10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Drew Elliott’

In the bustling world of fashion, entrepreneurship, and media, few personalities shine as brightly as Drew Elliott. Known for his work as Creative Director of the notorious fashion magazine, Paper, and his inspiring performance as a judge on America’s Next Top Model, he’s truly a force to be reckoned with. However, there’s more to his success story than meets the eye. Here are ten revealing insights into the life and struggles of Drew Elliott.

1. His Humble Beginnings

Despite his current status and influence in the fashion industry, Drew Elliott’s beginnings were surprisingly average. Elliott grew up in Indiana, far from the glitz and glamour of high fashion. His passion for style, however, started at a young age. Almost paradoxically, it was this same distance from the industry that inspired his pursuit of fashion.

As a teenager, Elliott often felt isolated and out of place in his rural environment. However, instead of succumbing to this isolation, he used it as inspiration. His early experiences began to shape his unique vision of beauty and style, laying the groundwork for his future success.

2. Intern Turned Boss

Drew Elliott broke into the fashion world as an intern for Paper magazine. He worked his way through the ranks gradually, learning the ropes in the process. In 2009, Elliott became the magazine’s creative director, demonstrating his adeptness at understanding the pulse of the fashion media industry.

It was under his creative guidance and leadership that Paper magazine catapulted into generational fame with the iconic 2014 Kim Kardashian cover photo, the ‘Break the Internet,’ which indeed it did. The photo achieved viral status, bolstering the publication’s global prominence.

3. Educational Background

Like many successful leaders, Drew Elliott cherishes education. However, his educational path isn’t as straightforward as you might think. After attending school in Indiana, he made a bold leap and decided to study in London.

He navigated through his fashion marketing degree at the American Intercontinental University London, further establishing his global perspective. His abroad studies certainly added a rich tapestry to his unique worldview, inspiring his role as a visionary leader in the fashion world.

4. Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” Connection

You might know Macklemore’s iconic song, “Thrift Shop.” But did you know that Drew Elliott played an instrumental role in catapulting it into the limelight? Back when he was overseeing Paper’s website, Elliott featured the video on the magazine’s site. The song soon blew up, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Elliott’s ability to discern and nurture potential talent became evident with this impactful move. It was merely one affirmation of his keen sense for content that would resonate with a broader audience, a talent that would serve him well in his career.

5. Not Just a Face on America’s Next Top Model

While most people know Drew Elliott as the firm, yet nurturing judge on America’s Next Top Model, not many realize his influential role behind the scenes. Elliott was more than just a fashionable face on the renowned reality series.

He contributed his creativity and marketing prowess, helping restructure the show’s format to build relevance with a new generation of viewers. His inputs were instrumental in transitioning the show into a digitally-focused platform that resonates with the YouTube generation.

6. Drew’s Love for Sonic Branding

Many people associate branding with visual identities, but Drew Elliott has an acute understanding and appreciation for sonic branding. He understands the importance of sound in shaping a brand’s perception, owing to his Hi-Fi obsession.

His love for ’90s dance music and house tunes is evident in his Spotify playlists. This fascination for sound and music enriches his aptitude for setting the tone, quite literally, in his professional ventures.

7. A Dig at Dating Apps

Drew Elliott might be a digital-savvy professional, but he prefers traditional means when it comes to dating. In a world dominated by digital dating platforms, he courageously champions the reality of face-to-face connections.

Elliott has openly criticized dating apps for lacking depth, expressing his preference for the spontaneity and authenticity of real-life encounters. This speaks volumes about his character, emphasizing his preference for tangible, authentic experiences.

8. His Artistic Inspiration

When it comes to artistic inspiration, Drew Elliott isn’t limited to the world of fashion. He has often credited Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick’s work as significant influences. This penchant for cinematic artistry is reflected in his innovative vision in the fashion industry.

It is this diverse blend of inspiration that has guided Elliott towards his unique eye for detail and visual storytelling. Ultimately, it has helped him redefine Paper’s visual aesthetic, ushering in a new era of success for the magazine.

9. Loyal to New York City

Despite having lived in London and traveled the world, Drew Elliott is a committed New Yorker. No matter where his work takes him, he always returns to NYC, a city he describes as always inspiring and ever-changing.

This love for the Big Apple mirrors Elliott’s dynamic personality and aptitude to constantly evolve. New York, with its diverse influences and ever-evolving style, has provided an invigorating backdrop to his career’s exciting journey.

10. His Dream Collaboration

While Drew Elliott has worked with some of the most influential personalities in the fashion industry, he still harbors a dream collaboration. One might expect it to be a renowned designer or an iconic model. However, the answer is quite a surprise – it’s NASA!

Elliott has often expressed his fascination for space and exploration. This unexpected dream collaboration reflects his innate curiosity and boundless creative vision that reaches beyond the realms of this world, into the stars.

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