10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cheng Antares

If you’re drawn in by the fascinating world of art and antiques, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across the name Cheng Antares. As an art and antique advisor, he’s been a significant player in the industry for many years. Although well recognized, there are many fascinating details about Antares you may still not know. Let’s shed some light on those.

1. Early Life

Cheng Antares was born in Beijing, China, but his family migrated to New Zealand when he was still a young child. It was in New Zealand where he had his first exposure to the art culture, as his parents often brought him to art exhibits and museums. This sparked aspiration in Cheng to work in the art industry ever since he was a child.

However, his passion for the art industry was temporarily sidelined during his college years when he pursued a degree in business management. His family believed that entering the corporate world was a safer and smarter career path. But his enthusiasm for art never waned.

2. Art and Antique Advisor

Shortly after graduating from university, Cheng ventured into the art industry. Noticing the potential and cultural significance of Asian antiques, Cheng set up his own antique advisory firm, aiming to help clients appreciate and invest in antiques.

Antares has worked with a diverse client base, including individuals, companies, and even governments. He has assisted his clients in building valuable collections and cultivating appreciation for Asian art and antiques. His surge in the art industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

3. Passion for Auctions

Cheng’s passion towards auctions is not a hidden fact. His active participation and unique strategies in auctions have often led to exciting results. Cheng sees auctions as not only a place to buy pieces of art and antiques, but also as a platform to learn about current trends and market value.

Cheng Antares has participated in various high-profile auctions around the world. His deep understanding of the auction process and keen eye for valuable pieces have resulted in several successful acquisitions for his clients.

4. Network Connection

Having a rich network in the art industry is undoubtedly a vital asset for advisors, and Cheng is no exception. From art connoisseurs and collectors to curators and dealers, Cheng has built a large network of contacts.

This vast network has helped him in gaining insider information about art pieces and their connection to history and art movements. It also aids him in pricing strategies and discerning fakes and forgeries.

5. Advocacy for Cultural Preservation

Cheng Antares isn’t just in it for the business. He is deeply committed to the preservation of art and culture. He strongly believes that every piece of art or antique tells a story about our past and heritage.

Cheng often uses his platform and influence to call for more recognition and support for art preservation. He insists that antiquities shouldn’t just be viewed as economic assets, but as capsules for cultural preservation.

6. Featured in Global Media

Antares’ work has gained significant international recognition. He has been featured in some top tier global media outlets. He’s been interviewed by the likes of BBC, CNN, and Al Jazeera, sharing his expert insights and unique perspectives on art and antiques.

His appearances in the media have strengthened his reputation as being a reliable and respected figure in the world of art and antiques.

7. Author of Multiple Books

Sharing his knowledge doesn’t end on TV and online media. Cheng has authored multiple books on antiques, shedding light on various aspects of the industry.

From identifying and appreciating Asian art to the dynamics of the antique industry, Cheng’s books have become a valuable resource for art enthusiasts and beginners in the sector.

8. Regular Speaker at Conferences

Cheng also finds time to share his expertise and insights as a speaker at various international art and antique conferences.

His in-depth knowledge of the industry and experience as an advisor adds an interesting perspective to these conferences. These speaking engagements help in establishing further Cheng Antares’ authority in the industry.

9. Personal Art Collection

Not surprisingly, Cheng also has an extensive personal collection of art and antiques. He showcases a strong preference for Asian antiques, particularly those from his homeland, China.

His personal art collection shows his admiration for Asian art and the importance he places on preserving these pieces of history.

10. At Heart, An Art Enthusiast

While he is a famed advisor and expert, at heart, Cheng is an art enthusiast. He fell in love with art from a young age, and that passion drives him every day.

He believes in the power of art to influence society and hopes to instill the same love for art in others.

Wrapping up, Cheng Antares is more than just an art and antique advisor. He is a veritable figure in the industry, making essential contributions to preserve and promote art.

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