10 Things You Didn’t Know About Benjamin Bruno

Whether you’re acquainted with the international fashion industry or not, there’s a high chance you’ve stumbled upon Benjamin Bruno’s neoteric and unconventional work. As a prestigious fashion consultant and stylist, Bruno has been influential in the vogue industry, partnering with numerous top-tier brands, such as Loewe. Let’s delve into the lesser-known truths about Benjamin Bruno’s charismatic life and his trailblazing fashion career.

1. Early Life

Benjamin Bruno was born in 1977. Despite his fashion-forward mindset, Bruno was born and raised in the relatively modest region of the Loire Valley in France. This picturesque locale, known for its vineyards and historic towns, was Bruno’s humble beginning before he was catapulted into cosmopolitan life.

Working on vineyards during his youth may have seemed distant from his current glamour-filled occupation, but it is in these early years that the seeds of his unique appreciation for art and aesthetics were sown. Raised in such an authentic and beautiful environment, it is no wonder that his approach to styling incorporates elements of unpretentious flair.

2. Moving to London

At the age of 19, Bruno moved to London and began studying fashion at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. His decision to leave France for England was a bold step towards his flourishing career, only a few get this golden opportunity.

London has always been a global trendsetter in fashion, art, and music. Its cultural diversity and innovative atmosphere greatly influenced Bruno’s unique perspectives towards fashion. Living and studying here was crucial in fashioning Bruno’s refined stylistic decisions that we admire today.

3. Internship at i-D Magazine

Like most successful people in the industry, Bruno’s career started at the bottom of the ladder. Remarkably, Benjamin Bruno secured an internship at the renowned i-D Magazine during his second year at Central Saint Martins. This led to an exceptional opportunity for Bruno to immerse himself in the vibrant fashion industry.

During his stint at i-D Magazine, Bruno got access to the dynamics of fashion journalism, which heightened his passion for the industry. He also developed a deeper appreciation of various fashion trends, cultural phenomena, and photography.

4. Collaboration with Steven Meisel

One of Benjamin Bruno’s monumental career highlights was his collaboration with the legendary fashion photographer, Steven Meisel. Few stylists can boast of such an association given Meisel’s impeccable eye for details and his role as the creative inspiration for many leading fashion campaigns.

Their partnership saw Bruno working in an environment that was rich with creativity, innovation, and a depth of fashion insight. He counts this exhilarating and challenging experience, working with Meisel, as one of the most transformative phases of his career that shaped his unique stylistic identity.

5. Association with Vogue Italia

Benjamin Bruno also has the distinction of working with one of the major international fashion bibles, Vogue Italia. His collaboration with this prestigious brand further established his reputation as a leading fashion stylist. The high standards and the global platform that Vogue Italia offered pushed Bruno to create some of his very best fashion narratives.

Vogue Italia was not only a great platform for Bruno to showcase his work but also a fantastic avenue to connect with the biggest names in the global fashion industry. His passionate commitment and groundbreaking fashion stories for Vogue Italia established him as a trailblazer in the industry.

6. Partnership with Jonathan Anderson

Continuing on his collaborative streak, one of Bruno’s most lucrative professional relationships has been with Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director at Loewe and designer of JW Anderson. A unique duo in the fashion fraternity, their engaging storytelling through clothes and campaign aesthetics have won them several accolades.

The Bruno-Anderson partnership has seen the launch of many unforgettable campaigns for Loewe, a luxury Spanish brand. Along with adding further layers to Bruno’s fashion career, the partnership has also contributed significantly to Anderson’s creative direction at Loewe.

7. Influence in Menswear

While he has styled some of the most beauteous women’s fashion spreads, Benjamin Bruno has also made significant contributions to contemporary menswear. His fashion-forward vision has been referenced by many menswear designers and publications, shaping the global narratives of menswear trends.

From creating editorial stories to consulting for men’s fashion brands, Bruno’s menswear credentials are as impressive as his womenswear portfolio. His knack for unknotting the intricacies of masculine fashion while adding his distinct flair has redefined many menswear norms.

8. Surrealist Approach

Bruno’s surrealist approach to fashion styling sets him apart. His work often incorporates an element of dream-like fantasy mixed with razor-sharp fashion acumen. It displays an intriguing interplay between extravagant fashion and everyday life, redefining fashion norms & setting new benchmarks in the industry.

His distinctive aesthetic often illustrates a deep connection to surrealism, provoking a conversation beyond the conventional definition of ‘beautiful’ or ‘wearable’. Bruno’s surreal fashion narratives continue to inspire a generation of fashion aesthetes and academics.

9. Influence of Music

Bruno’s work is deeply influenced by his love for music. Music offers an alternative medium for him to showcase his vision and stir conversation on contemporary societal issues. His integration of mesmerizing visuals and catchy soundtracks across campaigns underline the significant role music plays in his creative process.

His retouch with divine music not only captivates the viewers but also heightens the impact of the campaign. The influence of music in Bruno’s work makes him a rarity and an innovative front-runner in the fashion industry.

10. Discretion

Despite having a prolific career in fashion, Bruno is known for his discretion. Rather than soaking up the limelight, he prefers to let his work do the talking. His avoidance of personal publicity is a testament to his humility and dedication towards his craft.

He believes in keeping his personal life private and not drawing any undue attention to himself. For Bruno, it’s all about the work, the creative process, and the story that emerges from the collaboration – making him a true artist.

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