10 Things You Didn’t Know About Casey Cadwallader

Casey Cadwallader, the current artistic director of famed fashion brand Mugler, has made quite a splash in the fashion world. Yet, while his designs have been sported by the likes of Cardi B and Bella Hadid, there’s much more to this innovative designer that meets the eye. From his unique approach to fashion design to his commitment to inclusivity, let’s dive into 10 things you might not have known about Casey Cadwallader.

1. He Grew Up in New England

Cadwallader was born and raised in New England. His upbringing in this region helped shape his down-to-earth aesthetic and the practical approach he takes to design. Raised in an environment that values practicality and quality, Cadwallader would later use these values as a cornerstone of his fashion philosophy.

He fell in love with fashion at a young age, discovering the craft through his mother’s editions of Vogue magazine. The rich history and architectural inspiration in New England also played a significant role in developing his eye for design.

2. He is an Architecture Graduate

Before diving into the world of fashion, Cadwallader studied architecture at Cornell University. This seemingly unrelated education, however, has played a key role in how he approaches fashion design.

Cadwallader applies the principles of architecture to his design process, creating pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound. His formal education has allowed him to incorporate sculptural elements into his work, resulting in eye-catching pieces that are as versatile as they are unique.

3. He Worked at Acne Studios

Before taking the reigns at Mugler, Cadwallader worked at Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios. Here, he honed his talent and design skills, developing his unique aesthetic that blends practicality and high fashion.

His time at Acne Studios allowed him to experiment with his designs, proving that fashion can be as functional as it is fashionable. He brought this approach to Mugler, where he continues to push boundaries and redefine what couture can be.

4. He’s Worked in Mediaplanning

While most wouldn’t associate a career in fashion design with one in mediaplanning, for Cadwallader, the two are intertwined. He once held a job in mediaplanning, where he developed skills that he would later apply in his fashion career.

The necessity for organization, a keen eye for detail, and a knack for recognizing trends are all key skills that Cadwallader developed during his time in mediaplanning. These skills have undoubtedly assisted him in his career as a fashion designer, as he masterfully combines creativity with business acumen.

5. He Redefined Mugler’s Aesthetic

When Cadwallader became the creative director of Mugler, he not only continued the brand’s legacy but redefined its overall aesthetic. He retained the brand’s signature cinched waistlines and dramatic silhouettes while infusing structural elements and practicality into the designs.

This distinctive combination has set a new trend in the world of high fashion, quickly garnering attention from celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. From haute couture designs to ready-to-wear collections, Cadwallader has made waves with his innovative take on the Mugler brand.

6. He Advocates for Body Inclusivity

Cadwallader is a strong advocate for body inclusivity in the fashion industry. He believes that fashion should empower people, not prop up unrealistic standards of beauty. His designs often feature diverse sizes, shapes, and even gender expressions, shattering the norms of the traditionally exclusive fashion world.

His commitment to creating clothing for all bodies reflects a larger trend in the industry towards inclusivity and diversity. Whether it’s a bespoke gown or an off-the-rack piece, Cadwallader ensures that Mugler clothing is made available to everyone.

7. He’s Redefining the Concept of “Luxury”

“Luxury” in fashion traditionally refers to expensive, exclusive designs. Under Cadwallader’s direction, however, the term has come to mean something different. For Cadwallader, luxury is about quality, craftsmanship, and the power of clothes to transform the wearer.

By focusing on the wearer’s experience and feeling of wearing his designs rather than the traditional hallmarks of status and exclusivity, Cadwallader is pushing the boundaries of fashion, redefining what luxury means in the process.

8. He is Social Media Savvy

Cadwallader’s designs have proven to be a hit among the social media crowd. His unique pieces are often seen gracing the Instagram feeds of fashion influencers, which has helped to increase his profile and reinforce his status as a leading figure in the world of fashion.

His understanding of the power of social media in shaping the fashion landscape combined with his eye for design and his commitment to inclusivity has made Cadwallader a designer to watch in the digital age.

9. He is a Car Enthusiast

Outside of fashion, Cadwallader is an avid car enthusiast. His fascination with mechanics and aerodynamics is something he often applies in his fashion designs, giving them a sense of movement and dynamism.

This love of cars is reflected in iconic pieces, like the Mugler car dress, which made headlines in 2018 for its unique fusion of automotive and fashion design.

10. He was appointed at Mugler when he was 38

In 2017, Cadwallader was appointed as the Creative Director of Mugler when he was just 38 years old. Despite his relatively young age, his unique vision, diverse experience, and dedication to inclusivity have allowed him to make a significant impact on the brand and the fashion industry as a whole.

Cadwallader’s tenacity and creativity underline his growing influence in fashion, proving that age is just a number when it comes to making a mark in the industry.


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