10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Gaglardi

Bob Gaglardi is one of the most iconic names in the hospitality and sports industry. Here, we delve into the lesser-known facts about this self-made tycoon. Get ready to learn 10 intriguing things you probably didn’t know about Bob Gaglardi.

1. Beginnings of His Career

Bob Gaglardi kickstarted his career in the hospitality sector. Your first thought might be hotels and restaurants, but Bob’s beginnings in the hospitality industry were much smaller. He started his journey from a single drive-in restaurant in British Columbia. This restaurant was his father’s business which he took over after his father’s untimely departure.

The venture, though small, marked the foundation of what would later become Northland Properties Corporation. Today, Northland owns a slew of hospitality, restaurant, and sports properties across North America and the United Kingdom – notably the Dallas Stars and Kamloops Blazers.

2. Love for Hockey

Gaglardi’s affinity for hockey stretches beyond business interests. He’s been a lifelong fan, and owning a hockey team was once a mere dream. His love for the sport was so strong that when the Dallas Stars were up for sale in 2011, he took his chance and managed to acquire the team.

However, becoming an NHL team owner wasn’t easy. Gaglardi survived a bidding war and intense scrutiny before eventually realizing his dream. It was his perseverance and passion for hockey that paved the way towards this successful endeavor.

3. A Family Man

Beyond business, Gaglardi considers family as his most significant achievement. His son, Tom Gaglardi, presently heads Northland Properties Corporation as the President. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tom is also an ardent hockey enthusiast and holds the position of the Chairman for the Dallas Stars.

Gaglardi’s influence extends to his grandchildren too. His grandson, Chase Gaglardi, is already showing entrepreneurial skills, owning and managing two Sandman hotels under the Northland Properties Corporation banner.

4. The Kamloops Blazers

Gaglardi also co-owns the Kamloops Blazers, a major junior ice hockey team based in Kamloops, British Columbia, along with high-profile personalities like Shane Doan, Jerome Iginla, and Darryl Sydor. Despite many chances to relocate the team to a bigger market, he has kept them rooted in Kamloops due to his deep connection to the community.

He’s not just an owner but a fan, often spotted in the crowds during home games. His commitment to the team and the community embodies his ethos of being more than just a businessman.

5. Failed Canucks Bid

Before acquiring the Dallas Stars, Gaglardi, together with fellow businessman Ryan Beedie, tried to buy the Vancouver Canucks in 2004. However, their bid failed, leading Beedie and Gaglardi to launch a lawsuit against the winning bidders, alleging that they were kept in the dark about ongoing negotiations.

The lawsuit was resolved in their favor in 2004, but the victory was a hollow one as they had missed out on the chance to own their hometown team. Instead, they used the experience to fuel the successful bid for the Dallas Stars seven years later.

6. Sandman Hotel Group

Gaglardi is the founder of the Sandman Hotel Group, one of the largest hospitality chains in Canada. Today, it boasts of over 50 locations across the country, becoming a mainstay in Canadian hospitality and exceeding Gaglardi’s wildest dreams when he started the business.

The Sandman Hotel Group is just one part of the Northland Properties Corporation, which also houses various other brands like Moxie’s Grill and Bar, The Sutton Place Hotels, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort among others.

7. Diversifying into Ski Resorts

Gaglardi has extended his realm beyond food and lodging by venturing into entertainment. He owns the Revelstoke Mountain Resort, one of the most renowned ski resorts in North America. The acquisition, early in its development stages, was made with future potential in view.

The resort features North America’s most significant vertical at 1,713 metres (5,620 ft). From restaurants, spas, accommodation to heli-skiing, cat skiing, and paragliding, the resort contributes to Gaglardi’s recognition as a versatile entrepreneur.

8. Philanthropy

Bob Gaglardi has always believed in giving back to the community. Through Northland Properties Corporation, his family has been involved in numerous charitable activities, including donations to health and wellbeing causes, hockey teams, and other community initiatives.

Interest in social causes is also present in the next generations of the Gaglardi family. An example is Tom Gaglardi, who serves as a Trustee for the Fraser Institute, while also being part of several local charities in Vancouver.

9. Nexus of Hockey and Hospitality

The twin interests of hospitality and hockey converge in Gaglardi’s empire. Both his hockey teams – the Dallas Stars and the Kamloops Blazers have Northland Properties Corporation’s hotels and eateries surrounding their home arenas. This link assures fans can enjoy both the game and their stay.

Strategically, it is a smart business move, which clearly shows Gaglardi’s business acumen. It not only drives revenues but also binds together business and personal interests, providing a holistic fan experience.

10. Gaglardi’s Vision

One undeniable thing about Gaglardi is his foresight. He has a knack for identifying underperforming properties and turning them into lucrative ventures. His strategy primarily involves staying disciplined, patient, and sticking to good old-fashioned hard work rather than resorting to shortcuts or quick fixes.

Gaglardi’s vision is echoed in Northland Properties Corporation’s motto – “Proud. Reliable. Friends you can count on.” His efforts entail building reliable properties for customers and maintaining steadfast integrity and honesty within all branches of his venture.

A look into Bob Gaglardi’s life reflects more than just a story of success; it’s about vision, resilience, and a passion-driven journey. His tale offers insights and lessons, making him a beacon of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

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