10 Things You Didn’t Know About Elizaveta Porodina

Elizaveta Porodina is a Russian-born, Munich-based fashion and fine art photographer who has been gradually stealing spotlight in the global stage. With her gorgeous, haunting images that test the boundaries between reality and whimsy, Porodina has established herself as a formidable force in the photography world. In this article, we look past Porodina’s beautifully enigmatic images to uncover some lesser-known aspects of her life and career.

1. Elizaveta Porodina is a Self-Taught Photographer

The world of photography is filled with stories of icons who are self-taught, and Elizaveta Porodina is one of them. Despite having a degree in Clinical Psychology from Moscow State University, she pursued her passion for photography with no formal education in the field. She would spend hours studying the works of famous photographers and learning the intricacies of the camera.

Her clinical psychology background didn’t go to waste, though. In fact, Porodina’s acute understanding of the human psyche has played a huge role in her ability to create photographs that reveal the inner worlds of her subjects, creating an intimate connection with viewers.

2. Her Breakthrough Came Unexpectedly at a Young Age

Porodina’s breakthrough came at an impressively young age. She grabbed the attention of the world with her fashion story for Vogue Ukraine when just 21. Elizaveta’s work for Vogue Ukraine, entitled “Mute Symphony,” showcased her knack for capturing deep emotionality through her lens.

In spite of her early success, Porodina did not let it get to her head. Instead, she viewed it as an opportunity to work harder and perfect her craft. To this day, she remains relentlessly committed to pushing the boundaries of her artistry.

3. Elizaveta Is Multilingual

As an international photographer, Porodina has an advantage: she’s multilingual. Apart from her native Russian, she speaks fluent English and German, which proves particularly useful when she travels for various projects. Not only does this allow her better to communicate with her international clients, but it also helps her connect more deeply with her subjects.

Being multilingual has also given Porodina a broader perspective that continues to inform her work. She can draw from diverse cultures and experiences to infuse her photographs with a depth and diversity that transcends language barriers.

4. She Has a Love for Architectural Photography

Though best known for her fashion and fine art photography, Porodina also has a profound love for architectural photography. This love is palpable in her strikingly composed images of buildings where space, light, and silence are orchestrated with a precision that is as calculating as it is poetic.

Porodina’s architectural photos bear her unmistakable signature — a touch of melancholy, an ether-filled quietude, and a sensuous interplay of light and shadow. Her shifts in perspective and keen obsession with symmetry breathe life into inanimate structures, transforming them into works of art.

5. Porodina Collaborates Extensively with Her Husband

Elizaveta is married to Jakob Ebert, a creative director and artist. Their mutual love for creativity bonds them together both in life and work. Jakob is often found working closely with Elizaveta, helping her bring her imaginative visions to life.

Many of their most memorable works have been the result of their joint efforts, underscoring the power of combining unique sets of skills and ideas. This collaboration breeds an atmosphere of creativity that pervades every aspect of their lives.

6. She Has Worked With Top Fashion Brands and Magazines

From Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar, Porodina has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands and magazines. Her unique photographic style, blending raw emotion with beautiful surrealism, has both challenged and revolutionized how fashion is perceived.

Elizaveta has also worked with brands like Adidas, Alessandra Rich, Hugo Boss, and Swarovski, among others. Her work often blurs the line between commercial and art photography, pushing creative boundaries while still meeting the demands of a fast-paced, commercial industry.

7. Porodina Uses Film and Digital Cameras

Porodina uses both film and digital cameras to create her breathtaking images. She loves the rawness and unpredictability of film, as well as the clear precision of digital. This combined use showcases her versatility and adaptability as a photographer.

While she cherishes the organic texture produced by film, she also values the convenience of digital cameras. Through her mastery of both mediums, Porodina produces work that is refreshingly diverse yet consistently captivating.

8. Porodina Debuted Her First Solo Exhibition in 2020

Despite her significant contributions to fashion and fine art photography, Porodina debuted her first solo exhibition only in 2020 in Munich, Germany. The exhibition was titled “A Never Ending Light,” which examined the spirituality of light through her lens.

Her solo exhibition provided a platform for her to express her personal artistic vision free from commercial constraints. It was a testament to her years of relentless dedication to her craft and her continuous pursuit of creative growth and self-expression.

9. Porodina Loves Analog Processes

Along with her use of film cameras, Porodina is also fond of analog processes. This is evident in her sophisticated printing techniques, like the Van Dyke brown printing process, characterized by its unique tonality that ranges from warm brown to deep black hues.

By incorporating these traditional techniques into contemporary photography, Porodina effectively displays her respect for photography’s roots while also proving that age-old methods can still produce captivating and innovative art.

10. Elizaveta Is a Dedicated Yoga Practitioner

After long hours spent in the hectic world of fashion, Elizaveta finds solace and stability through yoga. Regularly seen sharing her yoga practice on social media, it’s evident that her yoga practice has become a significant part of her lifestyle.

Her relationship with yoga extends beyond the physical benefits. It brings a balance to her life and work, allowing space for mindfulness, which in turn enhances her creativity and the emotional depth portrayed in her photographs.

To know more about Elizaveta Porodina, you can visit www.porodina.net, follow her on Instagram @elizavetaporodina, or purchase her work via Salon.