10 Things You Didn’t Know About Binx Walton

Being a supermodel is a dream for many, but sustainably walking this path while maintaining originality is an art mastered by few. One such name that often arises when talking about prominent models who’ve made a significant mark in the fashion industry is Binx Walton. Binx, born Leona Anastasia Walton, is a well-known face within the fashion industry, gracing major runways, ad campaigns, and editorials worldwide.

This article is dedicated to sharing 10 unique things you may not know about this prolific model. Get ready to gaze at the less visited aspects of Binx Walton’s life and career.

1. Tennessee Beginnings

Born on April 24, 1996, in Pasadena, California, but raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, Binx Walton had a lowkey childhood, growing up in her grandmother’s house with her two sisters. Despite living in a small town, Binx always had grand dreams.

Her Tennessee childhood significantly influenced her personality, nurturing her into a strong, ambitious woman. Her humble beginnings help her remain grounded, despite the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry.

2. A Sports Lover

Before stepping foot into fashion, Binx was deeply invested in sports. She had a particular passion for swimming and soccer and was part of her school’s swimming and soccer teams in her early years. This early sports experience helped her inculcate discipline, resilience, and a competitive spirit, which later proved beneficial in her modeling journey.

Though her modeling responsibilities limit her time for sports currently, she still has a soft corner for them and tries to incorporate physical activities into her routine when she can.

3. Unique Moniker Origin

Her real name is Leona Walton, but the modelling world knows her as Binx Walton. If you’ve wondered about the origin of her nickname, ‘Binx,’ here’s the backstory. Her older sister, who had trouble pronouncing Leona, used to call her ‘Binky.’ This screen-friendly moniker got even shorter over time and became ‘Binx.’

Many people believe this unique moniker helped her further stand out in the industry, giving her a distinct identity that can be instantly recognized.

4. Professional Debut

Binx’s modeling journey began in 2012; however, her breakthrough moment came in 2013 when she secured a booking for a Marc Jacobs fashion show. This stride helped establish her as a promising fresh face in the industry.

Fast forwarding to the present, she’s now a recognized figure who has worked with almost all the big names in fashion, from Chanel and Alexander Wang to Balmain and Versace. Her quick rise to stardom is indeed a testament to her incredible talent and determination.

5. Staple in Major Ad Campaigns

Binx’s dynamic personality and striking features have made her a favourite amongst major fashion houses for their campaigns. From becoming the face of Calvin Klein in 2016 to being featured in an Alexander Wang campaign, she has carried several marquee ad campaigns on her shoulders with panache.

Her understanding of the brand’s aesthetics and her ability to embody them truly resonates with people, making every campaign she’s involved in a memorable one.

6. Runway Success

Binx Walton is a runway veteran. Her significant height, piercing gaze, and incredible walk have placed her on nearly every major runway. Binx strutted down the catwalk for Chanel, Versace, and other high-fashion brands during high profile international fashion weeks.

Her runway credibility also landed her coveted spots in Christian Dior’s haute-couture show and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. To date, she continues to wow audiences and critics alike with her runway prowess.

7. Stance on Diversity in Fashion

As an African-American model, Binx has been vocally critical about the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. She uses her platform to encourage discussion on this issue and to inspire changes within the industry.

Aside from speaking out, she leads by example, breaking barriers with her presence in the industry. She provides hope to many young models of color, showcasing that anyone can succeed in the fashion world.

8. Passion for Photography

A lesser-known aspect of Binx Walton is her passion for photography. She enjoys taking photographs when she’s not modeling, capturing raw, real-life moments. Binx has even expressed desire to study photography and take this interest beyond just a hobby.

This creative outlet is a contrast to her fast-paced modeling life and allows her to express herself without any constraints or expectations, showcasing her innate artistic flavours.

9. Drumming Enthusiast

Another interesting facet of her personality is her love for drumming. Fond of beats and rhythm, Binx finds drumming therapeutic and fulfilling. She often unwinds from her busy schedule by jamming on her drum set.

This unexpected hobby reveals an entirely different aspect of her life outside her professional career and adds to her unique persona.

10. Social Media Presence

Despite her significant professional success, Binx values her privacy. She is a reserved figure who keeps her personal life relatively private. She has a limited social media presence, using it mostly for sharing her work-related updates.

Nevertheless, Binx still commands a massive following, with fashion lovers from around the world appreciating her aesthetics and her authenticity.

Whether you are a fan of Binx Walton, a fashion enthusiast, or an aspiring model, we hope this peek into Binx’s life has shed some light on this remarkable individual. Despite her meteoric rise in the fashion industry, Binx remains authentic and grounded, a beacon of beauty and originality.

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