icons, her beginnings were far from luxurious or flashy. She built her empire, not from legacy or inherited wealth, but from sheer determination and unrelenting hard work.

Barbara had a deep-rooted passion for fashion from a young age. Driven by her love for design and creativity, she set her sights on turning her passion into her life’s work. Her firm belief in herself, paired with an innovative and pragmatic approach to fashion, helped shape her career trajectory and transform her dreams into reality.

2. Genesis of International Talent Support (ITS)

In 2002, Barbara Franchin founded the International Talent Support (ITS), an organization that seeks to discover and promote young talents in the world of fashion. What most people don’t know is that she started this venture with just three staff members and overwhelming amounts of tenacity, grit, and passion.

The concept of ITS came from the realization that young designers often lacked a platform to showcase their talents. Barbara’s vision was to bridge that gap and provide a launching pad for the most promising talents in fashion. Her dedication and perseverance transformed ITS into a global beacon of hope and support for young fashion designers.

3. Passion for Giving New Designers a Platform

One of Barbara’s primary motivations behind the inception of ITS was to give new designers a platform. She strongly believed in unearthing hidden gems in the fashion industry, patiently nurtured and brought out their brilliance for the world to see.

Her commitment to giving opportunities to fresh faces has significantly shaped the global fashion industry. Over the years, ITS has become a pivotal platform for young designers, with many of its contestants going on to achieve international fame and success.

4. Her Role as a Jury Member

Barbara Franchin takes an active role in her organization. More than just the founder, she serves as a member of the jury every year, involved in the rigorous process of selecting talented young designers from around the world. Barbara’s expertise and instincts have been instrumental in launching the careers of numerous aspiring designers.

Despite her status and the prestige of the competition, Barbara remains incredibly hands-on throughout every stage of ITS. Her enviable eye for talent and her dedication to grooming the next generation of designers help keep the competition at the forefront of the global fashion industry.

5. Her Commitment to Sustainability

In the world of fast fashion and consumerism, Barbara is a vocal advocate for sustainability. She firmly believes that the future of fashion lies in sustainable practices and urges young designers to incorporate this into their work.

She instigated the ITS Sustainable Fashion Award in 2018, which aims to recognize designers who are making strides in producing innovative and sustainable designs. This step showcases Barbara’s dedication towards promoting environmental consciousness within the fashion industry.

6. Stresses on Handmade Designs

Barbara is a firm believer in the power of handmade designs. She encourages young designers to emphasize craftsmanship and traditional techniques, prompting them to create designs by hand whenever possible.

She believes that the magic of fashion lies in its human touch. By emphasizing handmade designs, she aims to preserve the artistic authenticity of the creations while also ensuring that traditional crafting methods continue to be passed down to future generations.

7. Barbara’s Relationship with ITS Winners

One of the unique aspects of Barbara Franchin is her enduring relationship with ITS winners. Even after the competition, she continues to support them by promoting their work.

She remains invested in the journeys of her winners, providing them with professional advice and guidance. This nurturing side of Barbara reflects her commitment towards the success of these young talents beyond the platform of ITS.

8. Attributes Her Success to Her Team

Despite her incredible success, Barbara remains humble. She regularly attributes her accomplishments to her team, stressing that ITS would not be what it is today without their passion and persistence.

Her leadership style is one of inclusivity and partnership, where she fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement within her team. This approach creates a strong and united front, helping ITS to continually push boundaries in the fashion world.

9. Her Predilection for Privacy

Despite being a well-known figure in the fashion world, Barbara Franchin is a private individual. She prefers to stay out of the limelight, choosing instead to focus on her work and the promising talents she supports.

Rarely giving interviews, Barbara maintains a low media profile. This subtle approach to publicity has however not deterred her from making a significant impact on the global fashion scene.

10. Her Outstanding Legacy

Barbara Franchin’s contribution to fashion is beyond comparison. Through ITS, she has redefined the landscape of fashion competitions and has given rise to a new generation of talented designers.

Her persistent dedication to finding and nurturing global talent, combined with her insistence on sustainability, has ensured her legacy in the fashion industry. Even after years of operations, Barbara’s enthusiasm remains unabated, always ready to usher in a new era of fashion through the next big talent.

Despite being a stalwart in the fashion industry, Barbara Franchin’s distinctive vision and values set her apart. Be it her humble beginnings, the inception of ITS, her commitment to new designers and sustainability, the emphasis on handmade designs, her wholesome relationships with ITS alumni, her collaborative approach, her privacy, or her unwavering legacy – She is an icon that inspires legions.

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