10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bryan Grey Yambao

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, few names have made as significant an impact as Filipino fashion influencer Bryan Grey Yambao. Known widely as Bryanboy, he is renowned for his exquisite style, charismatic personality, and deep understanding of the fashion industry. We’ve delved a little deeper to bring you ten intriguing facts you might not know about this eminent style icon.

1. His Start as a Fashion Blogger

Bryan Grey Yambao didn’t jump straight into world-renowned fashion influencing; he started small, as a blogger. He began his blog, Bryanboy, from his parents’ Manila home in 2004, and it primarily featured pictures, random thoughts, and general day-to-day life snippets in the humble beginnings.

Within a short while, his unique sense of style and compelling perspective on fashion started to attract attention. As his popularity grew, Bryanboy evolved from an ordinary blog into a hugely influential platform for fashion trends and commentary.

2. His Love for Hermes Bags

Many might not be aware that Grey Yambao has a profound love for Hermes bags. This particular obsession was triggered during his teenage years when he saw a pictorial spread in a Vogue magazine featuring Victoria Beckham and her extensive collection of Hermes Birkin bags.

His devotion to the luxury brand is evident; he is often spotted in high-end fashion events carrying an array of his own. His extensive and opulent collection serves as a startling display of his fashion-forward thinking and persistent ambition.

3. Influence from his Grandmother

Grey Yambao’s grandmother was his main source of influence and first fashion icon. As a young boy, he was greatly inspired by her style – her elaborate dresses, feathered hats, and extensive collection of sterling silver jewelry ignited his passion for fashion.

She encouraged him to stand out instead of fitting in and following the norms. This sage advice groomed him into the fashion dynamo he is today, always courageous and setting trends rather than following them.

4. Featured in Vogue Italia’s List

Achieving a mention in Vogue, especially the Italian edition renowned for its avant-garde style, is every fashion enthusiast’s dream. Bryanboy made it into this coveted list in 2007 when Vogue Italia listed him as one of the breakout stars of the year.

This remarkable acknowledgment skyrocketed him to an entirely new level. His talent and creativity’s recognition by such a reputable institution further cemented his status in the fashion world.

5. A Part of America’s Next Top Model

Another glamorous feather in Bryanboy’s cap was his stint as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. He held a position on the panel for Cycle 19 and 20, where his extensive industry knowledge and keen eye for fashion contributed to selecting a winner who genuinely possessed model potential.

His tenure on the show not only attested to his credibility but also brought him further into the international spotlight, establishing him as a truly global fashion personality.

6. A Self-Declared Feminist

Despite being submerged in a world often labeled as materialistic, Bryanboy identifies as a feminist. He has publicly opined about the need for constructive conversations about women’s rights within the fashion realm.

He believes that style is a powerful tool for self-expression and advocates for women reclaiming their bodies and their fashion choices. His feminist beliefs and dedication to highlighting them in the fashion industry add further dimensions to his persona.

7. His Pseudonym ‘BryanBoy’

The world knows him as BryanBoy, but few know the origin of this pseudonym. Bryan Grey Yambao adopted the moniker in homage to an interior design project he worked on for a class in college, called Bryanboy’s Pad.

The name eventually stuck, and he chose to use it when he started his blog. Even today, his brand identifies with it, making Bryanboy a ubiquitous name within the fashion industry.

8. Recognition from Marc Jacobs

In a remarkable testament to his influence, revered designer Marc Jacobs named a bag after Bryanboy. In his Spring/Summer 2008 collection, a standout ostrich bag was named ‘The BB’, offered in homage to Bryanboy and his palpable influence in fashion.

This exceptional tribute not only underscores Bryanboy’s impact and reach in fashion but also emphasizes his reputation within the industry’s elite circuit.

9. A United Nations Speech

One of Bryanboy’s most stellar achievements was being invited to speak at the United Nations’ 2012 Social Innovation Summit. He voiced his thoughts on fashion and influence, asserting ‘Fashion is not an expense; it’s an investment.’

His rare ability to see beyond fashion as mere apparel and understand it as a medium of self-expression and power underscores his astute understanding of the industry’s inner workings.

10. His Undying Passion for Fashion

Despite the fame and rave critiques, Bryanboy remains humble and eternally devoted to his passion – fashion. He doesn’t claim to be an expert and keeps learning, unraveling new trends, and molding his style prowess further.

Bryanboy provides an inspirational example to all the upcoming fashion aficionados worldwide, demonstrating how genuine passion, determination, and an insatiable thirst for learning can catapult anyone into global recognition.

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