10 Things You Didn’t Know About Caroline Rush

When it comes to influential people in the fashion industry, it’s impossible not to mention Caroline Rush. As the CEO of the British Fashion Council, Rush’s influence and leadership have greatly shaped the industry.

Here are ten less-known facts about Caroline Rush. Her inspiring and intriguing journey is filled with fascinating details that go beyond the public image she portrays.

1. She Didn’t Start Her Career in Fashion

Although known for her significant role in the fashion industry, Caroline Rush didn’t initially aim to work in fashion. Instead, she started her professional career in the media and public relations industry.

Rush’s journey began in 1998 when she became a project manager at Media Moguls. She navigated through PR, marketing, and communications, which eventually provided the groundwork for her success in the fashion industry.

2. She Co-founded Crush Communications

Before making her mark in the fashion industry, Caroline co-founded her own public relations consultancy firm called Crush Communications in 2001.

With a client base ranging from designer brands to retails outlets, Crush Communications paved Rush’s pathway into fashion. This also allowed her to understand the ins and outs of promoting a brand, proving to be invaluable to her future role in the fashion industry.

3. She Brought the London Fashion Week to the Next Level

Under Rush’s leadership, the British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week experienced unprecedented growth. She focused not only on highlighting British talent but also on making the event more inclusive to the general public.

Rush’s vision extended beyond the catwalk. She aimed for the London Fashion Week to be much more than just a trade show, turning the event into a celebration of British artistry and creativity.

4. She has a Global Perspective

Rush’s perspective extends beyond the confines of London. Understanding that fashion is a global industry, she established reciprocal showrooms in Paris and London to boost the exposure of British designers.

Rush is also instrumental in forming valuable partnerships with China and boosting relationships with other international markets. This global outlook underscores Rush’s commitment to supporting British fashion and its international presence.

5. She’s a Champion of Sustainability

Under Rush’s stewardship, the British Fashion Council has embodied a robust commitment to sustainability. She championed the Positive Fashion initiative, pushing for the inclusion of sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Rush’s effort doesn’t just stop at the environment. She embodies a holistic approach towards sustainability, incorporating social, ethical, and environmental targets into the fashion industry’s agenda.

6. She Has a Background in Education

Rush obtained a degree in education at the University of Hertfordshire. This educational background has likely influenced her approach to her role in leading the British Fashion Council.

Rush’s focus on educating designers and consumers on the importance of sustainable fashion practices is a clear reflection of her educational foundation.

7. She’s an Advocate for Diversity in Fashion

Rush is a staunch advocate for diversity in fashion. She’s been vocal about the need to have an industry that reflects different sizes, ages, ethnicities, and genders.

Rush aims to build an inclusive industry that resonates with a broad audience. This perspective has helped shape London Fashion Week, making it not just an event but also a platform for representation of diversity.

8. She’s an Influential Woman

Caroline Rush was listed in BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour Power List of Top 40 Women’ influencing fashion and beauty. Her vision and influence continue to shape the British fashion industry, promoting its growth and development.

9. She is a Member of the UK Government’s Creative Industries Council

Rush’s influence extends beyond the fashion industry. She is part of the UK Government’s Creative Industries Council, proving just how much her opinion and insight matter in the larger creative scene.

10. She Believes in Collaboration

Rush is a firm believer in the power of collaboration. Whether with designers, industry peers, or government bodies, Rush understands that building strong relationships and networks is essential to the growth of the fashion industry.

Through her leadership, many collaborative initiatives have been born, further cementing the role of the British Fashion Council in the global fashion industry.

In conclusion, Caroline Rush is not just an influential figure in the British fashion industry; she’s a driving force for change who strives to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and globally competitive British fashion scene. If you want to know more about her or the British Fashion Council, check out the following links:

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