The world of fashion is filled with glitz, glamour, and a constant desire to be on the cutting edge. At the helm of this ever-evolving industry are the iconic fashion designers who have shaped style trends for decades. While you may be familiar with their runway collections, there’s a lot more to these artists than meets the eye. Today, we’re diving into the lesser-known facts about ten famous fashion designers.

1. Coco Chanel was an orphan.

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, the founder of the iconic Chanel brand, grew up in an orphanage after her mother passed away and her father abandoned her. It was at the orphanage where she learned to sew, paving the way for her illustrious career in fashion.

2. Ralph Lauren’s original name was Ralph Lifshitz

Born in the Bronx, Ralph Lifshitz changed his last name to Lauren when he was 16 years old. He started his career selling ties under the “Polo” brand before expanding into the fashion empire we know today.

3. Alexander McQueen was a skilled scuba diver

The late Alexander McQueen was passionate about scuba diving and held an advanced certification. He often drew inspiration from marine life and incorporated aquatic themes into his collections.

4. Donatella Versace studied languages

Before taking the reins of the Versace empire after her brother Gianni’s tragic death, Donatella Versace studied languages at the University of Florence. She is fluent in Italian, English, French, and German.

5. Karl Lagerfeld had a famous cat

The late creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, had a Birman cat named Choupette. The cat had her own maids, traveled by private jet, and even inspired a collection of Chanel accessories.

6. Christian Louboutin started as an intern at a cabaret

Before becoming a world-renowned shoe designer, Christian Louboutin worked as an intern at the famous Parisian cabaret, Folies Bergère. The experience inspired him to create shoes that would make women feel confident and sexy.

7. Miuccia Prada has a PhD in political science

Miuccia Prada, the creative force behind Prada and Miu Miu, holds a PhD in political science from the University of Milan. Before taking over the family business, she was a member of the Italian Communist Party and a mime artist.

8. Diane von Fürstenberg created the wrap dress by accident

In 1974, Diane von Fürstenberg unintentionally created the iconic wrap dress while trying to design a comfortable, stylish, and versatile garment. The dress quickly became a symbol of women’s liberation and remains a fashion staple today.

9. Tom Ford saved Gucci from bankruptcy

When Tom Ford joined Gucci as creative director in 1994, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Ford revitalized the brand by introducing a new line of clothing, accessories, and fragrances that appealed to a younger, fashion-forward audience. In 2000, he was promoted to group creative director of Gucci Group, overseeing brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta.

10. Stella McCartney is a committed animal rights activist

British fashion designer Stella McCartney is an ardent supporter of animal rights and environmental sustainability. Her brand is committed to using cruelty-free materials, and she has been recognized for her efforts in promoting ethical fashion.

These ten facts about famous fashion designers give us a glimpse into the fascinating lives and inspirations of the creative minds behind some of the world’s most iconic brands. From humble beginnings to surprising hobbies, these designers have shaped the fashion industry in ways we could never have imagined.