10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fei Song

Fei Song is a name that anyone who appreciates academia, specifically Information Systems, may recognize. Not only does she serve as a professor, but her influence is widespread, with many researchers following her example within their own work. However, those who have only seen the academic side of her would be surprised to know about the non-academic facts that make her amazing. In this article, you will learn 10 things about Fei Song you did not know before.

1. Journey to Ryerson University

Fei Song didn’t begin her academic journey at Ryerson University. She was already a seasoned scholar before she joined Ryerson. Before relocating to Canada, she was an established faculty member at the Beijing Institute of Technology, China. There she served in the school’s Department of Information and Electronic Engineering.

Driven by her desire to explore more in her field and impact a bigger audience, she decided to move to Ryerson. She has been a staple in the university’s Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management since then.

2. Deeply Involved in Research

One lesser-known fact about Fei is her deep involvement in research, which expands beyond the ordinary. She’s a believer in continual learning and often dives into new areas of Research in Information Systems. Her research interest encompasses areas such as knowledge management, organizational learning, information privacy, and electronic commerce.

Beyond focusing on her research areas, she has made considerable contributions to her field. She has over 40 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings, which have garnered hundreds of citations.

3. Passionate About Teaching

Fei Song is not just about research and academia; she has a strong passion for teaching. She believes in imparting knowledge to her students beyond the confines of textbooks.

Passion about her profession extends to her classroom where she creates an environment of interactive learning. It’s her unique teaching approach that has earned her a huge student fan base and respect among colleagues.

4. Admirable Leadership Capabilities

Fei’s leadership skills aren’t confined to her classroom or her research endeavors. She has proved her mettle as a leader in several positions at Ryerson University.

Fei served as the Program Director for the MITACS Accelerate Internship Program at Ryerson from 2010 to 2012. This role, coupled with her work as a faculty advisor for various student clubs, proves her ability to lead and make an impact beyond the academic sphere.

5. Active Community Volunteer

Fei is a strong believer in giving back to the community. Apart from her academic engagements, she takes out time to volunteer for community causes.

Fei has been an active volunteer at a local food bank for several years. Despite her busy academic schedule, she believes in taking out time to provide back to those in need.

6. Music Enthusiast

When not wrapped up in teaching or research, you might be surprised to discover that Fei is a massive music enthusiast.

She plays the piano with great skill and occasionally takes to the stage for live performances. This love of music not only relaxes her but also helps to fuel her creativity.

7. Zeal for Cooking

Home cooking and experimenting with different cuisines is another one of Fei’s hobbies. She finds cooking therapeutic and an excellent way to bring friends and family together.

She is known to host cooking classes and share cooking tips with her friends and students, often integrating novel methods and ingredients to traditional Chinese cuisine.

8. Fitness Freak

Fei believes in maintaining a healthy body and mind. She takes out time for a rigorous exercise routine and practices yoga daily.

She believes that a healthy lifestyle is crucial for maintaining balance in life and staying energized, especially given the stressful nature of her profession.

9. A Globe Trotter

Traveling is another passion of Fei’s. She has been to numerous countries exploring different cultures and cuisines.

Her travels provide her not only leisure but also a broader perspective on her research, highlighting the practical aspects and implications of her work. From China to Canada and further, she discovers new experiences and continuously grows as an academic and person.

10. Loves Nature

Fei is an ardent lover of nature. She enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring the natural beauty our planet has to offer.

She is a regular hiker and bird-watcher. You will often find her gardening or spending time at her local park during her downtime. Fei believes that being in nature provides tranquility, rejuvenates her spirit and inspires her to excel in her professional and personal endeavors.

To know more about Fei Song’s contributions to academia, check out her official faculty page. For a more in-depth look at her research, you can explore her Google Scholar profile.