10 Things You Didn’t Know About Erdem Moralioglu

In a world full of prominent fashion designers, Erdem Moralıoğlu has managed to carve a niche for himself with his eponymous label, ERDEM. Known for his ultra-feminine floral designs with a modern twist, Erdem has been worn by many A-listers and has made marks in various international fashion scenes. This article will give you an inside look into the life of this remarkable fashion designer and will reveal some fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about Erdem Moralioglu.

1. He’s of Dual Heritage

Erdem Moralioglu was born on November 22, 1977, in Montreal, Canada. His mother was an Englishwoman, while his father was of Turkish descent. This blending of cultures would later reflect in his stunning creations, combining the modesty of English fashion with the rich, vibrant colors and patterns of Turkish culture.

Erdem often draws on his multicultural background for inspiration, embedding both in his personal identity and his designs. This unique vision made his works distinct and attracted a global fanbase.

2. His Fashion Career started in New York

Though he’s now based in London, Erdem’s first job in the fashion industry was in New York City, where he interned for Diane von Furstenberg. Erdem has previously asserted that this experience was invaluable, as it enabled him to witness firsthand how a fashion house is run, inspiring him to start his own label.

Before establishing his own brand in 2005, he also completed his Master in Fashion from the Royal College of Art in London and worked at Vivienne Westwood and the esteemed House of Rochas.

3. Erdem has a Twin Sister

Erdem Moralioglu has a twin sister named Sara. While not much is known about her, it has been shared that Sara is a film-maker and the siblings share a very close bond. Interestingly, Erdem often uses Sara as a soundboard for his new designs and collections.

Despite having careers in different fields, both of them are deeply connected to visual, creative arts. With such a supporting figure in his life, it’s hardly surprising that Erdem’s designs are known for their intricate storytelling.

4. He won the Vogue/BFC Fashion Fund Award

One of Erdem Moralioglu’s most significant achievements and acknowledgments in the fashion industry came in 2010 when he won the Vogue British Fashion Council (BFC) Fashion Fund award. This notable recognition came with a £200,000 cash prize and mentorship from some of the industry’s top talents to accelerate his business.

With this award, Erdem gained industry recognition and allowed him to establish his brand as a major player in the global fashion market.

5. His Works are Influenced by Fine Arts

An art lover, Erdem Moralioglu is greatly influenced by fine arts. His collections often reflect his love for beautiful paintings and historical references. From flowers in classic Dutch paintings to Japanese woodblock prints, Erdem’s aesthetic is unmistakably intertwined with his appreciation for masterpieces of art.

This artsy undertone lends Erdem’s collections a unique profundity and sophistication, making his works mesmerizingly beautiful and impactful.

6. Erdem Collected Vintage Vogue Magazines as a Kid

Erdem’s foray into fashion started at a very early age. As a teenager, he collected vintage Vogue magazines and was particularly captivated by the timeless glamour encapsulated within its pages. Gathering these magazines sparked his interest in fashion, leading him to pursue a career in the industry.

His keen interest in fashion history has been a constant driving factor behind his brand’s philosophies, with the past playing a significant role in shaping ERDEM’s future.

7. Erdem’s Designs are Tale-telling Masterpieces

Erdem’s designs are more than just clothes; they’re stories. Each of his collections has its own narrative, inspired by real-life characters, historical events, or personal experiences. This penchant for storytelling sets Erdem apart from his peers, making his shows highly anticipated events in the fashion calendar.

This approach not only adds a unique layer of depth to his designs but also makes every single piece imbued with the love, emotion, and thoughtfulness of Erdem.

8. He’s Personally Committed to Sustainable Fashion

Erdem is a firm believer in the importance of sustainability in fashion. He’s committed to using ethical manufacturing processes, maintaining a positive working environment for his team, and ensuring fair trade within his supply chain in his bid to minimise his brand’s environmental impact.

He’s also outspoken about the need for a slower fashion cycle to reduce industry waste and protect the environment, thus embodying the crucial shift the industry is heading towards in sustainability.

9. Kate Middleton is a Big Fan

Duchess Kate Middleton is among the many prominent women who are fans of Erdem Moralioglu’s works. The royal has worn Erdem’s designs on multiple occasions, often opting for his feminine, floral styles combined with elegant and regal aesthetics.

Being endorsed by such high-profile names has significantly boosted Erdem’s international profile and recognition.

10. He’s an Avid Gardener

Coming back to Erdem’s personal life, you might be interested to know that the talented fashion designer is an avid gardener. This love for plants and flowers isn’t just evident in his botanical prints, but also in how he spends his free time.

This hobby not only provides Erdem a creative escape from his hectic schedules but also allows him to recharge and find inspiration in nature’s beauty and diversity.

You can learn more about Erdem Moralioglu and his work on his official website here . To explore Erdem’s latest collections, follow him on Instagram at @erdem . For his extensive interviews and more fashion insights, check Vogue’s dedicated page here .