10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera is a name that sets pulses racing in the fashion world. As the current Fashion Director of Vogue Australia and co-founder of fashion label Wardrobe.NYC, Centenera has carved out a niche for herself. However, there’s so much more to this fashion maven than meets the eye. Here’s a look at ten lesser-known facts about Christine Centenera.

1. She’s a bona fide style icon

With her avant-garde dress sense and charm, Centenera has earned her place among the pantheon of global fashion icons. She has a knack for taking simple, everyday pieces and incorporating them into outfits that exude allure and assertiveness. Unafraid to experiment with different patterns, silhouettes, and textures, she is a progenitor of trends rather than a mere follower.

Her exceptional style instincts extend to her professional roles as well. Whether she’s curating looks for photoshoots or assembling ensembles for Wardrobe.NYC’s collections, Centenera’s unique fashion sensibility shines through.

2. She’s in a relationship with designer Josh Goot

In addition to sharing a strong professional bond, Centenera is in a relationship with Australian fashion designer Josh Goot. Known for his minimalist aesthetic, Goot’s design sensibility aligns perfectly with Centenera’s. Not only does the pair share a personal life, but they also co-founded Wardrobe.NYC, a direct-to-consumer luxury brand that redefines the concept of a modern wardrobe.

Their relationship stands as a testament to their shared love for fashion and a commitment to continually pushing boundaries together.

3. She served as fashion consultant for Kanye West

Did you know that Christine Centenera once worked closely with Kanye West? Before she rose to prominence as Fashion Director of Vogue Australia, she worked with West as his fashion consultant for his debut women’s clothing line, DW Kanye West.

As a consultant, she worked closely with West, providing her expert inputs and fashion insights to shape the collection. This high-profile collaboration firmly established her reputation in international fashion circles.

4. She started at Harper’s Bazaar

Centenera’s journey into fashion didn’t start with Vogue – it started with rival fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar. After a stint as a junior fashion editor at the renowned Australian publication, Centenera quickly worked her way up to become the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

The invaluable experience she gained at Harper’s Bazaar provided the perfect launchpad for her subsequent roles and is a significant milestone in her illustrious fashion journey.

5. Her mentor is Kelley Hush

Mentorships play a crucial role in shaping careers, and Centenera’s is no exception. Her mentor is none other than Kelley Hush, the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Hush’s guidance has played a pivotal role in shaping Centenera’s path in the unpredictable world of fashion.

Whether it’s providing career advice or her keen insights on fashion, Hush’s mentoring has been instrumental in the development of Centenera’s unique style and approach to fashion.

6. Her mother influenced her love for fashion

Centenera’s affinity for fashion runs deep and can be traced back to her childhood. Her mother, being a former beauty editor, sparked the initial love for fashion and kindled her interest in this glamorous industry.

Her mother’s influence not only introduced her to the world of fashion but also encouraged her to pursue it with passion and dedication, leading her to the pinnacle of success she has achieved today.

7. She was expelled from her high school

In an unusual twist for someone so distinguished, Centenera was expelled from her convent high school. Her rebellious nature might have raised a few eyebrows at school, but it also played a part in shaping her bold and refreshing attitude towards fashion.

While details about the expulsion remain hazy, it’s clear that this incident did not deter Centenera from pursuing her ambitions in the fashion industry.

8. She looks up to Carine Roitfeld

Centenera’s fashion acumen is inspired by multiple figures, including ex-Vogue Paris editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfeld. Known for her razor-sharp fashion insights and imaginative editorial work, Roitfeld continues to be a major influence in Centenera’s career.

From Roitfeld, Centenera absorbs the essence of pushing the boundaries of fashion and constantly strives to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table.

9. She’s a private person

Despite her fame and success, Centenera is notoriously private. She maintains a low profile and prefers to let her work do the talking. She rarely gives interviews and seldom shares personal details about her life.

Her active Instagram profile showcases her passion for fashion and travels, but apart from that, she seems uninterested in cultivating a public persona – a rarity in today’s age of oversharing celebrities.

10. She has no fashion regrets

Amid the ever-changing trends and whims of the fashion world, Centenera remains steadfast. She has declared in interviews that she has no fashion regrets. This indicates her confidence in her choices and a keen understanding of her personal style.

Whether it’s a daring piece of clothing or an unconventional trend, her philosophy showcases her unerring commitment to pushing fashion boundaries.

To know more about Christine Centenera and her fashion journey, Vogue Australia and Wardrobe.NYC are great websites to visit.