10 Things You Didn’t Know About Francesco Ragazzi

Often when we admire the pieces from the latest collections of our favorite fashion brands, we seldom think about the brains behind the designs. One such maverick personality quietly creating waves in the fashion world is Francesco Ragazzi. Born in Italy and raised in a world imbued with creativity, Francesco Ragazzi has arguably become one of the most dynamic and influential designer in contemporary fashion. As the man behind Palm Angels – the most recognizable brand in the sphere of upscale streetwear fashion, let’s explore ten intriguing aspects about him that you probably didn’t know.

1. Start as a Photographer

Francesco Ragazzi initiated his career not as a designer but as a photographer. His passion for photography in his early career is clearly evident in the visually stimulating designs that are a key characteristic of his work today. Photography allowed him to see the world through a different lens, which influences his approach to design.

His early work was primarily a photo project focused on the Los Angeles skate culture. This project became the inspiration for the inception of Palm Angels. So, photography did not just mould his career but also gave him his fashion brand.

2. Moncler Genius

Before launching his own brand, Francesco worked for the Italian luxury brand Moncler. He joined the company at the age of 20 and eventually became the creative director of Moncler. Moncler Genius project, which established a series of successful collaborations with other designers, was initiated under his leadership.

His association with Moncler allowed him to combine his creative portfolio with the efficient workings of a globally recognized brand. This turned out to be useful in laying down the foundation of his own brand, Palm Angels.

3. Birth of Palm Angels

As mentioned earlier, the birth of his brand, Palm Angels, came from Francesco’s photo project dedicated to skate culture in Los Angeles. He produced a book from this photo project which caught the attention of famous designers such as Marcelo Burlon and Virgil Abloh,

With their acknowledgment, he decided to create a clothing line based on the same Californian skate-inspired aesthetic found in his book. The brand was launched in 2015 in collaboration with the Italian luxury brand New Guards Group.

4. Inspiration from California

The laid back, eclectic beach vibe of California greatly anchors Francesco’s designs. He channels a distinctly California ethos in his work, blending the classic Italian design sensibility with casual American street style.

The essence of the Golden State’s skater culture and raw energy pulsates through each collection, making Palm Angels as a unique embodiment of this duality.

5. Pushes Boundaries of Gendered Fashion

An interesting aspect of Palm Angels’ collections is the way it blurs the lines between men’s and women’s fashion. Francesco Ragazzi challenges the traditional norms of fashion, thus producing genderless pieces. This is evident in his smooth blend of feminine and masculine elements in his designs.

His vision signifies a step forward in the current dialogue about inclusivity in fashion. It promotes the wearing of clothes that one likes, regardless of traditional gender constraints.

6. Collaboration with Under Armour

Francesco Ragazzi displayed his versatility by stepping outside the realm of luxury fashion into sportswear through a collaboration with Under Armour. The collection uniquely fused the laid-back Californian aesthetic with Under Armour’s high-performance gear.

This collaboration brought an interesting dimension to Ragazzi’s design repertoire, and opened the doors to a whole new audience for Palm Angels.

7. His Flame-Embroidered Tracksuits

If you know Palm Angels, you know the flame-embroidered tracksuits. These have become a sort of signature, loved by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. These tracksuits signify Ragazzi’s obsession with the skater culture.

The flame motif is reminiscent of the punk subculture and rebellion, once again underlining his push towards breaking constraints and conventions.

8. Love for Art

Francesco Ragazzi’s love for art is not hidden. He is an avid art enthusiast, and it clearly seeps into his work. His interest in contemporary art adds another layer to his designs, as he incorporates the theme of his favourite artist in his collections.

Not just that, his runway shows are indeed a visual feast, often blurring the lines between an art exhibition and a fashion show. This artistic inclination is what sets him apart in the world of fashion.

9. Baggy Silhouettes and Broad Stripes

One intriguing aspect of Palm Angels’ collections is the inclusion of baggy silhouettes and broad stripes, which are fondly known as Ragazzi’s signature aesthetics. These elements add a certain relaxed feel to the garments, aligning perfectly with the beach and skater culture of California.

But it’s not all laid-back; there is a fine balance between relaxed and refined in his designs, which ensures that the pieces remain functional and high-fashion at the same time.

10. Philosophy of Deconstruction

Ragazzi’s philosophy of deconstruction, decontextualization and then reconstruction is a large part of Palm Angels’ appeal. He takes inspiration from different cultures and combines them to create one unique aesthetic. Achieving visual harmony despite diverging influences is a true testament to his unique creativity and design prowess.

From jackets to track pants, hats to tees, every Palm Angels piece exhibits a new context and appreciation of culture and individuality, thanks to his skillful deconstruction and reconstruction.

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