10 Things You Didn’t Know About Domenico Dolce

Most people know Domenico Dolce as one half of the global luxury fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana. However, there is more to this creative genius than meets the eye. From his upbringing in Sicily to his rise in the international fashion world, here are ten things that you may not know about Domenico Dolce.

1. Humble Beginnings

Unlike many fashion personalities, Dolce didn’t come from a privileged background. Born in Polizzi Generosa, a small village in Sicily, he grew up in a modest family where his father was a tailor and his mother sold fabrics and apparel. This humble beginning greatly influenced his outlook towards life and eventually his aesthetic sensibilities in fashion.

Dolce’s journey into this world of glamour and fashion wasn’t an easy one. The seeds of his future were sown in the small family-run atelier that provided him with his earliest lessons in design and tailoring. His father’s expertise in craftsmanship and his mother’s narrative of fabric greatly inspired him.

2. A Self-Made Man

While Dolce was born into a family with a rich history in tailoring, he is largely a self-taught designer. From a young age, he developed a passion for fashion design, sketching clothing that he imagined his mother to wear. He nurtured this passion into a profession.

With no formal education in fashion, Dolce moved to Milan when he was 19 to pursue his fashion dreams. He worked for designer Giorgio Correggiari where he honed his skill and learned the nitty-gritty of fashion design. His talent, dedication and hard work made him what he is today.

3. Partnership with Stefano Gabbana

Behind every successful man, there’s often another successful man. In Dolce’s case, it was Stefano Gabbana. They met in Milan in 1980 while working for the same fashion house. Soon, they discovered their shared passion for fashion and after two years of collaboration, they launched their own studio.

Despite their relationship ending in 2005, the pair continued to work together, creating their iconic collections under the Dolce&Gabbana label. Their professional relationship is a testament to their similar visions and collective resilience towards their shared professional dream.

4. Inspiration from Sicily

Even after gaining global fame, Dolce never forgot his Sicilian roots. In fact, he views Sicily as his never-ending font of inspiration. The raw beauty, cultural richness, and the passion of the people of Siciliy have all found a place in Dolce&Gabbana designs.

The brand’s signature floral prints, lace detailing, vivid colors, and religious iconography are all reminiscent of the rich Sicilian culture. From setting fashion show backdrops mimicking Sicilian streets to creating an entire collection dedicated to Sicily, Dolce’s love for his homeland is evident.

5. Not Just a Designer

Dolce is not just a designer. He is a true artist. Over the years, he has expanded his creative output far beyond clothing. He has designed costumes for opera productions, as well as for movies.

Furthermore, Dolce is a skilled photographer. He has clicked numerous ad campaigns for Dolce&Gabbana and his stunning black and white portraits of models and celebrities are well-renowned in the fashion industry.

6. He is the D in ‘DG’

The ‘D’ in Dolce&Gabbana stands for Domenico Dolce. The brand name is a combination of the last names of the two founders. The name was chosen to represent the collaborative element of their work and their equal contributions to the brand.

Their decision to use their actual names for the brand was unconventional at that time, yet they did it. This was an expression of their commitment to the brand and their willingness to put everything of themselves into the label.

7. Awards and Accolades

Dolce’s significant contribution to the fashion world has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards. He, along with Gabbana, received the ‘Woolmark Award’ in 1991, the prize of ‘Most Feminine Flavor of the Year’ in 1993, and the ‘Best Fragrance of the Year’ award in 2001.

In addition, they were chosen by ‘Man of the Year’ as Men of the Year in the category Style in 2004. These awards speak to his talent, creativity and influence in the global fashion industry.

8. Love for Black and White

Black and white are recurring themes in Dolce’s personal style and professional creations. He loves the clean, timeless, and elegant aura of these hues. He credits his mother for inspiring his love for black, who he once saw looking stunning in a little black dress.

This love translates in his designs too. The brand is famous for its bold black and white prints, elegant monochromes, and striking black lace creations.

9. He Co-authored a Book

Apart from his talents in fashion and photography, Dolce is also a published author. He co-authored a book called ‘Campioni’ with Stefano Gabbana. The book, filled with photographs taken by the duo, paid homage to the world of soccer.

It’s no secret that both Dolce and Gabbana are die-hard soccer fans. The book captured their passion for the sport, featuring stunning black-and-white photographs of internationally renowned soccer players, each image demonstrating Dolce’s distinct photographic style.

10. Philanthropy and Charity

Despite his incredible success and influence in the fashion world, Dolce remains grounded. He and Gabbana have involved their company in numerous charitable activities, showing a strong commitment to giving back to the community.

They have consistently shown support towards the fight against hunger, donating significant proceeds from sales of certain product lines. Moreover, Dolce and Gabbana have designed merchandise for several charity auction events, contributing to various noble causes.

From a modest upbringing to global recognition, Domenico Dolce’s journey is indeed inspirational. This icon of the fashion industry continues to innovate, inspire, and influence the world of style.

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