10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brad Pitt

When we think about one of the most attractive and popular actors in Hollywood, Brad Pitt is a name that instantly pops into our minds. From “Fight Club” to “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Pitt’s illustrious career has rendered him a superstar. Yet there are aspects about him that many of us are unaware of. Here, we will unveil 10 intriguing details about Brad Pitt.

1. Brad Pitt’s Real Name is Not Brad

You might be surprised to hear that our beloved Brad Pitt is not actually named Brad at all. He was born as William Bradley Pitt. However, he decided to go by Brad in his acting career and it stuck.

The name change is not as unusual in the glamorous world of Hollywood. Many actors opt for a name change that’s more catchy or memorable for their audiences. And it seems the name ‘Brad Pitt’ has worked quite well.

2. He Was A Mascot In College

Before he became a global superstar, Pitt attended the University of Missouri where he was the mascot for the university’s sports teams. Yes, that means he would dress up as a chicken and cheer on the team during games.

This was, of course, long before he took home an Oscar for his acting prowess. It only goes to show that even the most successful actors had humble beginnings.

3. He Was Almost An Architect

Believe it or not, our Hollywood hunk nearly strayed away from the acting path for a career in architecture! He has often talked about his love for the field and even enrolled in architecture classes to study the subject in-depth.

Despite his successful career in acting, Pitt maintains a strong interest in architecture. He founded the Make It Right Foundation, which constructs new homes for victims of natural disasters – a perfect amalgamation of his architectural interest and philanthropic spirit.

4. He Couldn’t Spit Out His Gum During The Filming Of Fight Club

When watching Fight Club, you may notice that Pitt’s character is constantly chewing gum. This isn’t a character quirk, as he actually had a medical condition that prevented him from spitting it out.

During the production of the film, Pitt popped his Achilles tendon, which subsequently led to lockjaw. As a result, he could not spit out the gum and it became an unintentional trademark of his character in the movie.

5. He Is A Journalist At Heart

Though known primarily as an actor, Brad Pitt initially majored in journalism at the University of Missouri. He was apparently two weeks shy of earning his degree when he dropped out and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

While he may have left his journalism career behind, Pitt often uses his platform to shed light on important issues, showing his inherent journalistic instincts.

6. He’s A Fan Of “Normal” Hobbies

Even though he’s an international superstar, Brad Pitt enjoys simple, everyday hobbies. He loves to cook and finds the process therapeutic.

Apart from cooking, he also enjoys architecture and design, confirming that he prefers spending his free time away from the conventional world of Hollywood.

7. He’s A Dedicated Father

Pitt, a father of six, is intensely private about his family life. Despite his divorce from Angelina Jolie, Pitt continues to be a dedicated father.

Although his family time is far from the paparazzi’s gaze, Pitt has expressed on multiple occasions that being a father is the most rewarding thing he has ever done.

8. He Has A Fear Of Flying

Despite having to travel globetrotting due to the nature of his profession, Pitt has confessed to having a fear of flying.

However, in pursuit of overcoming his fear, Pitt learned to fly a plane. Looks like the actor isn’t afraid to tackle his fear head-on even when it’s up in the air.

9. He was Once A Chauffeur For Strippers

Before his breakthrough in Hollywood, Brad Pitt held down numerous odd jobs to make a living. One of them was being a driver for strippers.

While any job can be a stepping stone to success, this one certainly offered interesting insight and experiences, potentially contributing to his amazing character-building capabilities as an actor.

10. He Knows How to Speak Japanese

Despite his American roots, Brad Pitt is well versed in Japanese. He learned the language for a series of commercials he did for the Japanese brand Edwin Jeans back in the 90’s.

While it’s unclear how much Japanese he still recalls, this definitely adds another string to his bow of talents.

There you have it, the 10 lesser-known facets of Brad Pitt’s life. Despite his fame and success, Pitt has remained a charismatic and grounded individual, ever captivating us with his talents, quirks, and passions.

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