10 Things You Didn’t Know About Colin Dodgson

The name Colin Dodgson might not instantly ring a bell, but sure enough, his work would have caught your eye. Dodgson is the creative genius behind some of the most iconic shots seen in magazines and fashion campaigns worldwide. His unique aesthetic and approach sets him apart in the saturated world of fashion photography, making him a force to be reckoned with. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Colin Dodgson.

1. Self Taught Photographer

Not all successful photographers have a degree in photography and Colin Dodgson is proof. Dodgson is completely self-taught. This highlights just how passionate and driven he is. He learned all the technical skills he required to build his career through hands-on experience and relentless practice. Dodgson has often reiterated in interviews that he consistently focuses on developing his skills and techniques.

For Dodgson, photography isn’t just his profession, it’s his passion. His dedication towards his craft and his natural talent for visualizing and framing shots has enabled him to stand out in a highly competitive field.

2. A California Native

Although Dodgson has shot fashion stories around the world, his roots are firmly established in California. The iconic photographer was born and raised in Northern California which is known for its affluent cultural diversity and natural splendor. He draws inspiration from his home state, often reflecting California’s vibrant colors and versatile landscapes in his work.

Growing up in such a richly diverse state also had a significant impact on Dodgson’s aesthetic preferences. He has shared in various interviews that his upbringing in California had a strong influence on his pictorial style and his fondness for natural light.

3. First Breakthrough in Teen Vogue

Like many success stories, Dodgson’s professional journey involved perseverance and a bit of luck. His big break came when he shot for Teen Vogue. His exciting blend of contemporary composition and color made a significant impression, quickly pulling him into the limelight.

The feature in Teen Vogue was just the beginning of Dodgson’s remarkable career. His content soon started getting recognized and picked up by other significant magazines and brands, establishing him as a notable name in the industry.

4. Collaborations with High Fashion Brands

Dodgson’s talent has not gone unnoticed by high fashion brands. He has collaborated with multiple fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci. He has created some extraordinary campaigns that have brought his aesthetic sensibilities into the fashion mainstream.

His collaborations with these brands have showcased his ability to adapt his distinct style to bring out the essence of the brand. His work is a testament to his unique approach to photography and he continues to shake the status quo in fashion imagery.

5. Private About His Personal Life

Being an acclaimed fashion photographer, one might assume that Dodgson himself would be in the limelight. Interestingly enough, Dodgson prefers to keep his personal life private. He tends to stay out of the public eye, leaving his work to speak for itself.

While he does have a few social media profiles, they’re primarily focused on showcasing his work rather than divulging any personal information. Dodgson lets his photography do the talking, leaving his audience eager to know more about the artist behind the camera.

6. Nominated for the CFDA’s Fashion Award

Dodgson’s contributions to the world of fashion photography have not gone unnoticed. He was nominated as a finalist for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Fashion Awards in 2019 for his work. This is considered one of the highest honors in the fashion industry globally.

Such nominations consolidate Dodgson’s place as a leading figure within the industry. His consistent production of unique, impactful imagery continues to make him a sought-after name in fashion photography.

7. Lover of Film

Amidst a digital wave in photography, Dodgson prefers to stick to the traditional film. His aesthetic senses aligned with the tangible quality that film provides. He likes the organic feel and nuances that are achieved when shooting with film, which are hard to replicate digitally.

Dodgson has been using a 4×5 film camera for most of his assignments. His old-school means not only capture the moment in a more realistic manner but also add an extra dimension to his photographs, providing depth and life to his imagery.

8. Detest Photo-Treatment and Retouching

Dodgson’s work possesses a unique, raw, and imperfection-embracing quality that sets it apart. The photographer has often voiced his preference for unedited realism, going against the current industry trend of retouching and doctoring images.

His determination to element the “superfluous layers” of photo-treatment has catapulted him to a distinct place in fashion photography. His bold approach has made designers and models look at their work differently, breaking the norm and setting new trends.

9. One Bizarre Fact

A fun fact about Dodgson is that his friends and family know him as Chad, a nickname given by his father. Even as he achieves global recognition, his close ones continue to refer to him by this name, showing an endearing personal touch to a widely celebrated professional.

Though Dodgson himself hasn’t been overly fond of the nickname, he seems to have embraced it as part of his story, adding another layer of interest to his profile.

10. A Passion for Skateboarding

Prior to pursuing a career in photography, Dodgson was an avid skateboarder. As a matter of fact, Dodgson’s early photography works were of his friends skateboarding, with these shots being some of his earliest muses for combining motion and raw realism.

His love for skateboard culture has never waned, with the photographer often integrating elements of this world into his professional shoots. Dodgson’s unique blending of the high fashion world with aspects of his own past experiences exemplify his creative versatility.

In conclusion, Colin Dodgson is a fascinating figure in the world of fashion photography. His unconventional approach to his craft ensures that his work stands out, achieving a level of recognition that many strive for. For more information about his work, be sure to check out the links below:

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