10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carlos Nazario

Carlos Nazario is a renowned name in the world of fashion. As a globetrotting fashion editor and consultant, his work spans from Vogue Italia to office magazine. With a striking aura and unique style, he’s helped revolutionize fashion editorials and build up an admirable reputation. However, while his contributions are widely recognized, there might still be some interesting things about him that you’re not aware of. Let’s delve into ten things you didn’t know about Carlos Nazario.

1. Started his Career as an Intern

Most people tend to overlook the fact that even the most successful individuals had humble beginnings. Nazario’s journey in the fashion world began when he secured an internship at American Vogue. This internship gave him a firm foundation and kindled the love he has for fashion. During his time at American Vogue, he learned invaluable lessons that have stuck with him.

Moreover, his tenacity and hardworking nature turned his internship into a stepping-stone to a fruitful career. Navigating the dynamic and often cutthroat world of fashion wasn’t easy, but Nazario’s drive and passion made it possible for him to succeed.

2. He’s a University of Chicago Graduate

Despite his illustrious career in fashion, Carlos Nazario is surprisingly an alumni of University of Chicago, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science. While it might seem odd to some, understanding different societal structures and systems has played a crucial role in shaping his style and perception of fashion.

With a keen interest in societal patterns and cultural blends, Nazario has been able to incorporate different elements into his work, ultimately giving it a fresh and unique appeal. His unique perspective is a great portfolio booster in the fashion industry.

3. Worked with Several A-list Brands

Due to his unparalleled commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence, Nazario has worked with some of the world’s top fashion brands. These include significant brands like Givenchy, Hugo Boss, and Nike, among many others.

His incomparable talent and keen eye on aesthetics made him a favorite among these brands. Today, his portfolio boasts global campaigns and high-profile celebrity styling. He is revered for his editorial style and thought-provoking concepts.

4. He’s a Connoisseur of Pop Culture

Carlos Nazario isn’t just confined to the world of fashion; he is an avid lover of pop culture. His affinity to pop culture transcends into his work, where he intermingles fashion with elements and trends from the pop culture sphere, producing an exciting fusion that appeals to a broader audience.

This attribute sets Nazario apart, endearing him to the younger generation and keeping his work relevant and trendy. His ability to create an interesting blend of pop culture and the art of fashion gives his work an engrossing edge.

5. Worked as the Fashion Director of i-D

Nazario was the fashion director of i-D, a popular and highly influential British magazine known for its focus on youth culture and fashion. This position further showcased his talents and pushed him higher in the fashion circles.

During his time at i-D, Nazario brought a new wave of youthful exuberance and diverse representation to the magazine’s fashion features. His work at i-D not only put him on the global stage but also enabled him to further his mission of pushing boundaries in the fashion industry.

6. An Advocate for Diversity in Fashion

Nazario has a deep-rooted belief in the necessity for diversity in fashion. His work speaks volumes about the commitment to showcase a wide array of beauty in his editorials. He aims to disrupt the status quo and eliminate the glass ceiling that has long held back various groups in the fashion world.

His work showcases stories from different perspectives and backgrounds, making him a beacon of representation. Nazario’s emphasis on diversity is so appealing that it has increased the demand for his admirable work. His quest for inclusion and diversity has been an inspiration to many.

7. Inspirations from His Puerto Rican Descent

Nazario is of Puerto Rican descent, a background he deeply respects and draws a lot of inspiration from. Cultural heritage plays a significant role in his styling choices and the editorials he oversees.

His deep respect for his roots comes to light in how seamlessly he blends elements from his heritage with contemporary fashion trends. With his clear understanding of his background, Nazario has become an influential figure that encourages others to appreciate their cultural heritage and incorporate that appreciation into their crafts.

8. A Proponent of Sustainable Fashion

Nazario’s influence in the fashion industry extends even to its environmental impacts. He is a passionate advocate for sustainable fashion, highlighting the need to reduce fashion’s environmental footprint through mindful consumption and production.

Supporting ethical production practices and product recycling, as well as leading a lifestyle that minimizes waste, Nazario’s efforts not only elevate his standing in the fashion community but also resonate with environmentally conscious followers in the broader public.

9. He’s a Private Person

Despite being a prominent figure in the fashion industry, Nazario is relatively private about his personal life. He tends to keep his private life separate from his work life, choosing not to divulge too much about his personal affairs.

This is a rare quality in the age of social media where private lives often become public. His approach tells a lot about his character and his belief in drawing a clear line between personal and professional life.

10. The Man Behind Rihanna’s Fenty Look

One of his significant accomplishments in his career includes working with Rihanna on her famous Fenty brand. Nazario played a crucial part in conceptualizing and executing the unique and bold look that has since been associated with Fenty.

As one of the stylists behind this massively successful brand, Nazario was once again able to showcase his versatililty and ability to turn a fashion brand into a global phenomenon.

After exploring these ten intriguing aspects of Carlos Nazario’s life and career, it’s clear that he’s so much more than a brilliant stylist and fashion editor. He’s a dedicated advocate for diversity and sustainability, an inspiration from his cultural heritage, and a proponent for maintaining a clear boundary between his work and personal life.

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