10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cathy Beaudoin

Cathy Beaudoin, former president of Amazon Fashion, is a renowned name in the ecommerce and fashion industry. She significantly contributed to elevating Amazon’s presence in the competitive world of fashion retail. Despite her conspicuous success, there’s much more to Cathy Beaudoin than meets the eye. Here, we delve into ten lesser-known aspects of this leading industry figure.

1. Early Career Beginnings

Cathy Beaudoin’s professional journey didn’t directly begin in the fashion industry. Beaudoin, a Brown University alumna, initially embarked on a career in the advertisement sector. She served in reputable advertising firms, including ‘Arnold’, ‘Hill, Holliday’, and ‘Mullen’.

It was during her tenure at ‘Gap Inc.’, as the Vice President for Gap Online, when Beaudoin first tasted success. She helped the brand make a noticeable online presence and set the stage for a successful launching pad in the industry.

2. Responsibility at Amazon

As president of Amazon Fashion, Beaudoin was entrusted with the crucial task of carving a niche for Amazon in the rapidly evolving digital fashion landscape. With her dynamic strategies and innovative approaches, Beaudoin transformed Amazon fashion into a leading ecommerce platform.

Beaudoin effectively utilized her prior experience in advertising and merchandising to create a compelling and distinctive identity for Amazon Fashion. This involved a painstaking process of collaborating with hundreds of reputable brands and new designers, which helped widen Amazon’s footprint in the market.

3. A Profound Influence on Amazon Fashion

Contrary to the conventional practice of managing fashion outlets, Cathy Beaudoin’s unique approach greatly affected the way Amazon presented its fashion-scape. She brought in well-known designers and boosted Amazon’s image as a trendy fashion destination rather than a simple online retail outlet.

She also organized photoshoots with top-notch models to showcase Amazon’s fashion-forward pieces, a distinct departure from Amazon’s typical product photography. And Beaudoin’s transformation extended further, as she introduced a series of stylist-curated boutiques to Amazon fashion, which significantly increased the brand’s fashion credentials.

4. Original Idea of Amazon Studio

One of Cathy Beaudoin’s biggest accomplishments at Amazon was the development of a massive, high-tech fashion photography studio in Brooklyn, NY. The 40,000 square-foot studio was conceptualized to streamline Amazon’s complex product photography process and offer a state-of-the-art environment for fashion photoshoots.

Under Beaudoin’s leadership, the photography studio became Amazon’s standard-bearer for high-quality, trend-forward product imagery. This venture helped Amazon Fashion stand out among other ecommerce platforms and strengthened its position in the fashion landscape.

5. Beaudoin’s Exit From Amazon

After an impressive eight-year tenure, Cathy Beaudoin resigned from her role at Amazon in 2017. The announcement was abrupt and left a noticeable void at the helm of Amazon Fashion. Beaudoin did not immediately disclose the reasons for her departure or her future plans.

Although she left Amazon, her landmark contributions, right from trend-driven initiatives to large-scale brand partnerships, left an indelible impact on the ecommerce platform.

6. A Member of the CFDA Board

Cathy Beaudoin’s credentials in the fashion industry led to her appointment on the board of the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Even after leaving Amazon, she continued her association with the CFDA.

The CFDA represents over 450 American fashion and accessory designers. As a board member, Beaudoin played a significant role in deciding the strategic direction of the organization.

7. Passion for Fashion and Style

Although much of Beaudoin’s professional career involved the business side of fashion, she also has a personal passion for style. Known for her impeccable fashion sense, she is often spotted donning trendy outfits and accessories.

Her fashion-forward thinking contributed to the innovative strategies at Amazon Fashion. Not just limited to business, her deep understanding of international fashion trends permeates into her personal wardrobe as well.

8. Committed to Promoting New Designers

One of Beaudoin’s most commendable initiatives was her commitment to promoting new designers. Her leadership at Amazon Fashion saw the addition of many niche brands and promising designers, thus providing a robust platform for lesser-known talents to showcase their work.

Beaudoin’s approach not only enhanced Amazon’s catalogue, but it also helped diversify the platform, making it a one-stop destination for customers seeking a wide array of international fashion labels.

9. Advocacy for Smart Shopping

Cathy Beaudoin has been an advocate for “smart shopping”, a concept that encourages shoppers to make informed decisions. Through Amazon Fashion, she introduced features that empowered customers with in-depth information about brands, designers, and the latest trends.

This approach endeared the platform to consumers, making it a reliable platform for fashion-conscious shoppers. Beaudoin’s leadership set a precedent for ecommerce platforms, enhancing customer involvement in the retail process.

10. Life Beyond the Fashion Industry

Post her tenure at Amazon, Beaudoin has been involved in various capacities across different industries. She serves as a board member of several companies including Wayfair Inc., an online home goods company, nurturing her passion for interior design.

Outside of work, Beaudoin is known for her love for travel and reading, often taking time off her busy schedule to immerse herself in new cultures and literature.

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