10 Things You Didn’t Know About Darwin Deason

Business happens in tall buildings, elegant offices, and swanky golf courses. But sometimes, it can also be birthed from a humble trailer home in Arkansas, from which a young man named Darwin Deason resolved to rise and become a business titan. But who is Darwin Deason? Peel back the layers of corporate intrigue and immense wealth to see a man who is much more than a string of successes in the business world. Here are ten things you didn’t know about this self-made billionaire.

1. Darwin Deason had a Humble Beginning

Deason’s story began in a small town in Arkansas called Roses, where he was born to struggling parents in 1940. Raised in a trailer home and without the promise of a golden future, Deason’s childhood was everything except luxurious. But amidst the deprivation, he cultivated dreams of a better life.

At the tender age of 14, he began his first job at a cotton gin. The early experience of hardship and hard work not only developed his work ethic but also sparked a determination to create a better future for himself, with business as his vehicle.

2. He is a Self-Made Billionaire

Deason managed to rise from poverty to amass a net worth of over $1 billion. How? He attributes his success to risk-taking, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of his dreams. He started his career as a mailroom clerk at Gulf Oil in Dallas, Texas, but quickly climbed the corporate ladder.

In 1988, Deason sold his first company, MTech, to Dallas-based banking company EDS. He later founded Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), a data processing service firm, which was purchased by Xerox for $6.4 billion in 2010.

3. Deason’s Philanthropy

Despite his vast wealth, Deason hasn’t forgotten his roots. He and his wife Katerina established The Deason Foundation in 2001, which supports organizations committed to improving health, education, and human services. They strongly believe in giving back, and their philanthropic efforts are a testament to that commitment.

The couple has made significant donations to causes they passionately believe in. These include educational institutions, medical research, and initiatives aimed at helping the needy. Their philanthropy is grounded in their belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed.

4. Darwin Deason’s Political Stance

Deason is not just a successful entrepreneur but also a prominent political donor. He has a long history of supporting Republican candidates and causes. His conservative political ideology is grounded in his belief in limited government, free market capitalism, and individual liberty.

The billionaire entrepreneur was one of the biggest donors to Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign in 2016. He continues to play an influential role in American politics, particularly in Texas, through his substantial contributions.

5. His Success in Real Estate

Apart from the tech industry, Deason has also been successful in the real estate business. He owns lavish properties across America, including a penthouse in Dallas and a luxury yacht named ‘Apogee.’ His real estate investment reflects not only his financial success but also his refined taste.

Deason’s real estate portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive, with properties scattered throughout the most exclusive neighborhoods in some of the country’s most desirable locations. From sprawling beachfront properties to secluded mountain retreats, Deason’s property holdings serve as both a testament to his savvy as a businessman and his love for luxurious living.

6. Persistence in Business

Deason’s journey to becoming a billionaire wasn’t a straight line. He has seen several failures and setbacks. However, Deason believes in taking risks and learning from failures. His persistence has been a key trait in overcoming obstacles in his path.

His philosophy is to see failure as a step towards success. This positive mindset coupled with hard work helped him turn Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) into a billion-dollar company despite initial struggles. Today, he stands as a shining example of tenacity and persistence in business.

7. His Fondness for Adventure

Despite all his success and busy schedule, Deason still makes time to enjoy life. The billionaire loves sailing the high seas with friends and family and has a deep appreciation for the outdoors. This spirit of adventure has helped him maintain a good work-life balance despite his many business commitments.

His yacht, ‘Apogee,’ is not just a symbol of luxury but also a testament to his love for the sea. When he isn’t making significant business decisions, you’ll likely find him sailing on the open waters, enjoying the peace and tranquillity it offers.

8. Relationship with Ross Perot

Deason was closely associated with fellow billionaire and former U.S. presidential candidate Ross Perot. In fact, their business and personal relationship spans several decades. Deason even bought Perot’s company, Perot Data Systems, and became his long-term business partner.

This business alliance proved to be hugely successful as it led to the creation of two Fortune 500 companies: Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). Their relationship is a shining example of two business tycoons who became allies instead of competitors.

9. His Commitment to Education

While Deason was not fortunate enough to receive a formal education, he understands its value. He and his wife have been active in contributing to educational causes, including financial aid for needy students and support for innovative educational institutions.

In 2014, Deason donated $7.75 million to Southern Methodist University (SMU) for a research center that dives into complex, information-related issues. The Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security has continued to expand, with the aim to inspire a new generation of cyber experts.

10. Deason’s Lawsuit against Xerox

Even at the top, Deason is not afraid of a good fight. In 2018, he filed a lawsuit against Xerox, alleging that the company had undervalued its stock in a proposed merger. The event was a highlight in the tech industry that year, displaying the conviction and tenacity that helped Deason succeed in the first place.

Deason argued for greater shareholder value in the Xerox-Fuji merger, believing that shareholders had been shortchanged in the deal. His lawsuit marked yet another chapter in his life – a testament to his commitment to fairness and his willingness to fight for what he believes in.

Many know Darwin Deason as a successful businessman and a billionaire. However, beneath the surface of wealth and success lies a fascinating tale. His journey from a trailer home in Arkansas to the penthouse of a high rise in Dallas is an inspiration and a testament to his remarkable tenacity and success.

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