10 Things You Didn’t Know About Boris Rotenberg

Famous businessman and sportsperson, Boris Rotenberg, has been at the centre of international attention in recent years. However, many remain unaware of the many facets that make up this charismatic leader’s life. The article takes a deep dive into 10 lesser-known aspects of Boris Rotenberg’s fascinating life.

1. Dual Citizenship

Interestingly, Boris Rotenberg holds a dual citizenship. Born in the Soviet Union, Rotenberg holds both Russian and Finnish citizenship. His Finnish citizenship was granted to him in 2008, as a result of his investment in the country, especially through the BR1 sports management company which he co-founded.

Moreover, it is intriguing to note that he chose to get dual citizenship, indicating his love for both nations and his interest in leveraging the advantages of both nationalities. It also shows his ability to navigate complex procedures and laws, a skill that no doubt also aids him in his business ventures.

2. Brotherly Business Ventures

Boris Rotenberg co-owns the Stroygazmontazh (SGM) group, the largest construction company for gas pipelines and electrical power supply lines in Russia, with his brother Arkady. They established the business together, and it has grown exponentially over the years.

In addition to SGM, the Rotenberg brothers own multiple other businesses together, including SMP Bank and other significant stakes in various industries. Their entrepreneurial ventures extend across different sectors, illustrating their diverse business acumen and their ability to work together as family.

3. Football Enthusiast

Beyond his business prowess, Boris Rotenberg is deeply passionate about football. In his youth, he played football at a professional level for the FC Dynamo Moscow. His passion for the sport lay the foundation for his unique blend of business and sporting interests.

Furthermore, his love for football transcended to the ownership level when he became a major shareholder of Dynamo Moscow, one of Russia’s oldest football clubs. Today, his son, Boris Rotenberg Jr., is a professional football player, carrying forth the football legacy of the family.

4. Judo Expert

Boris is not only passionate about football, but he is also a Judo enthusiast. He has practiced the martial art form extensively and has known to have sparred with none other than Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Rotenberg’s dedication to judo extends to his commitment to promoting the sport within Russia. His close friendship with Putin is believed to have stemmed from their shared interest in judo, showing how his sporting interests have significant personal and professional implications.

5. Abundant Wealth

Boris Rotenberg’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.4 billion, making him one of Russia’s richest men. His wealth is derived from his numerous successful business ventures in various sectors such as construction, banking, and sports.

However, Rotenberg isn’t known for excessively displaying his wealth. He is a private individual who likes to maintain a low profile, indicative of his personality that prefers substance over style.

6. Named in Panama Papers

Rotenberg was one of the high-profile individuals named in the Panama Papers leak. This massive leak of financial documents exposed how many wealthy individuals use offshore accounts for tax evasion and money laundering.

While the use of offshore financial setups isn’t illegal, they are often associated with illegal activities due to their secretive nature. Rotenberg denied any wrongdoing, and the issue remains controversial.

7. Sanctioned by the U.S.

In response to the Crimean crisis, the U.S. Department of Treasury sanctioned Boris Rotenberg, along with several other Russian businessmen. The sanctions targeted his U.S. assets and prohibited any American person or business from conducting transactions with him.

Despite these sanctions, Rotenberg continues to operate his global business successfully. It underlines his resilience and adaptability despite facing significant challenges.

8. Litigation Against Nordic Banks

Rotenberg engaged in litigation against four Nordic banks for refusing to provide banking services to him. This legal battle is based on the ground of discrimination due to political reasons and is ongoing.

These legal battles signify Rotenberg’s determination to face adversity head-on and his readiness to fight for his rights.

9. Infamous Luxury Villa

Rotenberg is a property tycoon and has an impressive portfolio of properties to his name. One of his most notable properties is his mansion in Zavidovo, a popular vacation spot among Russian elites.

Regarded more as a luxury villa than a mere house, this property is said to be one of Rotenberg’s favorite retreats, showing his appreciation for luxury and good life.

10. Philanthropic Deeds

Beyond his business affairs, Rotenberg is known for his philanthropic efforts. He provides financial support to many social projects in Russia, especially those related to sports. His Bor and Sochi sports schools are a testament to his commitment to nurturing sporting talent.

Rotenberg’s philanthropic contributions reflect his belief in giving back to society and enhancing community welfare.

In conclusion, Boris Rotenberg’s life is a fascinating blend of business, sport, and personal challenges. Despite numerous hurdles and controversies, he has maintained his multi-billionaire status and continues to influence the sectors he ventures into, both in Russia and internationally.