10 Things You Didn’t Know About Benoit Dageville


Benoit Dageville is considered a prominent figure in the world of computing and database management. He is the co-founder of Snowflake Computing, a cloud-based data warehousing company founded in 2012 that is celebrated for its innovative contribution to data solutions. Though he is known for his vital role in the tech industry, there’s a lot more to Dageville than just his achievements. Here are ten interesting things you may not know about him.

1. He was a former Oracle employee

Believe it or not, before co-founding Snowflake, Benoit Dageville spent nearly 16 years of his career with Oracle Corporation. Oracle is widely recognized for developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and global business applications.

Dageville’s extensive service at Oracle yielded invaluable experience. This experience, undoubtedly, played a critical role in the inception and the success of Snowflake. At Oracle, he was instrumental in the development of parallel execution and the architecture of the Oracle database.

2. He is a passionate inventor

Benoit Dageville is more than just a database developer. He is also an enthusiastic inventor with numerous patents to his name. Many of these patents are in the field of parallel execution and distributed query execution, underlying his never-ending urge for innovation in computer science.

His passion for developing new technologies has not only revolutionized data management but also raised the standard for future innovations in the industry. This trait exhibits his visionary thinking and his commitment to advancing technology.

3. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science

Yet another fascinating aspect of Dageville is his solid academic background. He is not just a tech genius but also a scholar holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Paris Orsay University.

The profound theoretical and practical knowledge he acquired during his academic years certainly set the foundation for his successful career in technology. It underscores the importance he gives to education and encourages young aspiring tech professionals to value their educational journey.

4. He’s originally from France

Dageville’s innovative mindset and business acumen have made him a global player in the tech sector; however, he originally hails from France. His French roots have, in a way, contributed to his unique perspective towards technology and innovation.

Having an international background brings diversity, a valuable asset in any field, especially in technology. It brings diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas that enrich the industry and promotes innovation.

5. He co-founded Snowflake with two other Oracle veterans

When Dageville decided to co-found Snowflake, he teamed up with two fellow Oracle veterans, Thierry Cruanes and Marcin Zukowski. The trio not only shared career backdrops but also harbored a common vision for revolutionizing database technology.

Their collective expertise and shared vision have been vital in scaling Snowflake’s incredible heights. It demonstrates the power of collaboration and shared vision in achieving extraordinary success in business.

6. Benoit Dageville advocates for workplace diversity

As co-founder of Snowflake, Dageville has made it clear that a diverse work environment contributes significantly to the company’s success. He strongly believes in fostering diversity and inclusion, emphasizing that these elements stimulate innovation, creativity, and teamwork.

This speaks volumes about his leadership style and his commitment to building an inclusive business environment. It sends a strong message to businesses about the critical role diversity and inclusion play in fostering innovation.

7. Benoit Dageville instrumental in defining the new data era

Since the inception of Snowflake, Dageville has been instrumental in leading the company to define the new data era. His innovative ideas and strategic vision have transformed the way organizations perceive data and data management.

His contributions to the new data era also showcase his aptitude to recognize future trends and adapt accordingly. It persuades aspiring tech professionals and entrepreneurs to always keep an eye on future trends and be ready to adapt to them.

8. He is dedicated to democratizing data

Dageville is known for his strong dedication to making data accessible to all. He believes in a world where all businesses, irrespective of their size or industry, can have access to data that aids in better decision-making.

This determination is evident in the services Snowflake provides – easy, affordable, and instant access to data. It underscores how Dageville’s business ideals are directly linked to his commitment to making positive societal impacts.

9. He is an advocate for continuous learning

Unsurprisingly, Dageville’s quest for knowledge does not end with a Ph.D. He is an ardent advocate for continuous learning and believes that everyone should keep evolving with the changing industry trends and technologies.

He often shares this belief with his team, guiding them to be lifelong learners. It’s clear that his love for learning and adaptability are significant drivers behind Snowflake’s constant evolution.

10. The Snowflake IPO was one of the biggest in software history

Under the astute guidance of Dageville, Snowflake made history with one of the largest initial public offering (IPO) ever in the software industry. This underscores not just the financial success of the company but also the value that the tech industry and investors place on the innovations he has brought about.

The immensely successful IPO is a testament to Dageville’s leadership, vision, and innovative nature. It also reinforces how his inventive work has impacted the broader tech industry.

In conclusion

There’s no doubt that Benoit Dageville is a fascinating character in the realm of technology and business, with many remarkable achievements and qualities. It’s all these attributes, combined with his innovative mentality and leadership that have made him a significant figure in the tech industry.

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