10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fernando Chico Pardo

In the world of finance and business leadership, few names resonate as much as Fernando Chico Pardo. This Mexican business tycoon is renowned internationally for his business acumen and expertise in fields such as finance, infrastructure, and transportation. However, most people only know the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his life and career. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Fernando Chico Pardo.

1. Pioneer in Private Equity in Mexico

Despite the common misconception, Fernando Chico Pardo was not always immersed in the transport and infrastructure sector. He actually made a name for himself in private equity. In fact, he is considered one of the pioneers of private equity in Mexico.

Together with a select group of investors, Pardo founded Promecap S.C., a private equity firm that invested in many up-and-coming businesses. Promecap has built a reputation for identifying and investing in businesses with high growth potential, contributing significantly to their growth and success.

2. An Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Fernando Chico Pardo has many accolades to his name, but not everyone is aware of his recognition as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. This prestigious award is given to business leaders that have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial ability and success in their respective fields.

In particular, Pardo was recognized for his leadership in reshaping the airport industry in Mexico. He was applauded for transforming a previously government-owned monopoly into a competitive, sustainable, and highly successful business.

3. ASUR’s Influence on Tourism

As the Chairman of Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste, S.A.B. de C.V. (ASUR), Fernando Chico Pardo has significantly influenced tourism in Mexico. ASUR is responsible for managing, operating, maintaining, and developing some of Mexico’s busiest airports, including Cancun Airport.

Under Pardo’s guidance, the airports managed by ASUR have seen tremendous improvements in infrastructure, leading to increased flight traffic and booming tourism in these regions. His leadership at ASUR has been highly instrumental in making Mexico a worldwide tourism hotspot.

4. Philanthropic Efforts

Fernando Chico Pardo is a philanthropist at heart, dedicating not only his wealth but also his time and energy to social causes. He is committed to improving the quality of life for the less fortunate and believes in harnessing the power of business for social change.

Known for his active participation in different charitable causes, he partners with numerous non-profit organizations. He is the founder of Fundacion Chico, an organization that provides financial aid to impoverished individuals striving for education and economic security.

5. Academic Achievements

Fernando Chico Pardo’s success is rooted in his strong educational foundation. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Anahuac and earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

His dedication to lifelong learning is seen through his active involvement in academia. He currently holds a position in the Advisory Board of the Yale School of Management, providing advice and guidance to the institution from his vast knowledge and experience in business.

6. Role with Banamex and Citigroup

Few are aware of Fernando Chico Pardo’s significant role with Banamex and Citigroup. Prior to exploring private equity and infrastructure, Pardo spent nearly 30 years with Banamex, gradually ascending the ranks to become its CEO.

When Citigroup acquired Banamex in 2001, Pardo continued to play an integral role in the merger and integration process. His leadership and guidance were critical in ensuring a seamless transition for both entities.

7. Current Role at ASUR

Fernando Chico Pardo is not only ASUR’s Chairman, but he is also its majority shareholder. His influence and strategic vision have immensely contributed to ASUR’s growth to become one of the top airport operators not just in Mexico, but worldwide.

His decisive leadership and exceptional strategic skills have been instrumental in driving ASUR to the forefront of the airport industry, managing nine airports across Mexico and onboarding partnerships for the operation of other international airports.

8. Attitude towards Risk

Fernando Chico Pardo’s success is partly rooted in his appetite for calculated risks. He firmly believes that entrepreneurs must be willing to take strategic risks if they want to attain unprecedented success.

His risk-taking ability is best seen in his investment in ASUR in the late 1990s. Despite concerns surrounding the volatile state of the industry, Pardo saw potential and strategically invested in it, turning ASUR to the successful enterprise it is today.

9. Personal Life

Despite his visible presence in the business world, Fernando Chico Pardo is intensely private about his personal life. It is known that he is married and has three children, but beyond this, he keeps his private life away from the public.

Maintaining this separation, Pardo believes, allows him to maintain a balance, offering a needed respite from the demands of his professional life. He is a staunch believer in the importance of work-life balance for overall well-being and success.

10. His Influence on the Infrastructure Industry

The changes Fernando Chico Pardo has brought to the infrastructure industry, especially in Mexico, are profound. His push for public-private partnerships and constant drive to innovate are reverberating across the industry, ultimately benefiting the economy.

Also, studies point to the positive correlation between well-managed infrastructure and tourism. By providing top-notch facilities at ASUR-managed airports, Pardo’s influence extends to increasing tourism, directly impacting Mexico’s economy.

Fernando Chico Pardo’s life and career are proof that with visionary leadership and persistent hard work, one can transform industries and create a lasting impact. Know more about this inspiring leader through Bloomberg and his contributions through the ASUR’s Corporate Governance page.