10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Brunello Cucinelli’

When it comes to high-end fashion, few names resonate as strongly as Brunello Cucinelli — the mastermind behind his eponymous brand. His designs, deeply rooted in Italian culture and tradition, are sought after for their high quality and timeless elegance. Still, there’s a lot to discover about the man behind the brand. Here are ten things you might not know about Brunello Cucinelli.

1. Humble Beginnings

Born to a farming family in Central Italy, Brunello Cucinelli started his life surrounded by nature. His childhood was steeped in simplicity and humility. The family’s financial struggles had Brunello working along his father in a cement factory at an early age – an experience that would later influence his ethical business philosophy.

Cucinelli has often spoken about the devaluing conditions in the factory. These memories drove him to focus on human dignity and respect for workers in his own enterprise. Today, he ensures pleasant working conditions and is known for egalitarian treatment of his employees.

2. Philosophy Enthusiast

Cucinelli is a passionate student of philosophy — a love affair that began when he was 24. Originally drawn to the subject by the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, he particularly appreciates Kant’s concept of the intrinsic dignity and worth of every individual. The philosopher’s teachings still inspire Cucinelli’s approach towards business and design.

This respect for philosophy goes beyond mere appreciation. In fact, every piece of clothing designed by Brunello Cucinelli comes with a tag attached, bearing a quote from a philosopher. This reflects the designer’s commitment to merging aesthetic beauty with intellectual depth.

3. University Dropout

Despite his love for philosophy and knowledge, Cucinelli is a university dropout. He initially enrolled in the engineering program at the University of Perugia but soon decided to leave this path. Instead, he began his adventure into the world of fashion — a decision that culminated in the establishment of the Brunello Cucinelli brand.

His initial period was challenging. He started his business with just a meagre capital of $590, selling colorful cashmere sweaters. His venture into colorful cashmere was a bold step in an era dominated by the neutrality of black and white. However, his undeterred faith in his creations eventually paid off.

4. Entrepreneur with A Heart

In an industry often criticized for exploiting manual labor, Brunello Cucinelli stands out for his business model emphasizing human dignity. His employees enjoy many privileges, such as a free lunch everyday, generous salaries, and flexible working hours. His worker-friendly policies make him an uncommon figure in the fashion industry.

The headquarters of Cucinelli’s company are located in Solomeo, a restored 14th-century hamlet. He bought and rejuvenated the hamlet, creating a workspace that fuses the old and the new. His focus on providing a healthy and sustainable working environment has only enhanced the reputation of his brand.

5. ‘Made in Italy’ Advocate

Brunello Cucinelli is a zealous advocate of the ‘Made in Italy’ label. He takes immense pride in Italian craftsmanship and believes firmly in keeping the manufacturing process for his products within his home country. This ensures his designs maintain their traditionally Italian aesthetic appeal.

The high-quality materials sourced from Italy, combined with skilled local artisans, reflect Brunello Cucinelli’s commitment to his roots. He contributes significantly to the preservation of traditional Italian craftsmanship, making his brand synonymous with authentic Italian luxury.

6. Philanthropist

Cucinelli doesn’t just respect human worth in his factories; he has implemented thoughtful philanthropic initiatives, both at home and abroad. He donates 20% of his profits every year to the Brunello Cucinelli Foundation, which funds cultural and social projects, such as restoring theaters and promoting youth education.

One of the key restoration projects financed by his foundation is the Aurelian walls in Rome. Besides, he has also established ‘The School of Crafts’ in Solomeo, to foster the knowledge and skills of the next generation of craftsmen and women.

7. Preacher of Balance

Unlike many successful individuals who promote aggressiveness and constant hustle, Cucinelli advocates for a balanced life. He believes in balancing work with time for self-reflection, family, and leisure. He applies these principles to his own life and encourages his employees to do the same.

Following his philosophies, his company observes a strict 90-minute lunch break where employees sit together, eating and socializing. By implementing such policies, Cucinelli promotes the concept of living a rounded life where work is an integral part, not the whole.

8. Sustainability Promoter

Brunello Cucinelli is also a pronounced advocate for environmental sustainability. His brand is committed to ethical sourcing and minimizing environmental impact, making the brand a desirable choice among environmentally-conscious consumers. Many of his initiatives aim to preserve the environment and maintain harmony with nature.

He ensures that the raw materials used in his clothing are sourced sustainably, with respect for animal welfare. His commitment to maintaining the natural beauty of Solomeo extends to all his operations, with the cotton used in Brunello Cucinelli’s collections all bearing a sustainable certificate.

9. Beatles Fan

Cucinelli’s profound love for culture isn’t limited to philosophy; he is a self-proclaimed fan of the Beatles and often quotes their lyrics. He is fond of their timeless music and believes it still resonates with contemporary social ideals.

He is particularly drawn to John Lennon and is greatly inspired by the peace activism that Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, championed. Their pacifist ideals and tireless struggle for global peace align with Brunello Cucinelli’s own ideals of humanitarian and ethical practices.

10. Known as ‘Fashion’s King of Cashmere’

Brunello Cucinelli’s journey in fashion escalated with cashmere dyed in a range of colors. This innovation earned him the title ‘King of Cashmere’. He has revolutionized this fabric’s use, and his signature color cashmeres have set him apart in the fashion industry.

The cashmere sweaters, with the perfect blend of luxury, style, and comfort, quickly became a hit among fashion enthusiasts and luxury lovers. Today, the Cucinelli brand is a globally recognized name synonymous with cashmere knitwear.

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