10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bernard Fraisse & Family

There is always something intriguing about getting to know more about a family that has over the years established a significant position in the world of business. Bernard Fraisse & family is no exception. This French family has not only made a mark in various industries but they also have some interesting details that will give you insights into their journey, their operations and how they have managed to reach the top.

1. The Journey to Establishing a Pharma Empire

Bernard Fraisse never planned on starting off in the pharmaceutical industry. After finishing his studies, he intended to follow his father’s footsteps and venture in the meat industry. However, after a series of events, he ended up establishing Fareva, one of the leading contract manufacturers of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products in the world.

His journey reflects persistence, resilience, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He began the business without many resources but managed to build an empire that is globally recognized and admired today. It is through such a journey that Bernard Fraisse managed to establish a promising future for his family.

2. Bernard Fraisse’s Business Management Approach

In a world where corporate leaders focus on building hierarchies and structures, Bernard Fraisse’s approach to business management is a bit different. He believes in directly engaging with employees, treating each one of them as an important part of his business empire.

Being hands-on, he personally interacts with the employees, visiting the production sites to understand the work on the ground. This approach has contributed significantly to the success of his business as the employees feel valued, leading to high productivity.

3. The Rise of the Fareva Group

Fareva Group runs 40 plants worldwide and produces a wide range of products including cosmetics, household products, industrial products, and pharmaceuticals. Bernard started this company in 1985 and the family business has witnessed remarkable growth ever since.

Today, Fareva is a multinational corporation with multi-billion euro revenue. It is also one of the top ten contract manufacturers of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products. The family’s influence in this group has played a significant role in shaping the industry globally.

4. Family Ties in Business

The family value of togetherness and unity is one thing that Bernard Fraisse emphasizes in his business. He brought his children on board, and they stand as key players in managing different areas of the business.

This incorporation of family into the business not only solidifies the company structure, but also puts the family’s name on the map. The Fraisse family’s unity in business reinforces their position in the industry and also ensures continuity of the company’s legacy.

5. Humility Despite Mega Success

Despite his bountiful success in the business world, Bernard Fraisse has managed to maintain an admirable level of humility. He leads a discreet life away from the glare of the public.

His humble lifestyle emphasizes that neither wealth nor success changes one’s character or personality. This trait, shared by all family members, makes them role models for the younger generation, showing that humility remains a virtue, irrespective of one’s achievements and wealth.

6. Charitable and Philanthropic Endeavors

In addition to being successful entrepreneurs, the Fraisse family is also deeply involved in various charitable causes. They have contributed to many philanthropic endeavors, including healthcare, education, and poverty reduction initiatives.

Their charitable activities are a proof of their belief in giving back to society. This reinforces the essence of their family values, showing that they do not just focus on accumulation of wealth, but also strive to share their blessings with those less fortunate.

7. The Meat Business Legacy

Though Bernard Fraisse’s father had a meat business, the pharmaceutical magnate did not completely disregard this heritage. He revived his father’s meat business, running it alongside the pharmaceutics, thus expanding the family’s revenue streams considerably.

This Meat Business Legacy has not only contributed to the family’s wealth, but also has allowed them to keep their roots intact. This display of respect for lineage and heritage speaks volumes about their integrity and character.

8. The Family’s Investment Philosophy

Bernard Fraisse & family have a diversified investment portfolio. They don’t invest in a single industry but rather, they spread their investments across different sectors. This diversification does not only maximize their returns but also minimizes their risk.

Following this philosophy, Bernard Fraisse managed to create a vast empire spanning multiple industries, growing wealth for his family, and ensuring financial security for future generations.

9. The Family’s Admiration for Sports

The Fraisse family is quite fond of sports, particularly golf. They have a golf course which is also open to the public. This enthusiasm for sports shows a break from routine, a relaxed lifestyle embracing enjoyment along with work.

Their admiration for sports, coupled with their business success, gives a great example of how to balance work with play, thereby encouraging a more relaxed and healthier lifestyle.

10. Bernard Fraisse’s Drive for Innovation

Innovation is something that Bernard Fraisse always encourages in his business. He is always seeking to implement new and creative ideas that will make his business stand out from the rest.

His passion for innovation has propelled Fareva Group to great heights, making it a leader in its field. It shows that regardless of success, the desire to learn, grow and adapt should always be encouraged.

Exploring the world of Bernard Fraisse & family reveals a lot more than just business success. It serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. The story of their humility, unity, hard work, and innovative spirit is intellectual wealth that resonates beyond the boundaries of their family and business empire.

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