10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Angermayer

Christian Angermayer, a well-renowned German entrepreneur, is a significant figure in the world of investments. He has created and supported different businesses through his investment firm, Apeiron Investment Group, with particular interest in industries like technology, life sciences, and entertainment. Despite his reputation, Angermayer maintains a relatively low profile, which surrounds him with a lot of mystery. Here are 10 things you may not have known about Christian Angermayer.

1. He Had His First Start-Up at Only 20 Years Old

As an entrepreneur at heart, Angermayer started his first company at a young age. He launched “Angermayer, Brumm & Lange” (ABL) at 20, proving early on that he had a knack for the business world. ABL, an advisory and investment firm, was the first step on Angermayer’s journey towards becoming a professional investor.

Though ABL does not exist today in its original form, Angermayer’s indomitable spirit steered him already early towards success. The entrepreneur zealously rode the high tide and ventured into other industries, developing a diversified portfolio in the process.

2. He Has Never Had a Sip of Alcohol

Despite his affable and outgoing nature, Angermayer doesn’t join in when it comes to alcohol. In a world where social drinking is often the norm, especially in business circles, Angermayer has never tasted alcohol in his life.

He instead prefers to maintain a very healthy lifestyle, which he believes plays a critical role in his professional success. The entrepreneur also advocates for mental health and attributes a lot of his investment philosophy to maintaining a healthy state of mind.

3. He has a Passion for Psychedelics

An interesting aspect you might not know about Angermayer is his fascination with psychedelics. This interest stems from his own personal experiences, where he claims that conscious-altering substances like magic mushrooms have provided him with profound personal insights.

His interest in psychedelics is not merely recreational. Angermayer has invested in several businesses focused on exploring the potential health benefits of these substances, in particular their potential as treatments for mental health disorders.

4. He is a Strong Believer in Crypto-currencies

Since 2013, Angermayer has taken an interest in the world of cryptocurrencies. He was among the first major European investors who identified the potential of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

He believes that cryptocurrencies have the power to revolutionize various sectors of the economy, including but not limited to, banking and finance. He considers himself as a Bitcoin maximalist and is a staunch supporter of digital currencies.

5. He Has Worked on Numerous Film Projects

Apart from investing in many flourishing sectors, Angermayer has a special fondness for cinema. His love for storytelling led him to create Film House Germany, one of Europe’s leading independent production and distribution companies.

His projects have received recognition at prestigious events like the Academy Awards. His portfolio includes critically-acclaimed projects such as The Master, Rush, and Cloud Atlas.

6. Angermayer Owns a Conservation-Oriented Luxury Resort

Outside his professional sphere, Angermayer demonstrates a deep concern for the environment. In 2015, he bought Miavana, a luxury island resort in Madagascar. Rather than using it solely for profit, he manages the resort in a manner that promotes wildlife conservation and community development.

His dedication towards eco-conscious luxury vacationing is indeed a unique mix, offering the best of both worlds while keeping environmental sustainability in mind.

7. He is a Steering Committee Member of the Bilderberg Meetings

Angermayer is a member of the select group that constitutes the Bilderberg Meetings’ Steering Committee. The Bilderberg Meetings, a private conference of about 150–200 political, economic, and media industry leaders from North America and Europe, is an exclusive group that Angermayer is privileged to be a part of.

His involvement here again showcases his extensive network and influence in diverse sectors and his proximity to some of the most influential figures in the world.

8. He is an Adventurous Explorer

Not only is Angermayer a successful entrepreneur, but he’s also an intrepid traveller. He enjoys explorations and has been to several remote and isolated parts of the world.

His love for travel and striving to understand different cultures and lifestyles make him a truly global citizen. His experiences around the world translate into his work, as he often emphasizes global strategies in his business ventures.

9. He is Passionate About Longevity Research

Christian Angermayer is also quite intrigued by longevity and life extension research. He firmly has faith in the power of science to extend human life and improve its quality.

Due to this, he has invested in several biotech companies that are at the forefront of anti-aging and life extension research. He is a significant supporter of therapies of regenerative medicine and is keen to shape the future with these radical innovations.

10. He’s A Large Advocate for Mental Health

Angermayer has always been open about his concerns for mental health. He believes that mental health issues are a significant challenge in today’s society and has made it his mission to contribute towards solutions.

In this regard, he has invested in several initiatives that aim to use novel treatments, including the use of psychedelics, in treating mental health disorders. His approach to investing in this area showcases an insightful understanding of the contemporary challenges in the health industry.

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