10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brendon Babenzien & Estelle Bailey-Babenzien

Among the most iconic faces in the fashion industry, Brendon Babenzien and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien continue to champion every fashion enthusiast’s dream. Known for their trendsetting styles and paradigms, the duo has driven the wheel of fashion in a unique direction. Take a deeper dive to explore these ten remarkable facts about Brendon Babenzien and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien.

1. Brendon Babenzien’s Time at Supreme

Not many are aware that Brendon Babenzien served as the design director for Supreme, one of the world’s most successful streetwear brands. He held the position for more than a decade and was an instrumental force in shaping Supreme’s image globally. His departure from Supreme in 2015 was marked with a lot of fanfare, with the community acknowledging his contribution to the brand.

Babenzien’s stint with Supreme wasn’t continuous though. He initially worked with the company from 1998 to 2001, then took a hiatus to focus on launching the original iteration of his brand, Noah. He returned to Supreme in 2006 before finally setting out to relaunch Noah in 2015.

2. The Noah Enigma

The name ‘Noah’ isn’t just a biblical reference or a random moniker. Brendon Babenzien named his brand after his boat, highlighting his love for the water and surfing. Babenzien’s brand has always stood for a distinct combination of style and functionality, with the former Supreme design director aiming to provide people with clothes that they can feel good about wearing.

Noah is also known for its commitment to sustainability, quality, and community, all core values that Babenzien attributes to his upbringing and experiences in and out of the fashion industry. Every piece produced by this conscious brand carries a unique story, highlighting the designer’s prowess in blending style with substance.

3. Brendon Babenzien’s Relationship with Skate Culture

Skating stands at the heart of Brendon Babenzien’s inspiration. He spent his childhood years in the streets of Long Beach, New York, surrounded by skateboarders. This allowed him to develop a deep connection with skate culture, making it a prime source of inspiration for his designs. Even today, this skater streak can be seen in his design aesthetics at Noah.

Skate culture’s influence can be seen in Supreme’s signature style as well. It falls in line with Babenzien’s personal belief that streetwear is about more than clothes—it’s a lifestyle. This is why skate culture and its elements are consistent features in Supreme and Noah’s collections under Babenzien’s design direction.

4. Estelle Bailey-Babenzien dreamt of Noah’s flagship store

A curious fact about Noah’s flagship store in Nolita, New York City is that it was brought to life by Estelle Bailey-Babenzien. An established interior designer, Estelle dreamt of creating a space that could emulate Noah’s vision and values. She used Noah’s ethos—inspired by beach culture, music, art, and life in the city—as the store’s design foundation.

Estelle aimed at creating a store that was an extension of home, a place where customers could feel comfortable and at ease. Taking her vision forward, she included a range of unique design elements, including potted plants, vintage rugs, and other coziness-inducing elements that encourage customers to linger and engage.

5. Brendon Babenzien’s Stand on Fast Fashion

Babenzien has always been vocal about his distaste for fast fashion and the detrimental impact it has on our environment. He believes it to be one of the biggest issues plaguing the fashion industry and stands firmly against it. With Noah, he’s pioneering a movement of slow fashion dedicated to quality and longevity.

This belief also extends to his personal style. The designer doesn’t share the ‘more is better’ philosophy often seen in the fashion industry. Instead, he’s more comfortable in a few beloved pieces that satisfy his practical and aesthetic needs. His personal style value system is reflected in Noah’s clothing line, with attention to quality, durability, and timelessness.

6. Estelle Bailey-Babenzien’s Love for Nature

A defining characteristic of Estelle Bailey-Babenzien’s design aesthetic is her undying passion for nature. She finds inspiration in the best of what the natural world has to offer, infusing a piece of this artistic admiration in all her designs. Her work ethic is balanced by her mindful attention to sustainability and respect for Mother Nature.

Estelle’s love for nature becomes evident when you look at Noah’s Nolita store. The array of plants, the use of natural materials, and the incorporation of ample natural light carry her signature and reflect her eco-minded philosophy. Her eco-focus is thoughtful, inviting consumers to appreciate and care more deeply for our environment.

7. Their Dreamy Life at Rockaway Beach

Moving away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Brendon Babenzien and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien chose to build their dream beach house in Rockaway Beach, New York. True to their aesthetic sensibilities, their home is a reflection of their deep connection with nature and the sea and their appreciation of relaxed living.

Their minimalistic and comfortable house is filled with a myriad of treasures, including collected books, vintage furniture, and personal artifacts that speak volumes about their journey together. Their cozy home-space emerges as an extension of their ethos – eco-consciousness, love for nature, and an approach to slow living.

8. Brendon Babenzien’s Sneaker Collaboration

Many are unaware of Brendon Babenzien’s exciting collaboration with renowned footwear company, adidas. Babenzien’s deep-rooted love for sneakers and his abiding respect for adidas as a heritage brand led to this collaboration, producing the Galaxy Sneaker. These sneakers are not only trendy, but they also fit perfectly within Noah’s sustainability ethos as they are vegan and recyclable.

Noah and adidas made sure the sneakers were made considering all ethical and eco considerations. The midsole comprised mainly of natural materials, and the upper material was 70% recycled. This collaborative venture represents Babenzien’s commitment to championing eco-consciousness through trendy fashion.

9. Their Roles as Parents

Besides their roles as successful entrepreneurs and design idols, Brendon and Estelle are also doting parents. Their commitment to being involved parents reflects in their work routines and their adoption of a more flexible work-from-home approach.

They strongly believe in balancing work and personal life by actively participating in their kids’ day-to-day activities. The pair has often discussed how parenthood has reshaped their outlook on life and work, making them more empathetic and patient. They continuously strive to instill the values of quality, sustainability, and love for nature in their children.

10. Their Artistic Inspirations

Besides skate and beach culture, Brendon and Estelle draw inspiration from various artistic avenues. Brendon has a particular affinity for punk and grunge music, which often reflects in his designs. Estelle, on the other hand, finds inspiration in beautiful interior spaces and is driven by the desire to recreate such comfortable, aesthetic atmospheres.

Their creative processes are deeply personal but strikingly complementary. This mutual respect for each other’s artistic inspirations helps them create designs and spaces that are not just visually appealing but cognizant of their shared values and ethos.

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