10 Things You Didn’t Know About David Hindawi

David Hindawi is a name often associated with technology landscapes. The founder of Tanium, an endpoint security and systems management company, and co-founder of BigFix, an IT security company, Hindawi has built a reputation over years that describes him as a formidable force in the digital industry. Despite his incredible achievements, there are still several aspects of his lifestyle and career that remain less known to some. Here are 10 things you may not know about David Hindawi.

1. Hindawi’s Journey Began With BigFix

The genesis of Hindawi’s success story can be traced back to BigFix, the IT security company he founded in 1997. Before Tanium, Hindawi had cut his teeth at BigFix, driving the company to enviable progress as an IT firm. His years at BigFix gave him the digital and entrepreneurial experience that formed the building blocks of Tanium.

Hindawi’s decision to start BigFix was informed by the realization that enterprise companies were often vulnerable to many security issues. With BigFix offering solutions to these problems, the company quickly rose to relevance in the IT industry. The company was eventually sold to IBM in 2010.

2. He is a PhD Holder

David Hindawi is not just a businessman; he is highly educated with impressive credentials. Hindawi holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley. His rich academic background laid the foundation for his success in the tech industry.

With Operational Research focusing on the application of advanced analytical methods to make better decisions, Hindawi was naturally inclined to develop systems that enhance efficiency and security for businesses. This drive was instrumental in the establishment of BigFix and Tanium.

3. Building Tanium with His Son

David Hindawi started Tanium with his son, Orion Hindawi. Together, they launched Tanium in 2007, seven years after the launch of BigFix. The father-son duo reinvented the endpoint security market with their unique product.

Working with Orion, David was instrumental in overseeing the development and deployment of Tanium’s innovative technology to improve IT security. Their vision was to create a solution that enabled organizations to manage and secure their networks at an unprecedented speed and scale.

4. Multi-Billion-Dollar Valuation

In 2014, just seven years after its launch, Tanium was valued at $3.5 billion. The company’s success story is largely credited to David and Orion Hindawi’s exceptional leadership, innovative technology, and relentless commitment to customer success.

The valuation showed the growth and potential of Tanium in the tech industry. As of 2020, Tanium is said to be valued at over $9 billion, demonstrating the continuing growth and increasing impact of the company co-founded by Hindawi.

5. Retired in 2017

Hindawi decided to retire from Tanium in 2017 and handed over the CEO position to his son, Orion Hindawi. He served as an executive advisor to the company until 2018.

Since his retirement, Hindawi has lived a relatively low-profile life. Despite stepping down, his legacy remains ingrained in Tanium, and the company continues to build upon the strong foundation he built.

6. Has No Social Media Accounts

Despite his towering reputation in the world of technology, Hindawi maintains zero social media presence. This is rather unusual for a tech giant of his caliber. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, Hindawi doesn’t use these platforms.

His absence from social media could arguably be because Hindawi prefers to lead a private life, away from the public eye. It could also be a simple preference to stay focused on his work and other pursuits without the potential distractions that often come with being active on social media.

7. Preserves a Low Public Profile

Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Hindawi is not a fan of the limelight. He keeps a low public profile and very rarely gives media interviews. This has made his personal life something of a mystery to the general public.

Hindawi’s commitment to maintaining a quiet lifestyle perhaps allows him to focus on his business pursuits and personal interests without the distractions that can come from a very public profile.

8. A Family Man

Outside his technological prowess, Hindawi is also known as a dedicated family man. Despite his busy schedule and professional commitments, he always makes time for his family.

Working with his son at Tanium further illustrates this commitment. His relationship with Orion not just in running a successful business but also in maintaining a close-knit family relation is definitely commendable.

9. Net Worth

While exact figures of Hindawi’s net worth are not public, one can estimate his wealth by considering the value of the companies he has co-founded. With the sale of BigFix and the growth and valuation of Tanium, Hindawi stands as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

However, Hindawi refrains from an ostentatious display of wealth, keeping in line with his preference for staying out of the public eye. His personal assets, other than his shares in the companies he has created, remain undisclosed.

10. A Passionate Philanthropist

Not many people know that David Hindawi is a passionate philanthropist. He has made significant contributions to various causes, particularly focused on education and environmental conservation.

He donates anonymously to avoid any publicity. His philanthropic stance seemingly reflects his personality – humble, altruistic, and committed to bettering society.

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