10 Things You Didn’t Know About David Reuben

If you’re intrigued by the lives of billionaires and how they amassed their wealth, you’ve likely come across British businessman David Reuben. With his brother, The Reuben Brothers rank among the richest individuals in Britain. But there’s much more to David Reuben than just his financial success. Here are 10 things you may not know about him.

1. Early Life and Background

David Reuben was born on 29 June 1941, in Bombay (now Mumbai), British India. His parents were of Iraqi-Jewish descent, and his family migrated to London when he was quite young. His humble beginnings wouldn’t give anyone a clue about the immense success he was set to achieve later in life.

Despite the modest lifestyle, David and his family never lost sight of the immense potential and opportunities that awaited them in their new home. London became an integral part of his identity and eventually a hub of his comprehensive business activities.

2. His Entry into the Commodities Market

David Reuben’s first venture into the business world was surprisingly modest. He started as a scrap metals dealer and quickly leveraged his insights to establish a commodities trading company. His keen eye for profitable opportunities led him to transform this venture into a global business.

In the 1960s, David ventured into the trade of aluminium, which was just beginning to boom. He established Trans-World Group, becoming one of the globe’s three largest aluminium traders. This move undeniably carved his path to immense wealth and recognition.

3. The Reuben Brothers

In partnership with his brother Simon Reuben, David has built a multifaceted and globally renowned business empire. The Reuben Brothers’ portfolio spans a spectrum of sectors, including real estate, technology, and private equity.

Their synergistic partnership has led to the creation of landmark projects across the globe. The brothers have also become known for their philanthropic efforts, investing extensively in health, education, and community development.

4. A Broad Spectrum of Investments

Beyond his initial commodity trading achievements, David is also known for his innovative investment strategies. The Reuben Brothers have diversified their portfolio to include vast real estate holdings and media and technology companies.

Key investments include Metro Bank, Global Switch, and Arena Racing Company. Through these strategic holdings, the Reuben Brothers have consistently demonstrated their financial acumen and expansive vision.

5. Philanthropy

David Reuben, alongside his brother, established the Reuben Foundation in 2002. The foundation has contributed millions towards philanthropic causes, with a focus on healthcare, education, and the community.

The brothers’ philanthropic efforts stretch far beyond the United Kingdom, extending to various international initiatives. It is a testament to their commitment to creating meaningful impacts on communities and enhancing the quality of life for many individuals.

6. Personal Life

David Reuben, while much of his life is public, maintains a relatively private personal life. He has been married to Debra Reuben for decades, and they have two sons who are heavily involved in the family businesses.

Despite spending much time in the limelight, David likes to maintain a delicate balance between his personal and professional lives. His children, Jamie and David Jr, have already assumed key roles within the Reuben Brothers empire, keeping the legacy intact.

7. Brexit Stance

David is among the prominent British personalities who publicly voiced his support for Brexit. He projected that the decision would allow for investment opportunities and increased financial liberty upon the nation’s departure from the Eurozone.

This element of his personality sheds light on his inclination to rise to new challenges and the strategic implication of these convictions in his business ventures.

8. Sports Enthusiast

David is an ardent lover of sports and has invested significantly in sports-related ventures. He co-owns British horseracing group Arena Racing Company, underscoring his love for equestrian sports.

This interest not only serves as a personal passion but also as a smart business move, as the sports sector continues to offer lucrative returns and investment potential.

9. Legal Battles

Like many high-profile business moguls, David Reuben has had his fair share of legal battles. However, he has always maintained a stoic public face amidst these trials, promising to uphold the integrity of his business operations and comply with legal mandates.

These battles bear witness to the complexities and adversities that the Reuben Brothers have faced and successfully navigated while building their fortune.

10. Net Worth

David, along with his brother Simon, is consistently ranked among the wealthiest individuals in Britain. According to Forbes, their collective net worth is estimated at $16.6 billion as of 2021. This enormous wealth is a testament to their decades of hard work, strategic decision-making, and business acumen.

Indeed, their financial success story is one of remarkable resilience, ambition, and a firm belief in themselves and their capabilities.

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