10 Things You Didn’t Know About Farris Wilks

Farris Wilks may not be a household name for everyone, but those in the know recognize him as a stalwart of the American fracking industry who, alongside his brother, raised himself to extraordinary wealth from a simple, humble upbringing. Yet, how much do we truly know about this secretive billionaire? The following ten points will shed light on some less-known aspects of Wilks’ biography.

1. Fracking Fortune

Farris Wilks and his brother, Dan, became billionaires after selling their fracking business, Frac Tech, in 2011. However, what you may not know is that the brothers founded the company in 2002 with only a $75,000 loan garnered from their father. Their success is a vivid illustration of the powerful, rapid ascent that the shale boom enabled at that time.

After selling the company to a group of investors for $3.5 billion, the brothers invested heavily in other sectors, including real estate and ranching which have served to diversify their wealth.

2. Philanthropic Efforts

Having climbed the economic ladder, Farris Wilks has exhibited much philanthropic effort, centering primarily around issues that align with his deeply-held conservative beliefs. The Thirteen Foundation, which he founded, has given away millions of dollars to religious, educational, and anti-abortion causes.

Though he doesn’t make much noise about his philanthropy, Farris has discreetly funneled considerable sums into non-profits and other charitable organizations that uphold his values, making him a significant donor in America’s social conservative sphere.

3. Political Influence

Not many people are aware of the immense political influence that Farris wields. He is a significant contributor to the Republican Party and has been known to donate to conservative candidates and causes. A believer in limited government, Farris invests resources towards initiatives that reinforce his values of personal liberty and private-property rights.

The Wilks family has pumped millions into American politics, especially into cornerstones of the far right in America such as Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign and various Tea Party factions. Most of all, they have funneled considerable amounts into organizations fighting against climate change regulations and supporting fossil fuel industries.

4. Very Private About Personal Life

Surprisingly, for all this influence, Farris is a remarkably private person. He rarely gives interviews or indulges the media, preferring instead to stay low-key. His social media presence is almost non-existent, making Farris a bit of an enigma.

This privacy extends to his family life as well, with information regarding his wife, children, and personal interests not readily available to the public. Whatever the reason may be for his privacy, it only adds to the intriguing personality of the once humble mason turned billionaire.

5. Religious Background

Farris was raised in a profoundly religious setting and firmly adheres to the Church of Christ doctrine. He believes in living a life of simplicity, despite his wealth and power, as is evident from the fact that he continues to live in a modest house in Cisco, Texas, where he grew up.

His faith isn’t simply a private affair – it permeates into his political and philanthropic activities as well. Farris is the pastor of The Assembly of Yahweh (7th Day), a conservative church that believes in observing the Sabbath on Saturday and promotes biblical literalism.

6. Close Knit Family

Farris Wilks’ success story is inseparable from the partnership with his brother, Dan. The duo worked hand-in-hand on the establishment of their business and subsequent ventures, carrying a strong sense of familial collaboration into their enterprises. Their achievements are a testament to the power of family solidarity and collective determination.

It’s not just professional collaboration though. The brothers share, to a significant extent, the same political and societal views, and have jointly pursued multiple philanthropic and political initiatives that reflect their shared belief system.

7. Real Estate Endeavors

After the sale of Frac Tech, Farris invested a substantial portion of his fortune in real estate. Strikingly, he chose to invest in vast swathes of land, purchasing enormous ranches, including N Bar Ranch in Montana, one of the most admired estates in the USA.

Indeed, Farris is among the top 100 landowners in the USA. His massive landholdings, which include properties in Idaho and Texas as well, have added significantly to his wealth and represent a shrewd investment strategy.

8. Controversial Environmental Stance

Farris’ impressive success doesn’t come without some controversy. His critics, especially environmental advocates, have often criticized the environmental impact of his fracking activities. Despite this, Farris has remained unflinching in his belief in the economic virtues of fracking.

He’s strongly against government intervention aimed at regulating the business environment, viewing such efforts as infringement on individual rights, including his support for unfettered business practices in the fossil fuel industry.

9. Patriotism

Farris is intensely patriotic. He believes in the American Dream sincerely, viewing his rise to success as evidence of the opportunity the country provides. He sees his wealth not as a privilege, but as the fruit of hard work and dedication, and continues to reinvest in America by supporting causes he believes promote personal liberty.

This is reflected in his philanthropy, his political activism, and his confessional commitment. His support for conservative causes and local businesses underscores his deep-seated patriotism and commitment to strengthening American society as he perceives it.

10. From Bricklayer to Billionaire

Perhaps one of the least known, but most inspiring aspects of Farris Wilks’ life is his journey from a humble bricklayer to a billionaire. Farris began his career as a mason and bricklayer before venturing into the fracking business with his brother. Overcoming numerous odds and challenges, the brothers built a thriving business and ultimately sold it for approximately $3.5 billion.

This journey exhibits the potential for entrepreneurial success in America. Farris Wilks’ story is an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the world of business, showing that with passion, hard work and resilience, it is possible to rise from modest beginnings to great heights.

In conclusion, Farris Wilks is an intriguing figure who embodies the American ideals of faith, family, and free enterprise. A man of deep conviction, Farris remains committed to his philosophy of life even under the weight of his immense wealth and influence.

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