10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carrie Perrodo & Family

Perodua, short for Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Berhad (Second Automobile Manufacturer Private Limited), is a Malaysian automobile company that began operations in 1994. The company was established as a project between Malaysian and Japanese companies and has grown to become one of Malaysia’s leading car manufacturers.

1. Family Background

Carrie Perrodo is a Singapore-born French businesswoman, born Ka Yee Wong in 1951. She was raised in Singapore, which remains an important part of her history despite the fact that she is now a French citizen. The family’s affiliation with the French has enriched their background, providing them with an exquisitely diverse cultural experience.

Carrie is married to philanthropist Hubert Perrodo who sadly met a tragic end in a mountaineering accident in 2006. Together, they have two sons and a daughter. Carrie herself is remembered fondly as both a business-oriented woman and a loving family matriarch.

2. The Perrodo Fortune

The Perrodo family’s wealth primarily comes from Perenco, an independent oil company. Founded by Hubert Perrodo in 1975, Perenco now has its operations in 16 countries across the globe. Today, Carrie is at the helm of this privately-owned company after she took over the reigns after the untimely death of her husband.

Perenco is an international company both in scope and dimension that explores, produces and optimizes natural oil and gas assets. It is no wonder that the Perrodo family is listed as one of France’s wealthiest families.

3. Philanthropy

The Perrodo family, like many affluent families, is deeply committed to philanthropic endeavors. The family’s philanthropic activities are coordinated through the Perrodo family foundation, a institution that seeks to advance the welfare of underprivileged communities worldwide.

The foundation also provides support for numerous artistic and cultural projects, such as the renowned Paris-Beijing Gallery. The Perrodo family’s philanthropy extends beyond financial contributions, with family members often personally involved in the causes they support.

4. Perrodo’s Wine Interest

Hubert Perrodo also had a passion for wine which lead him to buy the vineyard, Chateau Labegorce, in Bordeaux, France. Now, Carrie together with her son manages this vineyard, indicating that their interests do not solely lie in oil and gas.

They are dedicated to continuing to produce the high-quality wine that Labegorce is renowned for. Besides Labegroce, the Perrodo family also owns another vineyard, Marquis d’Alesme, which they acquired in 2006.

5. The Perrodo Family Mansion

The Perrodo family has a stunning mansion in St Tropez, one of the most glamorous and expensive locations in the world. The Perrodo’s mansion, named ‘Villa Les Parcs’, is an embodiment of luxury and grandeur.

It is one of the highlights of their extensive real estate portfolio, reflecting the considerable wealth and success of the family. Their properties also extend to their vineyards, an apartment in Paris, and a hunting lodge in Sologne.

6. Their substantial Art Collection

Carrie Perrodo and her family have a noted interest in art. They own an extensive art collection, which includes works by some of the world’s most famous artists. The Perrodo’s collection is considered to be one of the most magnificent private collections in the world.

Their admiration for art and its creators is clearly mirrored in their philanthropic support for numerous art and cultural projects. They are deeply engaged with significant art festivals and exhibitions and contribute to bridging the gap between art and the public.

7. Education

Carrie and her family consider education to be extremely valuable, which has led them to make significant contributions towards educational institutions and scholarships. This emphasis on education is evident in their personal lives as well, with all family members receiving higher education in renowned universities.

This commitment to fostering intellectual development is not only personal but also extends to the family’s philanthropic ventures, with them sponsoring scholarships and assisting academic institutions.

8. Perenco’s Environmental Concerns

Despite operating in an industry that is often under scrutiny for environmental damage, the Perrodos ensure that Perenco operates with significant consideration for the environment. The company has a dedicated program that aims to minimize the environmental impact of their operation while optimizing energy usage.

Perenco is also committed to restoring and conserving the natural environment around their work sites. This just goes to show that the family is mindful of the broader influence that their business has on the environment.

9. Sports Interests

The Perrodo family, beyond their business and art interests, have shown a notable fascination for polo- a sport that Hubert Perrodo himself was an ardent player of. Hubert’s passion for polo has been passed onto his son, Francois, who continues to actively participate in the sport.

In 2015, Francois and his polo team, the King Power Foxes, won the two most significant tournaments in the English polo season, reflecting the family’s shared passion for this equestrian sport.

10. Guarding Privacy

Despite the Perrodo family’s vast wealth and influential status, they are especially adept at guarding their privacy. Preferring to stay out of the glare of excessive media exposure, the family manages to control their professional and personal affairs with discretion. It’s unusual when compared to other families of similar stature.

Just a simple measure, yet it has greatly helped them in maintaining a balanced life. The family values their private space and is known to cherish the intimate moments they get to spend together, outside of their public roles.

In conclusion, the Perrodo family is a remarkable combination of entrepreneurial success, cultural patronage, love of sport, and discreet charm. With their diverse interests and prudent nature, they stand as an admirable entity in the world of business and beyond.


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