10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christina Mercando

By now, many of us have heard of Ringly and the innovative mind behind it, Christina Mercando. Her story has captured much attention in the tech world, as she continues to garner recognition for her exceptional blend of tech, fashion, and practicality. Yet, despite her extensive media coverage, there might be a few lesser-known facts about this dynamic entrepreneur that could surprise you. Let’s take a look at 10 things you might not know about Christina.

1. Christina has an Art Background

Christina Mercando graduated from Carnegie Mellon University where she studied Fine Art and Human-Computer Interaction. This diverse academic background gave her a unique perspective that enabled her to marry aesthetics and technology so effortlessly in her product design. Despite not having a traditional tech background, she was able to apply her artistic creativity to build consumer-friendly tech products that are both attractive and functional.

Her unique background made her believe in the importance of transcending traditional tech norms. She emphasizes on blending art and science in her approach to creating market-leading products, with a focus on making technology more human and relatable.

2. She worked at eBay before Starting Ringly

Prior to founding Ringly, Christina worked in product and user experience design at eBay. This invaluable experience provided her with a strong foundation in e-commerce and carefully studying user behavior. It’s perhaps one of the key reasons she’s been so successful at understanding her target audience and creating products that make an impact.

Christina’s experience at eBay was pivotal as it helped her gain insights into the different facets of user experience. She took this knowledge with her to Ringly, applying these insights to develop a product that perfectly responds to consumers’ needs and wants.

3. Christina is a Recipient of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Award

Christina’s innovative thinking in the tech industry has not gone unnoticed. She proudly features on Forbes’ prestigious 30 under 30 list, a testament to her hard work and contribution to the tech industry. This achievement underscores her talent and brilliance as a pioneering entrepreneur and tech expert.

Seeing her name alongside other promising young leaders in the world of tech solidifies Christina’s iconic status as a leading lady in the tech space. This has further propelled her vision of creating wearable tech that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

4. She founded the company out of personal frustration

Christina’s inspiration to create Ringly sprung from a personal problem. She was repeatedly missing important calls and messages due to her frequent practice of keeping her phone in her purse. The obvious solution at the time – Bluetooth headsets – didn’t appeal to her, thus leading her to invent Ringly.

This personal frustration not only led to the inception of Ringly but also embodied into the ethos of the company to design smart jewelry and accessories that are fashion-forward while also high-tech. With her at the helm, Ringly is constantly pushing the boundaries of fashionable tech.

5. Christina believes in the role of women in Tech

As a woman in tech, Christina is an advocate for gender equality in this male-dominated industry. She encourages more women to take up tech-related roles and transform the industry with their unique insights and skills. She believes that the tech industry’s future will be more inclusive and diverse, which motivates her to continuously break down barriers.

Christina’s tireless advocacy doesn’t stop at women alone; she has consistently shown support for initiatives that promote diversity in the tech industry. She reminds us all that important and impactful ideas can come from anyone, regardless of their gender, race, or background.

6. Christina Believes in Minimalistic Design

Christina’s focus is on functional yet aesthetic product design. She strongly advocates for minimalistic and subtle design in tech products, a concept she has seamlessly integrated into Ringly. It is her goal to ensure that every bit of tech she creates does not just function well but also elevates style.

In an era where tech gadgets are often clunky and conspicuous, Christina has mastered the art of minimalism, creating devices that are subtly stylish while packing a technology punch. This singular focus on a simple and classy design has been instrumental in making Ringly stand out.

7. She doesn’t believe in “One Size Fits All”

Another key philosophy that Christina maintains is the rejection of the “one size fits all” notion that dominates most tech industries. She strongly believes that tech products should be as diverse as their users, and is aimed to provide a variety of choices to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Christina appropriately applies this principle to her company, offering various designs and material options for the Ringly smart rings. This move has differentiated Ringly from other wearable tech brands by catering to a broad range of customer preferences.

8. Christina is Passionate about Personal Growth

Undoubtedly, starting and successfully running a leading business in the tech industry requires personal growth and development. Christina is not one to shy away from this and often credits her success to her willingness to learn, grow, and adapt.

Throughout her career, Christina has taken on roles in different industries, gathered valuable experiences, and learnt along the way. Her commitment to personal development is not only empowering but is a testament to the importance of constant learning even when you’ve reached the top.

9. She once blogged about her wedding

Away from her tech-crowded life, Christina tapped into her more playful side when she blogged about her wedding on an IKEA Hackers site. In her post, she shared her creative use of IKEA products for a budget-friendly yet stylish wedding reception.

This perhaps gives a glimpse into Christina’s unique way of thinking, which transcends beyond business and tech. Even in her personal life, she’s found innovative ways to hack systems and create unusual and captivating experiences.

10. Christina Loves To Travel

Despite her busy schedule running Ringly, Christina is an avid traveller. She believes travel broadens her mind, fires her creativity, and offers fresh perspectives – all of which are crucial for her role as an innovator.

Exploring different cultures and sampling new experiences is a passion that Christina thoroughly enjoys. Her love for travel does not just come across as a hobby but rather as an ingrained part of her life that shapes and influences her work and creativity.

So, there you have it, ten less-known things about the powerful entrepreneur, Christina Mercando. Her unique background, technical prowess, and bold ventures in the tech industry continue to inspire many innovators across the globe.

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