10 Things You Didn’t Know About Benoit Pagotto

Most of us know Benoit Pagotto as a co-founder and brand director of the international virtual streetwear brand RTFKT. This man is THE personification of digital avant-garde. However, there are certain aspects of his life and career that aren’t widely known. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the lesser-known territories of Pagotto’s life. Here are the top 10 things you didn’t know about Benoit Pagotto.

1. Early Interest in Technology

One early catalyst that led Pagotto to where he is today is his childhood fascination with technology. You wouldn’t know that this tech guru, at the tender age of 7, had already started dabbling with a computer, showing immense passions in tech.

Benoit’s love for technology has always been apparent. Not only did he possess an insatiable curiosity about the tech world during his growing years, but this tech lover also spent countless hours reading tech blogs and participating in tech-related community discussions, steering his career in a direction he constructed out of passion.

2. Disruptive Innovator

Benoit Pagotto is widely known as a disruptive innovator, and he had this skill since his early 20’s when he began questioning mainstream marketing methods. He devoted his formative years to experimenting with digital marketing and differentiating himself from traditional marketers.

Not many people know that Benoit has always preferred to do things uniquely. He always thinks outside the box, favoring unconventional and novel ways. His visionary approach has set a new example in the competitive landscape of business, primarily the digital marketing sphere.

3. Gaming Enthusiast

Benoit’s interest in gaming is no secret, but many may not know that his love for video games dates back to his childhood. His gaming passion influences his current work—intertwining gaming and fashion cultures.

This gaming enthusiast has always found a way to incorporate his passion into work. He believes that virtual reality (VR) is the future of gaming and interactive media and wants to transform it into an accessible and mainstream platform.

4. Advocate of Sustainable Fashion

Benoit has always been keen on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Not many know that he’s an advocate for sustainable fashion. His brand, RTFKT, promotes digital fashion, reducing physical waste and exploitation.

This initiative is a stark contrast to the rapid consumption encouraged by ‘fast-fashion’ brands. Benoit’s ideology aims to challenge the fashion industry norms and encourage a shift towards sustainable practices.

5. Interest in eSports

Besides being interested in technologies and video games, Pagotto has a specific interest in the eSports industry. He believes that eSports are opening new opportunities for businesses around the world.

Benoit sees the eSports industry as the perfect blend of his passions for technology and video games. From understanding the importance of player fitness to keeping track of the latest games, eSports for him is more than just a hobby.

6. The Face of Virtual Sneakers

Many may not know that Benoit is the face behind the craze of virtual sneakers. His brand RTFKT, uses AR and VR technologies to create digital sneakers which has taken the sneaker-head community by storm.

This innovation unlocks a whole new exclusive world of fashionable footwear without physical constraints. It’s Benoit’s way of ensuring that individuals can express their unique style, regardless of their location or financial accessibility.

7. An Early Adopter of Crypto Art

Benoit Pagotto is an early adopter of crypto art. His belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology leads him to explore the realm of digital art, an area still unchartered by many.

He understands how digital ownership and provenance can revolutionize art, challenging conventional physical galleries and auctions. He is one of the pioneers who push the boundaries of how art can be created, distributed, and owned.

8. Vision of a Virtual Metaverse

Pagotto has a vision of a virtual metaverse where creators can offer digital-exclusive designs. His endeavor is to make digital wearables mainstream so people around the globe can enjoy fashionable wearables without physical limitations.

Benoit is creating opportunities for fashion to transition into the digital realm, where creativity isn’t limited by physical production or distribution challenges. He believes in the endless creative potential of the virtual world.

9. Inspirational Speaker

Despite being on the tech side of things, Pagotto is also a fantastic speaker. He has given inspirational speeches at numerous online events and seminars where he shares his insights on tech, marketing, and the future of digital fashion.

Pagotto’s speeches are known to inspire many industry professionals and aspiring tech enthusiasts. He shares unique insights gained from his journey, encouraging others to explore, innovate, and educate themselves further.

10. Collaborations with Renowned Artists

Last but not least, Pagotto has collaborated with renowned artists like FEWOCiOUS to create special collections. His passion for art and his belief in the power of collaboration have led to revolutionary products that merge art, gaming, and tech.

These collaborations have been instrumental in rejuvenating the virtual landscape of fashion and art. Benoit’s penchant for collaboration further validates the possibility of a synergy between technology and art.

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Now that you know about Pagotto’s multifaceted personality and work put forth in various domains, you might marvel at his ability to transcend the status quo and intersect the lines of tech, fashion, gaming, and art. After all, he’s more than what meets the eye, a pioneer forging the future of technology, art and more!