Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Edwina McCann

Edwina McCann is an influential figure in the fashion industry. Known for her role as the Editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, she is a visionary who heralds and defines trends in fashion while encouraging sustainable practices. Here are ten things you may not know about this incredible woman.

1. Edwina McCann wasn’t always interested in fashion

Though she is now one of the most influential figures in fashion, Edwina’s interest in the industry came relatively late. She initially began her career as a journalist and gradually gravitated towards fashion journalism. In fact, she was not completely engrossed in fashion until she began working as a General Reporter for The Australian and found herself attracted to the creativity and imagination that the fashion industry presented.

Edwina’s journalism background is still evident in her approach to fashion. She is known for incorporating discussions about larger societal issues into Vogue, maintaining the beauty and allure of high fashion while pushing the envelope of typical fashion discourse.

2. She is an active advocate for sustainability

Being at the helm of a fashion magazine, Edwina McCann recognises the power and influence she holds in shaping the industry. She has used this platform to advocate for sustainability in fashion. In March 2019, McCann launched the Australian Fashion Council’s Sustainability Pact, pledging Vogue’s commitment to uphold ethical and sustainable practices in its operations.

McCann’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond her professional role. She often speaks out on the need for reducing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry, demonstrating an understanding of the urgency of sustainable practices and the need for the fashion industry to change.

3. She started the Australian Fashion Chamber

In addition to being an influential editor and sustainability advocate, McCann is committed to nurturing the Australian fashion industry. In 2014, she successfully launched the Australian Fashion Chamber, now known as the Australian Fashion Council. This non-profit organisation aims to promote and strengthen the Australian fashion industry both domestically and internationally.

By establishing the council, McCann has provided a platform for emerging Australian designers to connect, learn, and grow. It is a testament to her dedication to the fashion industry and her broader vision of supporting creativity and innovation in any form.

4. She’s not just about high fashion

While McCann is known for her role in Vogue and her love of high fashion, she is also committed to promoting affordable fashion. She embraces the concept of high-street fashion, blending the super luxurious with the easily accessible. She has made Vogue more inclusive by showcasing affordable fashion prominently in the magazine.

McCann’s advocacy for affordable fashion underscores her philosophy that style should not be exclusive to those who can afford luxury brands. She believes that all individuals should have access to quality fashion, regardless of their financial capacity.

5. She’s a mother of two

Though she maintains a flourishing career in a demanding industry, McCann is also a dedicated mother to two girls. She often shares about the joys and challenges of balancing her professional responsibilities with raising her daughters. McCann admits that working in a high-pressure industry while raising children can be hard, but says it’s all about choosing your battles and creating a work-life balance that works for you.

Described by her friends as an incredibly devoted mother, McCann believes that her children have brought her immeasurable happiness and unfathomable inspiration that reflects in her work, which is proof that one can wonderfully juggle a thriving career and a fulfilling personal life.

6. She is committed to causes beyond fashion

McCann strongly believes in using her influence for good. Beyond her advocacy for sustainable fashion, she also champions various charitable causes. She is an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and is heavily involved with the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

This embodies her belief that businesses should be socially responsible citizens and her dedication to making positive change, demonstrating that you can simultaneously succeed in industry while making a positive impact on the world.

7. She has a personal love for horseracing

Beyond her professional interests, McCann is a great admirer of horseracing, frequently attending events such as the Melbourne Cup. She often highlights the fashion aspect of these events as much as the sport itself, illustrating her ability to see the beauty and art in every aspect of life.

Her love for horseracing isn’t just about fashion, as she also appreciates the strategic and athletic aspects of the sport. It’s just another facet of McCann’s diverse personality, a testament to her wide variety of interests beyond her role as a leading figure in the fashion world.

8. She believes in the power of collaboration

McCann often speaks about how her collaborations have been the cornerstone of her success. She particularly highlights the benefit of her professional relationships, understanding that nobody can achieve great things alone.

Whether it’s working with different designers, directing the Vogue team, or collaborating with photographers and artists, McCann knows that any successful output is the result of many minds and hands working together. This understanding of teamwork and collaboration underscores her leadership style and her approach to her work.

9. She’s been with Vogue for over a decade

McCann has held the position as Editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia since 2012 and shows no signs of slowing down. Under her leadership, the magazine has reached new heights, broadened its scope and solidified its position as a premier fashion publication.

Throughout her tenure, McCann has grown Vogue’s audience while retaining the magazine’s classic appeal. It’s a testament to her leadership and creative vision that she can continue to bring innovation to such a well-established brand, essentially shaping the fashion conversation in Australia and beyond.

10. She encourages diversity in the fashion industry

Understanding that representation matters, McCann is dedicated to encouraging diversity within the fashion industry. This includes highlighting local talent from diverse backgrounds and pushing for greater representation across all areas of the industry.

She displays her commitment to diversity through the pages of Vogue, regularly featuring models of different sizes, races and ages, truly shaking up the traditional image of beauty. Edwina McCann continues to push the envelope, promoting an inclusive image of beauty and encouraging others to follow suit.

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