10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carlo Fidani

Carlo Fidani is a name that commands respect and awe in the realm of Canadian business and philanthropy. Descended from Italian immigrants, he has built an impressive empire and has consistently featured on the Forbes billionaires list. While his business acumen and philanthropic deeds are well known, there are some lesser-known facets and details about this Canadian business mogul that remain concealed. In this article, we delve into ’10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carlo Fidani.’

1. He inherited the business at a young age

Carlo Fidani assumed the reins of Orlando Corporation, a private real estate and construction company, at the tender age of 26. The reason? His father had unfortunately succumbed to cancer, leaving him responsible for the fortune built by his father and grandfather.

Contrary to the trials and tribulations that come with running a massive business at such an young age, Fidani successfully steered the company towards further growth and profitability. His perseverance and dedication can surely serve as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs.

2. He’s a third-generation businessperson

The roots of Carlo Fidani’s industriousness can be traced back to his grandfather, Orey Fidani, who migrated from Italy and founded Orlando Corporation as a construction business in 1948.

Today, under Carlo’s innovative leadership, Orlando Corporation has transformed into a leading force real estate development, construction, leasing, and property management. His business acumen combined with inherited values from his predecessors, has taken the business to soaring heights.

3. He’s a noted philanthropist

With charity running in his veins, Carlo Fidani extends his big-heartedness beyond the business realm. He has donated millions to various causes.

In 2013, the Fidani family committed $10 million to establish the Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre at the Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga. The Centre not just provides world-class medical services but also bears testimony to Fidani’s philanthropic spirit.

4. He’s focused on healthcare

The realm of healthcare is close to Fidani’s heart, primarily because his father lost his life to cancer. His philanthropic pursuits are often directed towards improving healthcare infrastructure and services for the less privileged.

In addition to the cancer center, he donated $10 million to the University of Toronto in 2006 to build the state-of-the-art Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex. This highlights his dedication to creating better healthcare opportunities for Canadians.

5. He’s notoriously private

Despite his prominence and success, Carlo is notably media-shy. He stays under the radar most of the time and remains intensely private about his personal life.

Very little is known about his life beyond business and philanthropy. Despite being one of Canada’s wealthiest men, not many people would be able to pick him out of a crowd, which is exactly how he likes it.

6. He extended Orlando’s business to the US

Carlo expanded Orlando Corporation’s business to the United States, a move that signals his visionary leadership. His efforts have further enhanced the company’s footprint and have led to a diversified portfolio.

This business approach ensures Orlando Corporation’s legacy continues to grow and has fortified its position as one of North America’s leading real estate and construction companies.

7. He studied at the University of Toronto

Carlo Fidani is an alumnus of the University of Toronto, where he pursued his Bachelor of Commerce degree. Several years later, Fidani further associated himself with the institution through his generous donations to build infrastructure for health sciences.

His time at the University of Toronto shaped him into the business leader he is today. It also instilled in him the values of community and public service that are evident in his extensive philanthropic endeavors.

8. He is involved in Property Management

In addition to real estate and construction, Carlo Fidani’s Orlando Corporation is heavily invested in property management, an often overlooked aspect of their business.

This strategic decision is clearly a result of Fidani’s multi-pronged business vision, which allows the company to exercise control over all areas of a property’s life-cycle, from construction and ownership to leasing and property management.

9. He holds several leadership positions

Fidani holds various leadership positions, demonstrating his versatility. He serves as a trustee at University of Toronto, member of advisory board at Ivey Foundation, and president of Orlando Corporation.

His leadership capabilities are a testament to his dedication towards his business and continual desire to contribute to society. It also showcases his ability to manage multi-faceted roles.

10. He has invested in clean tech

Fidani is a forward-thinking businessman, indicative of his investments in clean technology to drive sustainable development. He believes in business development that is in harmony with the environment.

His investments in this sector showcase his commitment to future generations and emphasise that successful businesses can be sustainable and environment-friendly.

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