Artistry and vision collide in the works of the dynamic duo David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues, the acclaimed creative team behind leading men’s fashion publication, HERCULES Universal. The dedication, expertise, and unique touch given by these two amazing designers defies the ordinary. However, there’s so much more to know about them.

Here are ten things you likely didn’t know about David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues:

1. They’re Originally From Different Countries

David Vivirido was born in Spain, while Francesco Sourigues originates from Germany. Both were raised in a vibrant culture and history of their native land, which later influenced their sense of artistry. Vivirido grew up in Galicia, Spain, heavily drawn to the rich, traditional atmosphere that provided a fertile ground for his expansive imagination.

In contrast, Sourigues spent his childhood in Düsseldorf, Germany, a location known for its cutting-edge architecture and fashion scene. These environments formed the foundation of their aesthetic sensibility, setting the stage for their future career in fashion journalism.

2. They Share A Passion for Interior Design

In addition to their roles at HERCULES Universal, both creators have a profound interest in interior design. Their shared love for architecture and the ability to create beautiful spaces has enthralled the fashion industry. This passion is evident not just in the pages of HERCULES but also in their own home.

Their house, a wonderful mix of antiques, modern art, and classic furniture, is a testament to their talent outside of print media. This undeniably artistic interior has also been a subject of articles in notable interior design magazines, further highlighting their skills in this arena.

3. They Created HERCULES Universal Without Prior Publishing Experience

Before creating HERCULES Universal, Vivirido and Sourigues had no publishing background. Their entrance into the industry was purely out of passion and interest for high-concept fashion and design. They sensed a void in the market for a refined and curated men’s fashion publication and ambitiously rushed to fill it, going against all odds and pouring their hearts and energies into establishing their brand.

Within a short span, they managed to create a renowned and respected publication known for its timeless look and high-quality content. Their passion and dedication ensured the success of the publication, standing as compelling evidence of their daring innovation and trend-setting approaches.

4. They’ve Worked with Prestigious Brands

Despite not having a prior background in publishing, Vivirido and Sourigues have worked with a broad range of renowned brands and names in the fashion and creative industries. Their collaborative spirit, keen eye for style, and strategic innovation have brought them in contact with global brands such as Ralph Lauren, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, and more.

Their work goes beyond simply highlighting these brands in their publication. They delve deeper into artistic representation, showcasing the brands’ philosophies and narratives in ways that engage and captivate readers.

5. They Are Art Enthusiasts

David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues have a keen interest in art. They often get inspired by various art forms – modern, traditional, impressionist, and abstract. This eclectic taste has helped them shape unique styles for their publication and interior design concepts.

Their love for art isn’t confined to their work only. They are active in the local and international art scene, often visiting galleries, exhibitions, and art fairs. They believe that by surrounding themselves with art and immersing themselves in the artistic community, they can keep their creativity constantly ignited.

6. They Were Both Models Before Their Publishing Career

Both Vivirido and Sourigues, before diving into the world of publishing, were models. This provided them with considerable knowledge of the fashion industry from the inside out. They walked runways, modeled for top brands, and experienced first-hand the processes that go into creating fashion campaigns.

Their modeling experience has been a significant contributor to their editorial eye. This intimate understanding of the intricacies of fashion and the commercial industry has allowed them to bring a unique depth and perspective to their work with HERCULES.

7. They Believe in the Power of Freedom and Individuality

Vivirido and Sourigues share a belief in the importance of individuality and freedom in the creative process. They allow themselves the freedom to build their lives around their passion, and the ability to infuse their work with their unique tastes and perspectives.

They inspire their team and collaborators to express their creativity freely. This belief is reflected in the diverse, innovative, and artful styles championed in the pages of HERCULES Universal magazine.

8. They Share a Strong Connection with Nature

More than just art and culture lovers, Vivirido and Sourigues carry a profound love for nature. Beyond fashion and design, they find inspiration in the beauty of natural landscapes, instigating their aura through the serenity and strength of the natural world.

This love for nature affects their lifestyle, choices, and work. Their free-spirited connection with nature often gets reflected in the aesthetic choices they imbue in their projects and designs.

9. They Take Exceptional Interest in Fitness

Both creatives are not shy to advertise their love for fitness. Health-conscious and physically active, they believe in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It’s not unusual to spot them engaging in physical activities like yoga, hiking, running, and surfing.

Their fondness for fitness also sometimes intertwines with their work, featuring the athletic aesthetic and the beauty of the human body in their designs and editorials.

10. They’ve Been Partners in Life and Business for Over Two Decades

Vivirido and Sourigues are life partners in addition to being business collaborators. Together for over two decades, they’ve intertwined their personal and professional lives, creating an unbreakable bond of shared experiences and a united vision.

Their relationship is an example of fantastic teamwork and mutual respect, visible in their shared successes. Their seamless cooperation has been crucial to the growth and recognition of HERCULES Universal, demonstrating that a confluence of love and work can truly create wonderful outcomes.

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