Brad Pitt, a name synonymous with Hollywood stardom, is revered globally for his chiseled looks, charismatic screen presence, and extraordinary acting prowess. From his breakout role in “Thelma & Louise” to his Oscar-winning performance in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Pitt’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of phenomenal. But beneath his star-studded persona lies a man of fascinating complexity and intriguing anecdotes. This article will shine a spotlight on the lesser-known aspects of Brad Pitt’s life, revealing ten things you likely didn’t know about this remarkable actor.

1. He was Almost an Architect

Before launching his successful acting career, Brad Pitt was passionate about architecture. He studied journalism with a focus on advertising at the University of Missouri, but his interest in architecture was so strong that he almost decided to pursue it as a career instead.

Even though he chose acting, Pitt never completely abandoned his love for architecture. He founded the Make It Right Foundation in 2007 to build sustainable and affordable housing for people affected by Hurricane Katrina, showcasing his continuing dedication to architectural design.

2. He Was an Extra in Films

Like many actors, Pitt had humble beginnings in Hollywood. One of his earliest roles was as an extra in the film “Less Than Zero,” where he was part of the background in party scenes.

These early experiences gave Pitt a valuable look at the inner workings of the film industry and helped to shape his professional approach. It goes to show that everyone starts somewhere, and success often comes after many small, unglamorous roles.

3. He was Part of a Championship Debate Team

In high school, Pitt was a member of the debate team that went on to win the state championship. He honed his public speaking skills and developed the ability to think quickly on his feet, traits that would prove invaluable in his acting career.

This early achievement highlights Pitt’s determination and talent. His participation in the debate team showcases a more intellectual side that complements his acting abilities and contributes to his versatility as a performer.

4. He is Banned from China

In the 1990s, Pitt starred in “Seven Years in Tibet,” a film that portrays the life of an Austrian mountaineer who becomes friends with the Dalai Lama during China’s takeover of Tibet. The Chinese government disapproved of the film’s portrayal of their controversial occupation of Tibet and subsequently banned Pitt from entering the country.

However, Pitt was able to visit China in 2016, suggesting that the ban may have been lifted. Despite the initial controversy, this experience underscores Pitt’s commitment to taking on challenging roles that tackle significant historical events.

5. He’s a Huge Fan of “Casablanca”

One of Pitt’s all-time favorite films is the classic 1942 movie “Casablanca” starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. The film’s intricate storytelling and compelling performances have had a significant impact on Pitt and his approach to acting.

His love for “Casablanca” offers insight into his cinematic tastes and the kind of narratives that inspire him. It’s also a testament to his appreciation for classic cinema and the iconic performances that have shaped the film industry.

6. He has a Pilot’s License

Pitt is a certified pilot and owns several aircraft, including a World War II-era Supermarine Spitfire. His love for flying is another facet of his adventurous spirit.

Pitt’s interest in flying adds to his multifaceted personality. It’s a hobby that showcases his adventurous side and his passion for learning new skills, further adding to the complexity of his off-screen character.

7. He was a Mascot for a Restaurant

Before he became a household name, Pitt worked several odd jobs to support himself. One of these included being a mascot for the restaurant El Pollo Loco. He had to wear a chicken suit and wave to passersby to attract customers.

While it’s a far cry from his current Hollywood status, this early job illustrates Pitt’s determination and willingness to do whatever it took to survive in Los Angeles while pursuing his acting dreams.

8. He’s an Award-Winning Producer

Pitt has made significant strides behind the camera as a film producer. His production company, Plan B Entertainment, has backed several successful films, including “12 Years a Slave” and “The Big Short,” both of which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

This achievement emphasizes Pitt’s deep understanding of the film industry and his keen eye for compelling stories. His success as a producer showcases his versatility and commitment to the art of filmmaking, both in front of and behind the camera.

9. He’s a Motorcycle Enthusiast

Pitt is a big fan of motorcycles and owns a collection of them. He often uses them to get around Los Angeles, as they allow him to bypass the city’s notorious traffic and maintain a degree of anonymity.

His passion for motorcycles reveals a more adventurous and rebellious side of Pitt. It adds a unique layer to his off-screen persona and demonstrates his love for speed and freedom.

10. He Turned Down a Role in “The Matrix”

Pitt was offered the role of Neo in the iconic film “The Matrix,” but he turned it down. The part eventually went to Keanu Reeves, who became synonymous with the character in the groundbreaking sci-fi trilogy.

Despite missing out on this role, Pitt has had no shortage of iconic roles throughout his career. This fun fact underscores the unpredictable nature of the film industry and how different things might have been had he accepted the role.