10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dan Gertler

Dan Gertler is a billionaire businessman known for his extensive engagements in the mining industry, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His dealings have often sparked controversy, prompting both praise for helping develop Congo’s economic prospects and criticism for allegedly exploiting local resources. Yet, the enigmatic businessman remains a power player in the global mining sector. Nonetheless, much of Gertler’s life and career remains shrouded in mystery. Here are ten things you may not know about Dan Gertler.

1. His Family Background

Dan Gertler was born into an influential diamond-dealing family in 1973. His father, Asher Gertler, and his uncle, Shmuel Schnitzer, were prominent figures in the diamond industry in Israel. The Gertler family’s diamond trading legacy played a significant role in shaping Dan’s early business adventures.

Growing up in such an influential family, Gertler inherited a wealth of contacts, knowledge, and understanding of the diamond industry, which he has used to his advantage to build his empire in the mining sector.

2. His Decades of Operations in Congo

Despite facing widespread criticism for his controversial business dealings, Dan Gertler has remained a key player in Congo’s mining sector for more than two decades. He established his first business partnership in the country at the age of 23.

Through his company, Fleurette Group, Gertler has invested billions of dollars into Congo’s mining sector, which has helped him to amass a personal fortune estimated to be worth several billions of dollars.

3. His Friendship with Joseph Kabila

One of the most notable aspects of Gertler’s business career has been his close relationship with the former President of Congo, Joseph Kabila. Their friendship has been seen as a major factor in Gertler’s business success in the country.

The close tie between Kabila and Gertler has been questioned over the years, with critics suggesting that Gertler gained preferential access to Congo’s mining rights due to his relationship with the president.

4. His Philanthropic Endeavors

Apart from his business undertakings, Gertler is known for his philanthropic activities, especially in Congo. Through the Gertler Family Foundation, the mining magnate has invested millions of dollars in various social initiatives that have greatly contributed to improving the lives of the Congolese people.

The foundation focuses on healthcare, education, agriculture, and infrastructural development. Despite the controversy around Gertler’s business, his philanthropic efforts provide a different perspective to his public image.

5. He was Sanctioned by the U.S Government

In December 2017, the United States Government placed sanctions on Gertler for allegedly levering his close ties to the former president of Congo, Joseph Kabila, to amass an illicit fortune. The sanctions froze his assets in the U.S and banned American entities from doing business with him.

Despite these sanctions, Gertler continues operations in Congo. In early 2021, the Treasury Department under the Trump administration issued a secret license that temporarily allowed companies to do business with Gertler.

6. He has Diversified Business Interests

While mainly recognized for his decade-long involvement in Congo’s mining sector, Gertler’s business interests extend into different sectors. These include agriculture, oil, and infrastructural developments.

For instance, Gertler’s firms are involved in large-scale farming in Congo, producing annually thousands of tonnes of maize, soybeans, and other crops, contributing to Congo’s local food supply chain.

7. He is a Private Person

Despite his massive wealth and the controversies that come with it, Gertler usually shies away from the media limelight. Interviews with him are rare, and he maintains a low profile in social circles.

This quality has added to the mystery surrounding Gertler, resulting in widespread speculations and misconceptions about his life and business operations.

8. He is a Responsible Employer

Gertler is one of the largest employers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the treacherous business environment, his companies guarantee employment for thousands of Congolese citizens.

While his business practices have been controversial, his role in job creation and maintaining a stable workforce in an otherwise volatile economy cannot be overlooked.

9. He Promotes Local Business

Gertler has been an advocate for the growth of local businesses in Congo. His companies source as much as possible from local suppliers, promoting local content and creating market opportunities for numerous Congolese enterprises.

This not only puts money back into the local economy but also promotes self-sufficiency and growth of the Congolese business sector.

10. He Denies Claims of Corruption

Though much controversy surrounds Gertler, he has consistently denied any claims of corruption or exploitation. He is firm in his stance that his activities in Congo are legal and beneficial to the people and country’s economy.

Despite criticisms and accusations, Gertler maintains he has always conducted his business dealings ethically and believes that his businesses have contributed significantly to Congo’s economy and the well-being of its people.

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