Ellie Jade Goldstein is fast becoming a popular name in the world of fashion and inclusion. Despite her Down Syndrome diagnosis, this dynamic model has proved that passion and dedication always prevail. While there’s much talk about her unique journey, there are facets about Goldstein that are less known. Thus, we take a deep dive into the ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ellie Jade Goldstein’. Each section will detail two paragraphs about various aspects of Ellie’s life, mission and unexpected facts.

1. She was the Face of Gucci Mascara Campaign

When one thinks of Ellie Jade Goldstein, the first thing that comes to mind is her groundbreaking role in the Gucci mascara campaign. At 18 years old, Ellie became the first model with Down Syndrome to be featured by the luxury brand. In her debut, Ellie appeared in online advertisements and demonstrations for Gucci’s new mascara, ‘L’Obscur’, which was designed for an ‘authentic person who utilizes make-up to tell their story’ – something Ellie truly represents.

Her promotional pictures, shot by renowned fashion photographer David PD Hyde, positively stunned the industry and the campaign was widely embraced globally. It has since gathered over a million likes on social media, proving the importance of inclusive representation in the beauty world.

2. She is a Student at the National Star College

Education has always been vital for Ellie Jade Goldstein. Despite her busy modelling schedule, Ellie has been studying performing arts at the National Star College in Ullenwood, Cheltenham. The college specializes in further education for young people with disabilities, providing an inclusive environment where Ellie can continue to learn and grow.

Being a performing arts student has significantly influenced her modelling career, empowering her with confidence and presentation skills. Ellie has often highlighted how her education has positively contributed to her professional life in the fashion world.

3. She’s Advocating for More Inclusion in Fashion

Goldstein’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry is a significant part of her career. She works closely with ‘Zebedee Management’, an agency dedicated to promoting inclusion within the fashion and arts industries. Together, they’ve been advocating for more representation of differently-abled individuals to challenge stereotypes and provoke discussion about inclusive representation.

She’s not just a part of campaigns, but also makes sure to use her platforms to promote diversity, regularly posting messages of inclusivity and empowerment, hence reaching out to millions with her inspiring story. She believes that everyone, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, should have the opportunity to be seen and represented in the fashion industry.

4. She’s a SAGA Cruise shipper

Goldstein is also an avid cruise-goer with SAGA Cruises. As a member of the team, she embarks on various cruise ships, adding another exciting dimension to her life. Her experience on cruise ships not only allows her to enjoy the luxury of travel but also offers a chance to meet and interact with diverse groups of people.

She often shares snippets of her travel escapades on social media platforms, offering a peek into her life beyond the runway. These experiences on the cruise ship have also enhanced her resilience and adaptability, essential traits for her modeling career.

5. Her love of Drama and Dance

Apart from her academic pursuits, Ellie Jade Goldstein has a deep-seated passion for drama and dance. Goldstein’s active engagement in these art forms showcases her versatility and ability to embrace diverse artistic mediums. Her dance practices have also contributed to her fitness and stamina – vital attributes for her runway work.

Goldstein’s skill in drama is also evident in her modelling assignments where she showcases a mix of emotions and expressions. Indeed, her love for drama and dance has positively contributed to her modelling prowess and resilience.

6. She’s a Proud Ambassador

Goldstein’s rise to prominence did not just stop at modeling; she is also an ambassador for ‘Models of Diversity’, an organization that campaigns for greater diversity in the modeling industry. Her role involves advocating for more inclusive standards in fashion and using her influence to promote diversity in the industry.

She believes that her work as an ambassador allows her to break barriers and inspire others who feel underrepresented. Goldstein’s contribution to ‘Models of Diversity’ has made a significant impact, raising awareness and promoting change within the modeling world.

7. Ellie Jade Goldstein is a Special Olympics Athlete

Ellie’s engagement isn’t only limited to her academic pursuits, modeling and inclusion advocacy, but also extends to her active involvement in athletics. She is a special Olympics athlete, demonstrating her versatile abilities and diverse interests. Participating in sports competitions offers her immense joy and a unique platform to showcase her strengths.

Goldstein’s participation in the Special Olympics illustrates her indomitable spirit and determination. It also sends a powerful message on inclusivity and the need for equal opportunities for individuals with differing abilities.

8. She’s been MoDed Twice

Ellie Jade Goldstein has twice been MoDed – ‘Model of the Day’. This acknowledgment is a testament to her modeling prowess and determination. It also signifies her rising prominence as an inspirational figure in the fashion industry, a role model for individuals aspiring for inclusion and representation.

Being recognized as ‘Model of the Day’ not only helps Goldstein stand out in a highly competitive industry but also motivates her to push boundaries continually. Her inspirational journey continues to attract global attention and trigger conversations about inclusivity.

9. She’s a Legal and General Employee

Balancing multiple roles, Ellie Jade Goldstein also works part-time with Legal and General, a multinational financial services company. Her association with the firm further highlights her versatility and ability to adapt to various roles and responsibilities. It also demonstrates her commitment to leading an independent, self-sustaining life despite the societal challenges faced by differently-abled individuals.

Her work at Legal and General imbues her with invaluable experience, skills and knowledge, which she utilises to carve a niche for herself in diverse spheres. Moreover, she is a testament to how individuals with different abilities can contribute significantly to varied sectors if given an equal opportunity.

10. She has a Guinness World Record

Last but certainly not least, Goldstein holds a Guinness World Record as the first model with Down syndrome to star in a Gucci beauty campaign. Entering the Guinness World Records signifies her ground-breaking achievements in the fashion world and serves as a beacon of hope for many aspiring, differently-abled models.

Her extraordinary feat underscores her successful journey, resilience, and the potential of inclusivity in fashion. Setting a world record has pushed her into international limelight, with global audiences applauding her achievements and supporting her mission for inclusivity.

We hope these facts shed light on Ellie Jade Goldstein’s multifaceted personality, steadfast dedication, and inspiring journey. Ellie continues to break barriers, inspiring people around the world and showcasing the power of inclusion.