10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Ferragamo’

Known globally for its Italian luxury goods, Salvatore Ferragamo has been an iconic presence in the world of fashion since its inception. With a rich history and impressive portfolio of stylish footwear, apparel, and accessories, Ferragamo is applauded for its creativity, innovation, and dedication to quality. But, how well we know this prestigious brand? In this article, we will unearth ten fascinating facts about Ferragamo that perhaps unknown to you.

1. History of Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo, the founder of this iconic brand, began his career as a shoemaker in Italy at the tender age of nine. His passion for shoemaking led him to open a footwear shop, before moving to America for greener pastures. He initially opened a small shop in Santa Barbara, California, which quickly became popular in Hollywood, leading to his establishment of the Hollywood Boot Shop in 1923.

However, Ferragamo felt the urge to understand more about the science behind his craft and thus enrolled himself into University of Southern California to study human anatomy, mathematics, and chemical engineering. Armed with technical knowledge, he returned to Italy in 1927 and officially established the Ferragamo brand in Florence in 1927, where it is still headquartered today.

2. Celebrities and Ferragamo

Ferragamo’s association with Hollywood didn’t dwindle even after years. Many iconic movie stars have been fans of the brand and it’s reputed that Ferragamo had once made customised shoes for Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Sophia Loren. The peak moment was when he designed the infamous rainbow wedge for Judy Garland in 1938.

Even now, Ferragamo continues to draw a bevy of A-list fans. From Lady Gaga to Angelina Jolie and from Princess Diana to Sarah Jessica Parker, many famous personalities still choose Ferragamo for their red carpet events and personal style.

3. Innovation in Shoes

Ferragamo was a pioneer in introducing various design innovations in the shoe industry. He patented the ‘Cage Heel’ and the ‘Wedge Heel’ designs which revolutionized women’s footwear. His creative thinking led him to experiment with unique materials like cork, raffia, and transparent plastic when there was a leather shortage during World War II.

In addition to these materials, Ferragamo was one of the first to use steel reinforcements that are so commonly seen in stilettos today. This creativity and ability to adapt has helped Ferragamo stay relevant and competitive even today.

4. The Ferragamo Museum

Ferragamo’s life and work are memorialized at the Ferragamo Museum in Florence, Italy. Established in 1995, the museum hosts an extensive collection of Ferragamo’s shoes and sketches along with his patents and photographs, showing the brand’s evolution over the years.

The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions relating to the world of fashion and art. A visit to the Ferragamo Museum is a must for fashion enthusiasts who wish to explore the brand’s history and its deep-rooted connection with celebrities, innovation, design and craftsmanship.

5. Beyond Shoes

Although Ferragamo’s brand gained recognition thanks to its exceptional shoes, it later expanded into other product categories including bags, eyewear, accessories, watches, ready-to-wear clothing and perfumes. Each of these product lines maintain Ferragamo’s dedication to quality and style.

Today, the Ferragamo brand is a symbol of luxury fashion, and this is reflected in the variety of products offered by the brand. Whether it’s an elegant silk tie for men or a classic leather handbag for women, Ferragamo products showcase class, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

6. Family-Owned Business

Even after Salvatore Ferragamo’s passing in 1960, the Ferragamo brand remained a family-owned business. His wife, Wanda Ferragamo, took over the company and with their six children, expanded the brand across the globe, making it one of the most famous Italian luxury brands.

Until her death in 2018, Wanda continued to run the house of Ferragamo, alongside her children who hold various titles within the company. This familial touch has preserved the legacy of Ferragamo’s unique vision and continues to push the brand forward in the global market.

7. Unique Logo

The logo of Ferragamo features a bat-like design which stands out from the minimalistic logos of other luxury fashion brands. The logo was actually designed by Salvatore Ferragamo’s eldest daughter, Fiamma, in 1978. It’s said to have been inspired by the gates of the Palazzo Spini Feroni, the historical building that houses the brand’s headquarters in Florence.

The unique logo not only provides instant recognition but also demonstrates the brand’s tie to its rich history and Italian heritage.

8. First Store in Hollywood

Ferragamo’s love for the glamour of Hollywood never faded. In 1985, the brand opened its first store in the famous Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles. It is one of the most prominent Ferragamo boutiques, located on Rodeo Drive, the heart of luxury shopping in Los Angeles.

This store stands as a lasting symbol of Ferragamo’s deep Hollywood connections and the brand’s ongoing commitment to its loyal, fashion-forward clientele.

9. Sustainability

Ferragamo has always shown a commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. In 2017, Ferragamo launched “42 Degrees,” a fully sustainable collection of shoes and bags. The products are made from natural, non-toxic, and recyclable materials, setting a new standard for environmentally friendly fashion.

The brand also invests in initiatives that combat climate change. For instance, the company purchased the Torre Delle Stelle (Tower of the Stars) to restore and protect it from environmental damage. These efforts have solidified Ferragamo’s stance as an environmentally conscious brand.

10. Unique Shoe Size System

Not only did Ferragamo make individualized shoes for the stars, but he also developed a unique shoe sizing system that includes width measurements. This system importantly took into consideration that feet are three-dimensional, and that length and width measurements alone are insufficient in creating well-fitting shoes.

To this day, the Ferragamo brand has kept this unique system, focusing on producing shoes that not only look good, but feel good too. This attention to comfort, coupled with unparalleled style, has helped Ferragamo keep its top spot in the luxury footwear segment.

After discovering these ten unknown facts about Ferragamo, it’s clear that the brand has an illustrious history, exciting stories, and a strong commitment to quality and innovation. This explains why Ferragamo continues to be one of the leading forces in the luxury goods market today.