10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Haub

There are many factors that make Christian Haub stand out as an exceptional business leader, philanthropist and family man. From his noteworthy efforts at the helm of the Haub School of Business, to his role as Executive Chairman of A&P, Christian Haub has maintained a definitive presence in the industry. Yet, much of his endeavours remain less well-known to the general public.

In this article, we aim to shed some light on those aspects of Christian’s life, sharing ten things you might not know about him.

1. Christian Haub grew up in an influential business family

Originating from Germany, the Haub family holds a notable commendation in the retail business domain. Christian’s father, Erivan Haub, was acclaimed as one of the richest individuals in Germany, having overseen the expansion of the Tengelmann Group, an international retail conglomerate.

Christian’s upbringing in such a stimulating business environment undeniably had a lasting effect on him. He watched, learned, and eventually stepped into his father’s shoes, harnessing that same business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

2. He is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Michigan

Christian Haub had his higher education at one of the world renowned universities – the University of Michigan. This institution is well-reputed for its rigor in academics and research, presenting an ideal environment for the young Haub to hone his learning skills.

From the University of Michigan, he obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, which acted as a vital foundation for his thriving career in the retail business sector.

3. Christian Haub is renowned for his leadership style

Throughout his career, Christian Haub earned a reputation for his distinguished leadership style. Affirmative, yet compassionate, Haub places great focus on nurturing talent and inspiring growth within his team, ensuring that everyone’s potential is optimally utilized.

His leadership at A&P showcased his keen ability to navigate through challenging business landscapes. This manifested in the effective and strategic business decisions that allowed the company to rebound during financial hardships.

4. His philanthropic contributions are not limited to business education

While it’s true that Haub’s commitment to the Haub School of Business garners much recognition, his philanthropic interests extend far beyond business education. Christian Haub has consistently shown dedication towards environmental preservation and conservation causes.

His commitment was clear in his substantial contribution towards the Ecological Trust Foundation, a body aimed at preserving wilderness habitats. Recognizing the importance of balancing commercial success with ecological responsibility, Haub’s philanthropy is imbued with a deep sense of environmental stewardship.

5. Christian Haub is an advocate for nutritional awareness

Apart from his environmental advocacy, another surprising aspect of Christian Haub’s philanthropy is his commitment to nutritional awareness. Recognizing the critical role of nutrition in overall health and well-being, he actively advocates for strategies aimed at reducing malnutrition and promoting nutritional education.

He has demonstrated this dedication through his work with the Board of Globe Nutrition Foundation, a committed non-profit organization that fights malnutrition globally.

6. He is a devoted family man

Christian Haub, despite his busy professional schedule, is known to maintain a perfect balance between his work and family commitments. Married to Liliane Haub, he is a father to four children.

His dedication to family life is evidenced in how he upholds work-life balance, encouraging the same among his employees and team members. Haub believes that nurturing a happy and content family is equally important as achieving professional success.

7. Christian Haub is fond of mountaineering

Away from his corporate life, Haub harbors an active interest in mountaineering. His affinity for climbing is likely a metaphor for his professional life, symbolizing his approach towards conquering challenges and reaching peak performance.

His father Erivan Haub, shared this passion and was known to be an enthusiastic mountaineer. They frequently spent quality time together on mountaineering expeditions which helped to instill in Christian, a love for nature and physical endurance.

8. He worked with Habitat for Humanity in Detroit

As early as his university days, Haub has always been engaged with addressing social issues. While at the University of Michigan, he worked with Habitat for Humanity in Detroit, experiencing firsthand the pressing housing needs of the deprived communities.

This experience had a profound impact on Haub, who until today, strives to uplift the quality of life for communities who are underprivileged, through his different initiatives and philanthropic endeavors.

9. He is a firm believer in ethical business practices

Haub’s business philosophy is firmly grounded in conducting business morally and ethically. He believes that integrity and respect are not just important, but also necessary for achieving sustainable business growth.

This standard extends to every facet of business interaction, from dealing with stakeholders and partners, to how employees are treated within an organization. Haub’s leadership is known to prioritize ethical business standards, fostering a corporate culture that values honesty and transparency.

10. He appreciates art

Beyond his love for the mountains, Haub also has a keen interest in the arts, especially contemporary art. His appreciation for art resulted in the founding of The Tengelmann Contemporary Art Collection by the Haub family.

This fascinating blend of professionalism, personal interest, cultural appreciation, and philanthropy, adds an extra dimension to the already captivating identity of Christian Haub.

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