10 Things You Didn’t Know About Floriana Gavriel & Rachel Mansur

In the world of fashion, few names have come to prominence as rapidly as Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur. The duo co-founded their luxury handbag and accessory brand, Mansur Gavriel, in 2012 and quickly rose to become a sensation in the fashion community. But how much do you really know about these entrepreneurial powerhouses? Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur.

1. Their backgrounds

Floriana Gavriel, born in Germany, first studied fashion and design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hildesheim, then moved to New York to focus on photography at the International Center of Photography. She eventually chose to channel her love for art and design into creating unique pieces that reflect both her German roots and her time spent in New York.

Rachel Mansur, her business partner, is a US native. She pursued an education in textile design and spent years working in vintage and antique textiles before she moved to Los Angeles, which kickstarted her fashion career. Eventually, she found her way to New York where she met Floriana and cultivated their shared passion for fashion and art.

2. How they met

Both women attended a Los Angeles concert in 2010 and became fast friends after discovering their shared aesthetic values and dreams of launching a fashion line. Despite coming from different backgrounds and experiences, the two formed a quick and solid friendship, and they decided to collaborate professionally, establishing Mansur Gavriel.

They spent two years perfecting their brand before they released their first line of bags. This meticulous preparation all paid off though, as they won the CFDA Swarovski Award for Accessory Design mere months after launching their brand.

3. The name ‘Mansur Gavriel’

‘Mansur Gavriel’ is not some randomly selected name. The title of the brand is in fact an amalgamation of the surnames of the two women who founded it. It has now become a unique, recognizable brand name in the fast-paced, trend-driven world of fashion, its very name synonymous with luxury and sophistication.

The brand’s name reflects the centrality of the partnership between the two women to their success. The duo has always prioritized their working relationship and creative chemistry, showcasing how individual talents can reach new heights when combined synergistically.

4. They are advocates of ‘slow fashion’

‘Slow fashion’ is a philosophy that Gavriel and Mansur stand by. It involves producing fewer products of higher quality, with greater consideration for environmental and social impact. This thought process stands in stark contrast to the fast-fashion trend that prioritizes mass production and quick profits.

Mansur Gavriel is built upon the principles of slow fashion. Their designs are simple yet timeless. The brand thrives on creating pieces that are of high quality and longevity, applying minimalist design strategies to create iconic pieces.

5. Their first sell-out bag

The brand’s first product that gained worldwide recognition was the simple ‘bucket bag’. Despite its simplicity, the bucket bag turned heads in the fashion industry and became a sought-after item. Crafted with Italian leather and noted for its minimalist design, the bag was sold out just after the brand’s website was launched.

In spite of its popularity, Mansur and Gavriel refrained from excessively mass producing the style. They stuck to their ethos of “less is more”, choosing to build anticipation and desirability over the convenience of availability.

6. They started with only four styles

Although many fashion rookies would look to impress with diversity and a wide range of offerings, Mansur and Gavriel started small. Their initial collection featured only four styles: a tote, a backpack, a duffel, and the now-iconic bucket bag. Their focus was on the intricacies of the design rather than the number of options provided.

The gamble more than paid off. Despite the minimal selection, there was an overwhelming response towards their simple collection. Shoppers fell in love with the stunning minimalism and the superior quality of their products.

7. Their color palette

Mansur Gavriel’s initial collection featured three colors: black, brandy, and cammello. Today, they have expanded their palette yet remain faithful to their philosophy of minimalism. They introduce seasonal colors but ensure their designs maintain the brand’s minimalist, clean aesthetic.

The reduction in color options often surprises people because the usual trend in the fashion industry is to present a plethora of shades. Yet, this has only added to Mansur Gavriel’s appeal, giving their designs an air of sophistication, timelessness, and luxurious simplicity.

8. They have a flagship store in SoHo, New York

Despite the success they have had online, Mansur Gavriel decided to establish a physical footprint at SoHo, in the heart of New York. The storefront’s aesthetics perfectly capture the brand’s philosophy: clean, minimal, and deeply rooted in craftsmanship.

Their flagship store has not only become a shopping destination for luxury seekers but also an experience to dive into the world of Mansur Gavriel. Each detail of the store embodies the brand’s philosophy, creating a tactile representation of their digital presence.

9. They launched a shoe collection

In 2016, four years after their handbag line’s success, Mansur Gavriel expanded their product line to include footwear. They launched a collection of mules, loafers, sandals, and heels steeped in the brand’s minimalist aesthetic.

Much like their handbags, their shoe collection highlights quality and craftsmanship. The footwear lines are made from Italian leather, bringing a touch of European craftsmanship to every piece.

10. Mansur Gavriel’s Ready-to-Wear Launch

Following the success of their handbags and shoes, the design duo entered the ready-to-wear fashion scene in 2017. They launched a comprehensive line featuring knitwear, coats, dresses, and trousers. True to form, the collection echoed their minimalist, timeless aesthetic.

Their ready-to-wear use of fabric, bright and monochromatic color schemes, and exquisite silhouette cuts maintained consistency with Mansur Gavriel’s overarching design language. This decision helped them carve out a niche in the crowded ready-to-wear market.

Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur are an inspiring duo who took the fashion industry by storm with their minimalist aesthetics and commitment to the slow fashion movement. Their combined passion and vision for creating luxurious, timeless pieces have transformed Mansur Gavriel into a distinctive brand within the fashion industry.

To learn more about Mansur Gavriel, visit their official website Mansur Gavriel and look at some of their iconic collections.