10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cosima Gadient

Cosima Gadient, half of the duo behind the Zurich-based brand Ottolinger, is a name you should be familiar with if you follow the international independent fashion scene. Her innovative design aesthetics seamlessly merge high fashion with a streetwear edge, sharpened by a creative use of deconstruction and a strong sense of individuality. Here are ten things you might not know about this talented designer.

1. She’s Swiss by birth but Berlin-based

Although born and raised in Switzerland, Cosima now calls Berlin her home. It was in the vibrant, creative, and bustling city where she established Ottolinger along with Christa Bösch, a fellow Swiss designer. The city’s energy and free-spirited atmosphere have greatly influenced their designs, bringing an edgy, rough atmosphere to their pieces.

This is reflected not only in their designs but also in their presentations. Regardless of the city they’re showcasing in, whether it’s New York or Paris, the pair always strive to inject a little bit of Berlin into every collection.

2. Her Brand is Named After a Fictional Character

Ottolinger isn’t actually Cosima’s last name – it’s borrowed from a science fiction character. The unusual moniker came from the protagonist of a novel Cosima and Christa read when they were in school. Curiously, that novel was set in a dystopian future.

They opted to use Ottolinger as their brand name due to its unique tone and the way it echoed their own forward-thinking approach to fashion. Much like their namesake character, Cosima and Christa are not afraid to challenge conventions and break rules in their designs.

3. She Studied at the Institute of Fashion Design, Basel

Cosima received her formal fashion training from the prestigious Institute of Fashion Design in Basel, Switzerland. This school is known for its innovative and experimental approach to teaching, often encouraging students to push the boundaries of traditional fashion.

During her time there, Cosima cultivated her avant-garde style and personal vision, which has come to define the Ottolinger brand. The vibrant and fiery aesthetics seen in their collections attest to the pioneering spirit ingrained in her during her education.

4. She Worked for Yeezy

Prior to establishing Ottolinger, Cosima spent some time working with Kanye West on his fashion line Yeezy. She was part of the design team during the creative process for the third season of the collection.

Her time at Yeezy allowed her to gain practical experience in the industry whilst also honing her skills and developing her unique aesthetic. This experience has undeniably contributed to her success as co-founder of Ottolinger.

5. Her Designs Are Inspired by Cultural References

Cosima and Christa often take inspiration from music, movies, and art for their collections. The fusion of these cultural references, combined with their distinct views on fashion, contribute to the unique identity of Ottolinger.

Emphasizing authenticity, their collections often consist of pieces that reflect and connect to real-world experiences, making Ottolinger a brand that resonates with its generation.

6. Sustainable and Ethical Fashion is Important to Her

When it comes to fashion production, Cosima is passionate about sustainability. Ottolinger pieces are often made from upcycled materials in an effort to reduce waste. Additionally, Cosima and Christa also avoid mass production by producing small quantities of each design.

Furthermore, they place a high value on responsible manufacturing, ensuring that those who make their clothes are treated well. By doing so, they continuously prove that fashion can be both stylish and mindful of its environmental and social impact.

7. Her Work Has Been Nominated and Awarded

The innovative designs by Cosima and Christa have gained critical acclaim. Ottolinger was a finalist in the 2018 LVMH Prize, a prestigious recognition awarded to promising young fashion designers from around the world.

Their work continues to be celebrated and recognized as they remain committed to their signature experimental and avant-garde work while evolving with each new season.

8. She’s a Fearless Experimentor

Cosima belongs to a new wave of designers who are not afraid to challenge fashion norms. Her collections with Ottolinger often subvert traditional fashion aesthetics, bringing in unexpected textural elements or experimenting with unorthodox garment construction.

Her fearless experimentation is distinctly noticeable in her collections, making Ottolinger a standout name in the independent fashion scene.

9. Her Collections Have a Strong Narrative Aspect

Cosima believes in storytelling through fashion. Each Ottolinger collection is designed to communicate a vision or a concept, with each piece acting as part of the story.

Rather than just creating beautiful clothes, Cosima aims to engage with her audience and evoke specific emotions, making her work a multi-sensorial experience.

10. She’s One Half of a Great Duo

Ottolinger isn’t just synonymous with Cosima Gadient. The label is a partnership between her and Christa Bösch, a bond that’s been forged since their university days. Their collaboration is a key factor that makes their label truly unique.

The bohemian and rebellious spirit of Ottolinger reflects not one, but two brilliant minds coming together, creating fashion that’s far from ordinary.

If you’re intrigued by the designers behind the innovative Ottolinger brand, feel free to browse their collections on their official website here and follow Cosima on her personal Instagram here.